It’s no secret that this wonderful resort island in South Korea, Jeju Island, offers breathtaking natural beauty all year round.

While every visit to this island in South Korea brings a different emotion to its visitors, it is the winter season that beckons travelers as one can discover Jeju’s best-kept secrets.

But there are more reasons for it than that. Read on to find out why you need to Jeju Island before the winter months are over.

1. Mild Winter Weather

Jeju Island in Winter

Boasting a temperate climate all year round, the winter in Jeju Island is comparatively warmer than in Seoul and the rest of Korea.

Even in winter, the temperature rarely falls below 0 °C (32°F) in Jeju Island, and the average winter temperature is around 5~7 °C (41~44.6°F) from January to mid-March. The weather is cool, dry, and even mild enough for you to be outside and enjoy outdoor activities.

Thanks to its warm weather in winter, Jeju Island is home to a garden of more than 6,000 camellia trees and other beautiful arboretums. Including the famous Camellia Hill, the botanical gardens in Jeju Island are loved as must-visit attractions by winter visitors.

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When it comes to Jeju’s weather in winter, we often come across this question below.

Does it snow in Jeju Island?

Yes, it does. While the rest of the lower area in Jeju Island sees more rain than snow due to the warm temperatures, it snows from late November in Hallasan Mountain. So if you want to see snow, hike up Hallasan Mountain.

Jeju is a volcanic island consisting of dynamic geographical features. Its weather conditions can also be as dynamic depending on where you go. We strongly advise that you check the weather forecast regularly before your trip.

2. Cheaper Airfare & Accommodation

Jeju Island in Winter

To be honest, there is no distinction between the high season and the low season in Jeju Island as it is a popular travel destination all year round. But typically, the winter months (except for Christmas and the Korean Lunar New Year holiday) – December to early March, are considered the low season.

If you want to save money on your travel, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the winter months as the rates of airfare and hotel accommodation are generally cheaper while the prices tend to double during the peak season.

If you want to save even more, it’s best to book your flight tickets and hotel rooms on weekdays rather than Fridays and weekends.

Check out this flight + hotel package to secure your room and flight at once!

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Oftentimes, short-term travelers ask whether it is possible to make the trip in one day to Jeju Island from Seoul. The answer is yes.

You can make a day trip from Seoul to Jeju Island by booking a midnight or an early morning flight to Jeju and a late-night flight to Seoul. However, since public transportation in Jeju Island is limited you will likely waste most of your time on the road unless you rent a car and drive yourself.

Check out our Jeju Island Car Rental Guide here!

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An ideal solution for the hassle is to book an all-inclusive package like below. The package includes a round-trip flight ticket, a pick-up service in Seoul, a guided day tour in Jeju Island – with an English-speaking tour guide, and admission fees.

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 3. Awe-inspiring Winter Scenery

Jeju Island in Winter

While Jeju Island offers pristine beaches and lush green landscapes in summer, it is just as beautiful in the winter as the snow-covered Hallasan Mountain and volcanic cones add an incomparable charm to its winter scenery.

Hallasan Mountain is incredible any time of the year, but you definitely don’t want to miss its sheer beauty during the winter months. You will be able to admire the spectacular vistas while hiking up to the peak of the snow-coated mountain. Hallasan Mountain, indeed, will be the perfect outlet if you’ve been looking for the ultimate adventure experience in winter.

Enjoyed reading the post? Then, don’t miss out on all that Jeju’s winter has to offer, and start packing up!

Looking for the best travel experiences in Jeju Island in winter?

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4. The Plethora of Indoor Attractions & Museums

Jeju Island in Winter

Although Jeju is warmer than Seoul, sometimes there is so much snowfall, that outdoor activities have to be postponed or canceled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore, because there are plenty of fun places to visit whether you’re in Jeju with your family, friends, or the other half.

Jeju is full of quirky entertaining indoor attractions and museums, so there is no time for you to be bored when visiting here.

Jeju Island in Winter

Shelter from the cold winds of Jeju in the Jeju Alive Museum, a magical place brimming with 3D art. Pose in front of the artwork to bring it to life. It has five different main themes including optical illusion, digital, sculpture, and Provence art. You can either make yourself look like you’re being eaten whole by a shark, or hanging off a cliff. Get creative and pose for the camera with friends and family.

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Check out the various arts of work all made by using colored toy bricks in Jeju Island! Don’t miss the only ‘Dolhareubang’ brick art in the world and the creation of the soccer match between Korea and Italy during the 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup. 

