Is there anyone who is familiar with the music below, Zico rapping ‘Hot tae Hot tae’ (meaning ‘It’s hot, it’s hot)? It’s the commercial ad of Vivaldi Park Ocean World water park and Zico used to be the official model of this brand.

Vivaldi Park Ocean World is one of the most popular summer water parks in Korea, located in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do Province. Vivaldi Park is also well-known for Vivaldi Park Ski Resort in winter. If you want a wonderful summer getaway to cool off the heat with your friends or family, Ocean World is the perfect summer vacation destination!

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4 Different Zones

There are 4 different zones at Vivaldi Park Ocean World where everyone can enjoy a variety of attractions regardless of age.

1. Aqua Zone (Indoor Zone)

Aqua Zone (Indoor Zone) is open all year round and it has Indoor Swimming Pool, Indoor Slide, Indoor Flowing Pool, Kid’s Pool, Aqua Pool, Tower Pool, Outdoor Flowing Pool, Cave Bath, and Open-Air Bath/Event Bath. Kid’s Pool is a space created only for children and it is equipped with smaller and safer attractions where children can freely enjoy. Aqua Pool is where you can enjoy water massage facilities and relax your muscles. You can also experience Jjimjilbang, which is Korean-style spa and sauna.

2. Extreme Zone

Extreme Zone is a hot spot for young people who want to enjoy non-stop waves. It has Surfing Mount, Extreme River, Super Extreme River, Kid’s Pool, and Family Pool. Surfing Mount is where you can enjoy the maximum 2.4m depth of waves. Super Extreme River is the largest water facility in Korea with a floating form of 300m in height and 7m in width that can accommodate up to 1500 people!

3. Dynamic Zone

Dynamic Zone is packed with thrilling water rides, which is perfect for thrill maniacs! There are Monster Blaster, Super Boomerango, and Giant Waterplex. Monster Blaster is the world’s first and longest (300m) 3-seater tube slide. Super Boomerango is the first 6-seater, 68-degree slide in Korea and 2nd in the world. Last but not least, Giant Waterplex has two giant buckets that drop 6 tons of water like a waterfall, which is especially popular among families.

4. Mega Slide Zone

Mega Slide Zone is filled with newly opened water slides, including Cairo Racing, Super S Slide, High-Speed Slide, and Family Left Slide. Cairo Racing is the first 8-seater mat slide in Korea, which measures times while racing down the slide. Super S Slide is highly recommended to family visitors since all of the family members can sit on the large tube and enjoy the ride.

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