Looking for a place to cool down in Pattaya? Head to these cool Pattaya water parks!

If you are traveling to Pattaya with kids or even with friends, going to a water park is a must thing to do!

There are 2 major water parks in Pattaya; Ramayana Water Park and Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park.

Both water parks offer a wide range of exhilarating water slides, lazy rivers and so many more attractions for everyone.

We are going to give you a comprehensive guide for these 2 Pattaya water parks so you can decide which one is better for you!

Whichever water park you choose to go, you are guaranteed to have a fun-filled time there.

1. How to get to Pattaya Water Parks.

Both Pattaya water parks are located in the south of Pattaya City. But since there are very few public transit options in Pattaya, it is recommended to take a taxi or book a ticket combined with transfer options.

Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park is known for being easy to access as it is located on Sukhumvit Road. It is only 20 minutes taxi ride from the Pattaya Beach area.

Ramayana Water Park is also only 20km south from Pattaya City center. It takes around 35 minutes by taxi.

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Ramayana Water Park Overview

Ramayana Water Park is the newest and biggest water park in Thailand. It has 50 slides and attractions including a variety of water slides, 3 pools, and a lazy river.


  • New facilities (opened in 2016)
  • Clean & well maintained
  • Not crowded (maximum 5~10 minutes to queue for attractions)
  • Many water slides & attractions for all family members
  • Sunbeds free rental


  • Not many extreme slides or attractions
  • Further to reach than Cartoon Network Water Park
  • Public transit not available

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3. Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park Overview

Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park is the world’s first cartoon network themed water park. It has a range of attractions from the thrilling water slides to kid rides. There are live shows performed by various Cartoon Network characters, such as Adventure Time’s Finn and Jake, Powerpuff Girls.


  • Great for young adults (Excellent DJ and bar)
  • Many extreme slides & attractions
  • Cartoon Network parade & souvenir shop
  • Sunbeds free rental (*less available than Ramayana Water Park)


  • Busier than Ramayana Water Park
  • Higher ticket price 
  • Public transit not available

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Which water park seems like a better choice for you? Please leave a comment below. 😁

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