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Jeju Island in Winter

Take a field trip to the largest space and flight museum in Asia, Jeju Aerospace Museum. This state-of-the-art museum is complete with 39 different aircraft and activity zones fit for families to spend a pleasant time with their children.

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Find your favorite superheroes on display in the Jeju Figure Museum, where there are hundreds of figures on display from minuscule to life-size, so you’ll never be bored! There are 8 different exhibition halls, so go on an adventure and try to spot your favorite superhero on display!

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Moomin Land Jeju is a unique park based on Finland’s Moomin fairy-tale characters. Opened in 2020, it provides visitors with the experience of being part of Moomin picture books with its variety of exhibitions and decorations. 

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Another collection Jeju exhibits is the pink wonderland of the adorable iconic cat we all love, Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty Island is exhibited in a three-story building jam-packed with everything Hello Kitty. Of course, like any exhibition, don’t miss the Hello Kitty gift shop to grab all the cute accessories!

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Browse more things to do in Jeju Island at Korea’s #1 Travel Shop,, or stay tuned for our upcoming post about the best places to visit in Jeju Island in winter! 🙂

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90 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Jeju Island In Winter

  1. Hi Trazy,
    My family is planning to visit Jeju from 28th Dec to 1st Jan. We specifically seek to see snow. Will we able to see snow in the city, or will need to go to the Hallasan to see it? (we have a 2 years old baby so can’t really do the trekking. Will we see snow at the bus stop area or very bottom of the mountain?
    Thanks for your advice!

    1. Hello Rose! According to the weather forecast, there is no indication of snowfall during your visit. You will probably be able to see snow in Hallasan Mountain, but rarely in the city area. Forecasts are still somewhat tentative, but depending on the weather conditions, you will be able to see snow at the lower ground of Hallasan Mountain. Please check the weather forecast regularly for indication of snowfall before your visit! 🙂

  2. i plan to travel to JEJU on 24/1/2018 to 29/1/2018 it is very cold and what the wear these couple days over there.

    1. Hello, kelly chin. We recommend you to wear a thick winter coat (wear in multiple layers), thick socks, winter shoes, muffler, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and gloves. Hope this answers your question! 🙂

  3. Hi we are is planning to visit Jeju next year 2018. We would want to see snow fall. Will When will be the best time visit Jeju to see snow?? when is the best time for snow in town?? we able to see snow in the city?? Thank you.

    1. Hello Pervin! You will probably be able to see snow in Hallasan Mountain, but rarely in the city area. Usually, the month of January tends is the coldest month of the year so you might be able to see snow during that time. However, it’s best for you to check the weather forecast for indication of snowfall when planning your trip. Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  4. Hi, we are planning to visit Jeju on 14-19 February 2018, will the weather become warmer at it’s approaching end of winter ?

    1. According to The National Weather Service, the average high temperature in Jeju Island is around 10°C(50℉) during that time period when you’re planning to travel. It won’t be too cold. It would be rather refreshingly cool, but it’s always good to bring layers of clothes as Jeju is often called “the island of wind”. It can get very windy.

  5. Hi,im planning to visit jeju island on 3rd march until 10th march..whats the temperature over there? And whats the recommended wear? Thanks

    1. Hello Radzlan Shah 🙂
      In March, it’s a bit cold in the morning/night (around 2~8°C) but gets better in the day time (10~15°C). A light jacket/Windbreaker is recommended to bring it with you for outdoor activities.

  6. im hamidah,
    i planned to visit jeju in mid march.our grand children are excited to see snow,,it is still snowning in mid march in jeju

    1. Hello Hamidah,
      Unfortunately, Jeju Island’s weather in March is above zero (5°C~11°C) which is hard to find snow. Instead, you will be able to feel the soft spring breeze 😀

    1. Hello Tan Fook Wah!
      It highly depends on the weather but preferably mid to late January is recommended to see snow at Hallasan mountain and in some parts of Jeju Island 🙂

  7. Hi, how is the weather in Jeju during May? Is it hot ? Do I need to wear sunscreen , I don’t wanna get a tan.

    1. Hello Mei 🙂
      The temperature is around 16°C ~ 24°C in May. Since the sun can be strong in the middle of the day, we recommend you to bring a sunscreen along the tour.

