Nothing’s more perfect than having a delicious drink on a cold winter’s day! From smooth hot chocolate to fun, festive special drinks, these new seasonal great drinks are waiting for you. Definitely check out these new comforting holiday drinks served at Korean cafes to cozy up this winter!

1. A Twosome Place

A Twosome Place has come out the seasonal menu for Christmas- My Holiday Wishes. They have Signature Vin Chaud with a deep, rich bouquet and fruity smell, and Snow Latte in 2 different flavors: Strawberry and Caramel. Look at that design of the drinks, mellow flavored latte with snowflake décor- whipped cream/ white chocolate on top, don’t you feel festive?

2. Angel-in-us Coffee


Speaking of Winter, how can you miss out on chocolate? Angel-in-us has a special gaggle of choco series drinks in collaboration with Callebaut-Dark Choco, Milk Choco, and Brown Sugar Choco. Let’s get a smooth, therapeutic choco drink for this winter.

3. Juicy


Juicy released a series with one of the winter iconic fruits in Korea, tangerine. They make a latte, choco mocha and coffee latte taste more layered with tangerines. Fruity tangerine tea keeps you warm, and freshly made blended tangerine juice with grapefruit, kiwi, or pineapple gives you vitamin C.

4. Tom N Toms

Tom N toms released a new revolution of drinks- Sweet Pumpkin Latte. If you are a pumpkin lover, you must try this drink with mellow sweet pumpkin and rich pumpkin cream on top.

5. Holly’s Coffee

Holly’s Coffee has 8 new winter drinks: Bonbon Chocolat Hollyccino, Hazelnut Vienna Coffee, Double Shot Vanilla Delight, Five Grains Yulmu Tea, Holiday Yuzu Grapefruit Tea, Cheongsong Apple Lemon Tea, Five Grains Yulmu Hollyccino and Premium Blend Deep Latte. Hazelnut Vienna Coffee particularly stands out among them. Look at the creamy cream and little snowman on top, don’t you want to build a snowman?

6. Paik’s Coffee



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빽다방 공식 인스타그램(@paikscoffee_official)分享的貼文 張貼

Founded by the famous Korean cook and well known for its cheap and tasty drinks, Paik’s Coffee has launched Choco Latte and delicate Creamy Choco Latte that make you fall in love with chocolate again.

7. EDIYA Coffee



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이디야커피(分享的貼文 張貼

EDIYA Coffee has released 2 new flavors of latte with winter popular food: corn and sweet potato, to keep you warm and make your winter cozy.

8. Gong cha



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공차공식인스타그램(@gongcha.official)分享的貼文 張貼

As the most famous bubble tea brand in Korea, Gong cha has released new brown sugar bubble tea series: Brown Sugar Red Bean Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Coffee Bubble Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Cheese Foam Cookie Bubble Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Cheese Foam Bubble Smoothie. Also for winter special, they have a smoothie with choco decor on the side of cup and cheese foam at the bottom in Italy choco and Jeju green tea two flavors. Black Sesame Foam Bubble Milk Tea and Jeju Green Bubble Milk Tea are also the choices you can make this winter.

9. Starbucks

You can start making your season merry with Starbucks’s merry coffee! Feel the joy with Holiday White Vin Chaud, Holiday Mint Chocolate Frappuccino, Holiday Mint Chocolate, Toffee Nut Frappuccino, and Toffee Nut Latte. They also have new mugs and tumblers with adorable polar bear designs.

10. The Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean adds a mint flavoring to chocolate! It has Mint Chocolate Ice Blended, Mint Chocolate Latte, and Winter Cinnamon Tea for this year.

11. Beansbins Coffee

Finally, Beansbins Coffee has come out a Maple Latte this year. Doesn’t maple syrup go with everything? Enjoy your afternoon with a Maple Latte and strawberry waffle at Beansbins Coffee, what else can you ask for?

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