Visit Phoenix Park Ski Resort, world-famous for being one of the main venues of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympics!

Phoenix Park Ski Resort is located in Pyeongchang which is only about 2 hours from Seoul. It was the filming location for the Korean Dramas Winter Sonata and Autumn in My Heart. With great access to and from its cozy hotel & condominiums, it provides a convenient stay for anyone who is trying to enjoy the Winter in Korea! Check out the hassle-free transportation to Phoenix Park Ski Resort below!

A Glance of Phoenix Park Ski Resort

LocationPyeongchang, Gangwon Province
Travel time from Seoul2.5~4 hrs
Number of slopes21
Number of Ski lifts and Gondola8 Lifts, 6 Sun-kid Lifts, 1 Gondola

To check out the opening date of Phoenix Park Ski Resort for 2023/24, click here!

Being one of the main venues for the freestyle skiing and snowboarding events in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, Phoenix Park Ski Resort, is a very spacious ski resort ranking 4th in Korea, hence the reason for being most known for its freestyle hills. Phoenix Park Ski Resort can hold up to 18,000 people, 10,200 seated and 7,800 standing!

There are 21 high-quality slopes and a total of 14 lifts and gondolas, well placed around the resort. The gondola course up to Mont Blanc (1,050m) is a must-try attraction in Phoenix Park!

A bit more beginner-friendly, Phoenix Park Ski Resort’s Snow Village is a great place for those who want to sled down the 90-mile-long slopes.

The Slopes of Phoenix Park Ski Resort

Slopes at Phoenix Park Ski Resort, there are 7 slopes for beginners, 4 slopes for intermediates, 4 slopes for advanced, and 2 slopes for experts. The main peak stands above 1,050m and needs a ride on the gondola to access it. If you are just beginning to enjoy the slopes, you should head over to the green-dotted slopes! For the intermediate levels, check out the blue squares. Advanced and expert skiers and snowboarders should keep their eyes on the black diamonds! There is something for everyone at Phoenix Park Ski Resort!

The Slopes of Phoenix Park Ski Resort

Getting up to the slopes is half the fun of the whole trip! There is even a hassle-free clothes rental service available! You can literally just go and you would still be able to enjoy Phoenix Park Ski Resort to the fullest! With 14 lifts and 1 gondola ready to take you to where you need to be, you can just relax on the way up and have a blast on the way down!

How to Get to Phoenix Park Ski Resort

By Shuttle Bus

Book a shuttle bus ticket to Phoenix Park Ski Resort! You can enjoy the ski resort hassle-free with a round trip from and to Seoul.

By Private Van

If you are planning on heading to Phoenix Park Ski Resort directly from the airports in Korea, check out this 24/7 private van service! It is available 24 hours so you can always count on it to be ready. Choose between your hotel in Seoul, Incheon Airport, or Gimpo Airport and comfortably get to and from the ski resort!

By Train

From Seoul Station get on the Gyeonggang Line with the KTX and get to Pyeongchang Station.

1 Day Tour to Phoenix Park Ski Resort

Your trip to Phoenix Park Ski Resort gets easier than ever before with this 1-day tour package. It includes a convenient round-trip shuttle bus from/to Seoul and Engish/Chinese-speaking staff, as well as various package options to make your trip completely hassle-free! If you are not interested in skiing or snowboarding, don’t worry, simply come and enjoy the winter scenery and the thrill of snow sledding at the Snow Village.

Private Lesson at Phoenix Park Ski Resort

Level up your skiing/snowboarding skills with quality private lesson programs at Phoenix Park Ski Resort! You can take personalized lessons tailored to your skill level from friendly instructors in English. Take advantage of a less crowded dedicated lesson area for beginners.

Overnight Stay at Phoenix Park Ski Resort

One day might not be enough for all your winter desires, so Phoenix Park Ski Resort is well-equipped with a ski tour for 2 days and 1 night.  It includes a 1-night stay at Phoenix Ski Resort Condominium, ski/snowboard equipment rental & lift pass for 2 people for 1 day (ski package only), and Snow Village tickets for 2 people (Snow Village package only). On the other hand, there are great winter activities available near the ski resort. So if you want more than riding the slopes, you can always head on over!

If you already have booked your room and transportation, get ready with your ski/snowboard equipment and lift pass tickets! All Day Pass Premium includes an all-day lift pass, ski/snowboard equipment rental/storage service, Blue Canyon Winter Spa entrance ticket, Snow Village entrance ticket, and 1 free menu at Ski House Lounge or Romance Hill. You can also book a Smart Pass that includes a 6-hour lift pass or a Snow Village ticket, a snow and snow sled theme park suitable for all ages.

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