  8. Is there snow in hallasan mountain on 2nd week of december? Because we are planning to have a trip on 2019.

    1. Dear Kim,
      It usually snows in January but you may be able to catch the snow if weather permits 🙂

      1. Hi I’m planning to go family trip to south Korea in Dec but I’m afraid whether the kids able to take it … Pls advise

    1. Hi John,
      It will be hard to find snow on the ground but you will still be able to see the snow in the mountains if weather permits 🙂

          1. Hi Jeff, it depends on which mountain you would like to visit in Jeju 🙂 If there’s a specific mountain that you would like to go, please let us know!

  9. Hi,
    My wife and I went to Jeju recently in June 2018. We rented a car, drove around..It was really wonderful and awesome. We plan to go back to see snow with our kid this year end but afraid he can’t stand the winter cold. He’s 6 year old this year.

    May I know which month is the best for us to visit Jeju and see snow?

    1. Hi Jeffrey 🙂
      To see the snow in Jeju Island, it is recommended to visit in January or February. However, as it is highly dependent on the weather condition, we recommend you to check the weather forecast regularly for indication of snowfall before your visit.

  10. Hi, we will be visiting Jeju from 13 to 19 Dec this year. We are planning to rent a car. Will the road be difficult to handle? Anything that we need to watch out for during this period, a.k.a the weather and stuffs? Thanks in advanced 😉

    1. Hi YLee,
      During the period mentioned, the temperature is expected to be between 5°C~15°C and mostly sunny. Just a small tip, if you enter the village area, make sure to be careful of small and bumpy alleys 🙂

  11. Hi Trazy Crew,
    I will go to Jeju at 31 Jan till 01 Feb 2019, is there posible to hiking Hallassan mountain?

    1. Hi Narzin,
      Yes, it is available but some of the courses may be restricted in case of severe weather condition. We recommend you to double check on the day of your visit for exact information.

  12. Dear Sir/Madam,
    We plan to visit Jeju in December 2018
    What is a suitable car to rent , so that we can drive up to Mt. Hallasan

  13. Hi family and I will be visiting Jeju from 18-25Feb it still snowing during that time?aside, any serve no pork/Muslim friendly restaurant recommended restaurant that we can visit and suitable for kids which is not a spicy eater?

  14. Hello,
    We are planning to visit jeju island on December 29, 2018 -january 1, 2019 and we wanted to see snow. Can we experience snow on those dates?

    1. Hi Erwan 🙂
      It highly depends on the weather but you may be able to see the snow in the upper part of Mt.Hallasan. Please make sure to check the weather forecast in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle! It highly depends on the weather but it is usually expected to see the snow in January~February. We recommend you to check out the weather forecast before you visit Hallasan 🙂

        1. Hi Michelle,
          Usually, you can see snow on the top of the Mt.Halla during January and February but it depends on the weather conditions.

  15. Hi Trazy
    My family is planning to visit Jeju Island from Dec 26 to 28, 2018. To see snow & it possible? Thank you for your advise…

    1. Dear Yolly,
      Jeju Island is one of the warmest regions in Korea and they don’t have any ski resort there. Sometimes it snows there but it highly depends on the weather condition. Usually, you can see snow on the top of the Mt.Halla during the winter but this is also subject to change depending on the weather of that year.

  16. Hi Trazy, my family of 2 adults and 2 children age 6 and 10 plan to visit Jeju early February 2019. How many days should we spend to cover the whole island, including visiting Hallasan? Thank you in advance.

  17. Hello. Greeting from Laos. I had planed to visit Korea in the winter many times since I was at University in 2009 but my plane never happened. Finally, It will happen this year in middle December visiting Jeju island. May I know that will I see snow falls or no? Just only cold weather that the temperture is below 0’c? Many thanks in advance!

  18. Hi, I’m planning a trip to Jeju in mid January 2019 and looking at the comments, it seems like there is a high chance to see snow! But im travelling with two kids (4 years old and 1 year old). Is the hike to the snow area difficult from the nearest parking lot at Mt Hallasan? Are there things to do over at Mt Hallasan? Thank you.

    1. Hi Wai Yin! In case of snow, it might be difficult for you to hike with your kids. You can stay bottom side of the hill and take pictures there 🙂

  19. hello, I will be in Jeju Island on Nov28-30, will climbed Halla San on 29th. Has it been snowing there already? when was the first know if you ever know. 🙂 I hope it’ll snow on that day. I came to see snow. haha. Also, you think its doable to enter via Seongpanak and exit in Gwaneumsa trail with all my stuffs with me? and from Sogwipo, can i already take a public bus on the way to the Seongpanak as early as 0500H?
    one more question. Upon my arrival in the airport, I will immediately go to Mangjanggul cave, what bus # should I take. Then from the cave, I will go to neighboring attractions, what can you suggest nearby?
    i hope and thank you for your response.


