Finding transportation in Phuket can be tricky; however, with the help of this guide, you can make your trip to Phuket easier by booking affordable transportation according to your trip schedule!

Private Taxi from Phuket Airport, Phuket Town and Pier

1. From Phuket Aiport to Kata Beach / Karon Beach / Patong Beach / Phuket Town by Private Taxi

Imagine that you land on Phuket after numerous hours of flying and your luggage weigh several pounds as you try to find transportation to get to your accommodation. Sounds horrible, right? That’s why we recommend booking a private taxi service before you land at Phuket Airport to make your trip as smooth as possible.

A private taxi runs 24 hours and can accommodate your desired departure time from the airport, while airport buses have a fixed departure schedule. The airport buses also take twice as long, (Phuket Airport to Kata Beach is on average an hour by car and two hours by bus) meaning more time on the road and less time for fun. With a private taxi service, you can also choose a car type depending on your travel group size so that no one gets left behind!

All you have to do after booking the private taxi service is to find your driver at the airport who will help you with luggage and drive you safely to your destination in Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Patong Beach, or Phuket Town. This private taxi service promises you a great start for a great holiday in Phuket.

At the end of your trip, you’ll be exhausted from all the fun, and you probably don’t want to worry about transportation. Book the same private taxi service to pick you up from your accommodation in Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Patong Beach, and Phuket Town and to drop you off at the airport to end your trip on a great note.

Book Phuket Airport <-> Kata / Karon / Patong / Phuket Town(Old town) Transfer – Airport Taxi (24/7) now!

P.S. We know that having Internet access is a must for some people. If you think you’ll need Internet access throughout your trip, make sure to purchase a prepaid SIM card that you can easily pick up at the airport before your vacation in Phuket officially begins!

Get Prepaid 4G/LTE Tourist SIM Card – Pick up from Bangkok/Phuket Airport here!

2. From Phuket Town to Patong Beach / Karon Beach / Kata Beach by Private Taxi

Phuket Town and the three famous beaches of Phuket – Patong Beach, Karon Beach, and Kata Beach are located in the opposite sides of the peninsula. On average, it takes around 30 minutes to get from one side to another. The best way to prepare for a fun but exhausting day at the beach or in Phuket Town is to figure out your transportation options beforehand.

Traveling with a large group can be especially tricky. With the van option, you can fit up to eight people, so that you don’t risk separating the group at any cost. If you are switching hotels from Phuket Town to one of the beach towns or vice versa, utilizing this private taxi service could also be helpful as you won’t have trouble carrying all your luggage to your next destination.

After taking a private taxi to Phuket Town, you should visit the Phuket Trickeye Museum to spend a day where you can pose as a part of optical illusion artworks.

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 If you are in the Patong Beach area, make sure to check out the Simon Cabaret Show, one of the top ladyboy cabaret shows in the Phuket area, to be mesmerized by 60 minutes of unforgettable extravaganza!

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3. From Chalong Bay Pier/Rassada Pier to Phuket Airport / Kata Beach / Patong Beach / Karon Beach / Phuket Town by Private Taxi

When you are in Phuket, you cannot miss out on visiting the popular islands nearby, which are the best destinations for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing. When going to these islands, it is most likely that you will be taking a boat that departs from either Chalong Bay Pier or Rassada Pier. To make your island getaway hassle-free, make sure to arrange a private taxi from your hotel in Kata Beach, Patong Beach, Karon Beach, or Phuket Town to either of the two piers. There is also an option to take you to these piers straight from and to the airport!

Book Kata / Karon / Patong Beach ↔ Phuket Town (Old Town) Transfer – Private Taxi (24/7)

Book Phuket Chalong Bay Pier / Rassada Pier Transfer – Private Taxi (24/7)

Another option to make your trip to the famous Thai islands more convenient is to book a tour that has transfer options from and to your hotel in Phuket! For example, this Krabi 4 Islands Tour has hotel pick up and drop off from and to Rassada Pier as well as a speedboat ride and a big boat ride between the Krabi 4 Islands and to Rassada Pier.

Book Krabi 4 Islands Tour by Big Boat & Speedboat – from Phuket here!

Ferry to Islands in Krabi 

4. Phuket (Rassada Pier) to the Phi Phi Islands by Ferry

If you would like to visit the Phi Phi Islands but unsure how to get there, look no further! Taking a ferry from the Rassada Pier in Phuket to Phi Phi Islands is one of the best ways you can find. The ferry will take you to either the Tonsai Pier or the Laemtong Pier, so choose from the two, wherever is closer to your accommodation on the Phi Phi Islands. You can also select from a morning departure and an afternoon departure, whichever’s more convenient for you. On the ferry, all you have to do is to sit back and absorb scenic ocean views as you cruise along the beautiful Andaman Sea.

What is excellent about this ferry service is that it also provides a hotel transfer service to Rassada Pier, so that you’ll be taken care of during the whole journey, from your hotel entrance until you land on the Phi Phi Islands.

If you are looking for some fun activities to do on the Phi Phi Islands, check these exciting activities out!

5. Phuket (Rassada Pier / Ao Po Pier) to Ko Ngai / Koh Kradan / Ko Muk / Koh Lipe

Phuket is an amazing province; however, it’s not the only province in Thailand known for its lush nature. If you would like to get a taste of other provinces like Krabi and Trang, we recommend going to the islands on the coast of these provinces, such as Ko Ngai, Koh Kradan, Ko Muk, and Koh Lipe. These islands are less crowded than other islands in the Andaman Sea, so if you look for a peaceful relaxation, then these islands might be the perfect getaway destinations for you.

Like the Phi Phi Islands, you will need to take a ferry to get to these islands. The ferry to these four destinations departs from both Rassada Pier and Ao Po Pier, so you can choose whichever pier is closer to where you are staying in Phuket. Also, make sure to take advantage of the various departure times; if you are not a morning person, we know how hard it could be to wake up early, especially during your holiday.

Book Phuket to Ko Ngai / Koh Kradan / Ko Muk / Koh Lipe Ferry Transfer here!

Make sure to make your trip to Phuket super convenient with transportation options we have shared with you today! Also, don’t forget to check out for fun activities and tours you can add to your Phuket journey!

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