An Ultimate Guide to Renting a Pocket WiFi (WiFi Egg) in Korea

Stay connected in Korea by renting a Pocket WiFi, or a WiFi Egg!


As Korea is one of the most well developed IT countries, you can easily get WiFi in any stores, especially in the cafes.

But if you want more safe and fast access to WiFi networks at all times, then renting a portable WiFi router, a pocket WiFi or Wifi Egg, is perfect for you.

Renting a Pocket WiFi in Korea 

Most pocket Wi-Fi rentals in Korea can be paid for in advance online.

After you book online, you can simply pick up the device at different locations, including airports (Incheon Intl. Airport/Gimhae Airport), and return it afterward.

If you want to buy it instead of renting it, you will need an Alien Registration Card (ARC), which is an ID card for foreigners staying in Korea.

| Rent your WiFi Egg online here.

All about Pocket WiFi rental service in Korea

There are a number of companies in Korea that offer pocket WiFi rental service: SKT, KT, LG U+ and Pocket WiFi Korea.

1. SK telecom WiFi Egg – SKT T mifi


T mifi is a 4G/LTE Pocket WiFi from SK Telecom, the largest wireless operator in Korea. You can enjoy a nationwide 4G/LTE data at high speed.

| Price: $4.4 (5,000 KRW)/day ($4.4→$3/day *Special offer until Nov 10, 2017) ※Vat included.

| Data Plan: 1GB/day

2. Korea telecom WiFi Egg – KT WiFi Router

KT’s WiFi router also offers nationwide coverage, but the rental fee is relatively higher than average.

| Price : $8 (8,800 KRW)/day ※Vat included.

| Data Plan: Unlimited data

3. LG U+ WiFi Egg

LG U+ is another major mobile operator in Korea but is less popular than SKT or KT because of its relatively slower speed.

| Price: $7.3 (8,000 KRW)/day ※Vat excluded.

| Data Plan: Unlimited data

4. Pocket WiFi Korea

Pocket WiFi Korea offers two different types of portable WiFi router: Pocket WiFi Korea (LTE) and Pocket WiFi Seoul.

• Pocket WiFi Korea (LTE)

| Price:  $5.25 (5,800 KRW)/day ※Vat excluded.

| Data Plan: 1GB/day

| Extra data fee: $0.02/MB

• Pocket WiFi Seoul

| Price: $3.95 (4,400 KRW)/day ※Vat excluded.

| Data Plan: 1GB/day

| Extra data fee: $0.02/MB


WiFi-Korea provides a pocket WiFi with several options of data plans to choose from.

| Price & Data plan options: ※Vat excluded.

– $3.99 (4,400 KRW)/day (600MB)

– $4.99 (5,500 KRW)/day (1.2GB)

– $9.99 (11,000 KRW)/day (Unlimited)

| Extra data fee: $0.02/MB

How to book with Trazy

Travelers to Seoul or Busan can book T mifi, a WiFi router provided by SKT, via

After booking it online, follow the steps below:

1. Show your confirmation email with your passport and credit card (Visa/Master Card ONLY) to pick up the pocket wifi.

2. Your credit card will be held open for a security deposit upon pick-up. If you do not return the portable WiFi, 100,000 KRW will be charged from your credit card.

3. The rental fee is charged on a daily basis, not on an hourly basis. Choose the number of days on the booking page. For example, if you want to use the device from April 1 to April 5, choose “5” days.

*You can also rent a portable battery for free (airport pickup only), but 10,000 KRW will be charged if you lose it.

How to set up a WiFi connection

Once you receive your WiFi Egg, follow the steps below to set up and connect to a WiFi with your device!

  1. Turn on the WiFi Egg.
  2. Search for a WiFi network on an available smartphone or PC.
  3. Select searched SSID.
  4. Enter the KEY (the network password) accurately.
  5. Now you’re connected!

Now, go ahead and rent a Pocket WiFi to stay connected when you are traveling around Korea!

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