As one of the hottest travel destinations in the world, Phuket certainly tops the charts when it comes to enjoying nightlife as well. The pristine white sandy beaches and aquamarine waters are definitely what call to many but in just a matter of years, Phuket has transformed itself into a land of entertainment and attractions, drawing in those looking to enjoy the nightlife in Phuket by the thousands. There are so many different ways to enjoy the nightlife in Phuket – Bars & Clubs, Shows and Night Markets. Find out more about them!

1. Bars & Clubs

1) Bar Crawl



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If you’re looking to properly enjoy Phuket’s nightlife, Patong Beach is where you should be heading to. As the vibrant party center of Phuket, this place comes alive at night and one of the best ways to make the most of this is to go on a bar crawl! Join us on this Phuket Nightlife Bar Crawl and discover some of the best bars and clubs frequented by the locals of Phuket!

🍻 Join Us on the Ultimate Bar Crawl 🍻

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2) Illuzion Phuket



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At the heart of Phuket nightlife lies Illuzion Phuket, the hottest nightclub along Bangla Road. Ever since its first entry into the prestigious ‘DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs’ list a mere 3 years ago, the dark horse of nightclubs has been soaring through the charts, now in 33rd place! It has only the best of the best – state-of-the-art equipment, talented performers from all over the world and to top it all off, a gigantic venue to accommodate the huge crowds and provide top-notch entertainment to all. No wonder some of the biggest DJs such as Marshmello, Martin Garrix and Steve Aoki have graced the stages here! What’s more, entrance is free so, make sure to drop by Illuzion Phuket for the ultimate nightlife experience.

3) Xana Beach Club



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On the grounds of Angsana Laguna Phuket lies Xana Beach Club, one of the hottest beach clubs in the area. With a 35-meter and swim-up bar and a picturesque view of Bang Tao Beach in the background, this is the perfect place to just sit back and relax under the warm afternoon sun. However, it’s not the daytime we’re interested in. Once the sun begins to set, Xana Beach Club comes alive with a mix of music and entertainment together will the most exquisite delicacies for the ultimate beach party at night!

2.  Shows

1) Simon Star Cabaret Show



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As you’ve probably heard before, cabaret shows are a big and important part of nightlife in Phuket and the Simon Star Cabaret Show invites you to a night of glitz and glamor in the heart of Phuket Town. Though relatively new to the scene, the Simon Star Cabaret Show guarantees you only a truly unforgettable night of pure entertainment. With state-of-the-art lighting systems as well as a new generation of highly-talented ladyboys, brace yourselves as they captivate you with their spectacular musical numbers and performances!

If you happen to be in Patong, check out its sister show Simon Cabaret Show which has been around for over two decades!

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2) Siam Niramit Phuket



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Just when you thought the entertainment industry in Thailand couldn’t get any bigger! Siam Niramit Phuket, one of the best cultural shows in the world, invites you to a captivating night of pure entertainment. Probably one of the most interesting ways to discover the culture and traditions of Thailand, Siam Niramit Phuket takes you on a journey filled with stunning performances which are brought to life with the help of each intricately decorated stage design and state-of-the-art lighting and technology.

If you happen to be in Bangkok, you’re in luck as there’s also a Siam Niramit Bangkok show!

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3) Phuket FantaSea



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Phuket FantaSea, the first cultural theme park in the world, is where you want to be for an all-in-one nightlife experience in Phuket! The 140-acre complex features the Carnival Village (shopping center), Similan Entertainment Center (game arcade), Tiger Jungle Adventure (theatrical safari) and much more to keep you entertained all night! Also, not to forget the highlight of the night, the world-renowned “Fantasy of a Kingdom” show with its Las Vegas-like theatrics is a show you do not want to miss! Thai culture meets state-of-the-art technology in this spectacular show which will take you on a whirlwind ride through Thailand’s culture and mythology.

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3.  Night Markets

1) Phuket Walking Street Market



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It’s known by many names –  Lardyai, Thalang Night Market, Phuket Sunday Market, Phuket Walking Street Market. This market takes place right in the heart of historical Phuket Town along the beautifully decorated Thalang Road. During the day it’s a cultural attraction with the vibrant-colored Sino-Portuguese shophouses and building lining the streets. From 4 pm to 9 pm every Sunday, the place is transformed into a night market bustling with people from near and far to indulge in the delicacies this quaint little town has to offer. So, make sure to pay the Phuket Walking Street Market a visit!

2) Chillva Market Phuket



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If you’re looking for a more hip and trendier kind of market, this is it! The Chillva Market Phuket, located along Yaowarat Road in the Samkong neighbourhood, has the perfect mix of food, fashion, and tidbits for just about anyone to enjoy a night out at the market. Open Mondays to Saturdays from 5 pm onwards, a more flea-market-like scene unfolds during the first two days, where all sorts of second-hand items are sold. During the other days, the market is up and running in full-action with dozens of tents and stalls selling a variety of goods and delicacies, some of which you may find to be converted shipping containers!

3) Phuket Indy Market



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The Phuket Indy Market on Dibuk Road is a popular night market amongst the young locals of Phuket. Located along Dibuk Road, a short walk from Thalang Road will take you to this small but lively night scene. The fact that it’s one of the lesser-known night markets gives you all the more reasons to visit it! Here, you’ll be able to get the authentic market experience and find all sorts of handcrafted goods by talented youngsters for low prices. It’s also the perfect place to get original Phuket souvenirs and goods instead of the typical ‘I ❤️ Phuket’ t-shirts. Open from Wednesdays to Fridays from 4 pm to 10.30 pm, this market even features a stage with live performances for the perfect night!

Bonus) Dino Park Mini Golf



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Though you wouldn’t expect to see dinosaurs in Phuket, a night out with these prehistoric creatures will be one of the best ways to enjoy the nightlife. Really, what could be better than some nighttime mini-golf with your family or friends? Dino Park Mini Golf will provide you with the ultimate Jurassic Park experience throughout the 18-hole course with these life-like creatures startling you along the way.

Enjoy nightlife in Phuket isn’t all that hard. Check out these amazing bars & clubs, shows, and night markets for the ultimate nightlife experience!

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