  20. Hi, we planning to have a winter trip in jeju in early february. Is there a chance to see snow? And how many days to fully explore jeju?

    1. Hi Donna! Jeju is one of the warmest regions in Korea and it is difficult to predict when you can see the snow there since it’s highly dependent on weather condition. If you would like to fully explore Jeju, we recommend you to travel minimum 5 days 🙂

  21. Hi.. I’d like to visit Jeju Island one day trip on Dec 2nd 2018. Could you please recommend what places is the best to visit and could you recommend what should I wear, is it thick winter coat? Can I see snow on Dec 2nd? Thanks

    1. Hi Elis! Jeju is one of the most popular islands in Korea and there are numerous amount of locations you can visit. Jeju is slightly warmer than most of the other regions in Korea in general. Please do understand it’s hard to predict if you can see snow on a certain date since it’s highly dependent on the weather condition.

  22. Hi. We’re bound to Korea tomorrow Dec. 26 until Dec. 29. Our itinerary includes a visit to Mt. Halla.
    What kind of clothes should we bring?

    1. Hi, Jas!
      According to Mt. Halla national park, the wind is very strong at the top of the mountain and it might be snowy in December normally. The clothes that can protect you from the wind and cold weather will be needed. Climbing sticks and shoe chains for ice might be needed in case of the snow.

  23. Hi, me and my friends will go to Jeju this coming 1-4 February. Is there any special activities to highlight? Because i want to brings more friends and they ask what is speciality during early February. Thank you 🙂

  24. i wanted to visit jeju island on December but i want to experience the real winter with a snow since i come a tropical country aside from the hallasan mountain where else can i witness snowflakes and all that that is nearer the city

    1. Hi, Pinky! As it depends on the weather condition, we are sorry but we cannot guarantee you where you can see snow in Jeju.

  25. good morning,
    i have a group of 13 person will travel to jeju island. we need to rent a van for 13 person.
    start from 07 Apr – 14 Apr 2020. with a driver.and can load of 13 bag. please do quote me your price .

  26. By the way, it is a good time to travel jeju island during 07-14 April 2020? cherry blossom? Cold?
    please do reply me ASAP.

  27. Hi, I wish to travel to Jeju to see snow. I wish to know about the transportation cost around the island. How much is rent a driver per day? Or without drive? Is renting car the only option to travel around on the island?

  28. Hi, I am still planning a solo trip to Korea which will fall on 5th – 12th Dec. And just started my research. To go to hallasan mountain, it is a 1 day trip or it only take a few hours? Will there be any guide to the mountain?

    1. Is it requested to stay overnight in Jeju Island. Plus car ferry means, I got to have car to go over or I rent a car & take the car ferry over?

  29. Im preparing plan to come visit jeju in 15~20 january 2020….possible to see snow at this period, appreciate your advise thanks

  30. Hello,
    I am planning to visit Jeju from 7th 7-9 December 2019. Any recommended sightseeing.
    Is this okay to travel with kids of age 3 and 7 seven during this period

  31. May i ask what do you mean by late november? Is it around after the 20th of november high probability of snowing?

  32. Hi,

    i am planning to visit jeju late dec until new year.. does this period of time will be snowy, cause i’m seeking for snow 😀

  33. Hi. My family would like to hike up Hallasan to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery. Unfortunately we are not experienced in hiking and are not familiar with the area at all. Is there any local guide we can engage to guide us to best spots and areas to avoid for safety reasons? We are planning to visit Jeju in mid December.

  34. Hi, I am planning a trip to Seoul and Jeju third week of December this year. Will there be snow? I am bringing my eight-year-old son to see the snow. Also please advise me on the type of clothing during this trip.

    1. Hi, December is the snowing season but you need to check the weather forecast. Winter is very cold in Korea; you need thick outer wears.

  35. Hi, we are planning a trip to Jeju from 22nd to 26th in December, most days will be snowing according to the weather forecast. I am wondering if there will still be things to do and see during this period. My main purpose is good food and some activities for my pre teens girls plus a little sight seeing. Kindly advise.
    Thanks in advance ☺️

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