The Port City of Korea, Incheon has its own set of unique beauties, just waiting to be discovered! Due to the great accessibility, it is a great place to visit outside of Seoul. Check out this ultimate itinerary guide for a day tour of pure fun!

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What is Travel Lazy?

Travel Lazy is a self-guided free and easy tour. It focuses on specific regions where Trazy provides all the essential information for you to simply travel all on your own without the help of a tour guide! You can choose your tours based on 3 different routes! Check out more information on each route below!

Incheon City Tour Bus

The routes will be provided by Incheon City Tour Bus! You can hop on a tour bus that will take you all over Incheon! Pick and choose the routes that are best suited for you, and go on an adventure that matches your schedule and more! This is a perfect method of transportation to make your itinerary of discovering Incheon in a day efficient and convenient at the same time.

Harbor Line

On the Harbor Line, you will visit places like the Open Port, where the 100-year history of the port still resides, and Songdo, a modern international city of Incheon! Here are some of the great spots to visit if you choose to travel with the Harbor Line!

  • Open Port Street

A street with over a century’s worth of the city’s history, Open Port Street is one of the must-visit places in Incheon! If Songdo is considered the newly developed city, Open Port Area is definitely the older city rich with history! You can also try on Korean traditional Hanbok or 19th Century Costume while walking along the old streets of Open Port Area.

  • Chinatown

Right by Incheon Station, Chinatown has an atmosphere of its own apart from the city. Upon arrival, definitely be on the lookout for delicious dishes like Jajangmyeon, the Korean-style Chinese Noodle dish, and the famous oven-baked dumplings. Watch out for the crowd if you are planning to head over during the weekend!

  • Central Park (Incheon City History Museum)

If you want to get to know the city of Incheon in a deeper manner, you should take a trip over to the Incheon City History Museum. As the name states, the museum holds the history of the city starting the year 1883, when it was first developed.

  • Wolmi Park

If you visit Incheon, you must have some fun at Wolmi Theme Park on Wolmi Island! A popular amusement park complex located on Wolmido Island! You can enjoy the rides as they were shown on Korean TV programs like “Running Man”!

City Line

If you are looking for some culture and life of Incheon, City Line is just for you! All the stops have great destinations, but here is a couple that you must visit!

  • Moraenae Market

Feel the livelihood of the Moraenae market! There are so many treats for you to try out, from kimbabs to rice donuts and a lot of other cuisines in the middle! Also, there are food vendors selling Korean side dishes, so there are bound to be a lot of people before lunch and dinner time. Locals usually visit markets to prepare for the meal of the day.

  • Bupyeong Station Underground Shopping Mall

One of the many unique spots in Korea is the underground shopping malls. The malls are usually linked to the subway stations, so they are easy to get to! Out of many, Bupyeong Station Underground Shopping Mall is very well known, even to the locals! Once you arrive, you might get the feeling that it is much bigger than you first anticipated, and therefore so glad because you can go on a shopping spree! You can also visit the cafe well-known as the shooting spots of many Korean dramas, movies, and K-pop music videos.

  • Central Park (East Boat House)

Looking for something active? You can try out many different water activities right in the middle of a city! You can choose from water sports like Kayak, Canoe, F-boat (Family boat) and SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boat) at the East Boat House!

Ocean Line

Experience Incheon from a different point of view! It is up to you to either explore the high-tech city or the breezy islands of Incheon on the Ocean Line!

  • Paradise City

Paradise City is a massive resort complex that is packed with diverse entertainment facilities such as a Cimer spa, hotel, convention center, casino, shopping mall, Wonderbox indoor amusement park and so much more!

  • Eurwangni Beach

Watch the sunset from one of the best beaches on the West Coast. Apart from the view, you can play sports on the open grass field, swim or fish in the open sea of Eurwangni Beach!

  • Incheon International Airport

You can’t pass up to see one of the top-ranking airports in the world! Even though it may not be a tourist destination, it definitely has its own unique fun! Now with the newly built Terminal 2, it is even bigger and better than before! Also, check out the Incheon International Airport Lounge Pass for your comfortable travel.

No matter which path you take or how you travel, Incheon is a great city to explore! Mix your own taste into the mix, and have fun from sun-up all the way to sun-down!

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