A trip to Seoul is incomplete without visiting the Lotte World Aquarium located in the basement of Lotte World Tower and Mall. The Aquarium showcases more than 55,000 fish and aquatic life from over 650 different species making it one of the largest displays of sea life in South Korea. See penguins, jellyfish, otters, Beluga whales, stingrays, sea lions, and so much more!

Tips to Enjoy the Aquarium

Lotte World Aquarium is filled with many photo-taking opportunities with amazing aquatic life, so be sure to bring a camera with you. Don’t forget to turn off your flash since the bright light can blind and bother the fish. Some areas have tanks where you can feed the fish. If you want to feed the fish, you need 500 won coins to get them from the dispensers.

Similar to Lotte World theme park, the aquarium is busiest on weekends with peak occupancy after lunch around 3pm. The best time to go on weekends is right after opening in the morning. That way you will have a much easier time trying to get your perfect pictures, and have no problems getting close to the tanks. During the week, you can usually go at any time, and it will not be crowded.

Zone Information

1. River Zone

Here you can see Korea’s longest underwater tunnel and see many different kinds of fish. You can find fish from Korea’s rivers, some all the way from Amazon, and several others from around the world in different parts of this area.

2. Sea Lion Zone

Watch the California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals frolic around their tank from various angles. There is even an escalator tunnel that allows you to pass through their tank!

3. The Ocean

Take a moment to appreciate the largest water tank in Korea at 25 meters wide and see the many fish that call this tank home. Watch the Cownose Ray gracefully glide around the massive tank.

4. Beluga Zone

Come watch and learn about the biology and history of the Beluga Whale. Beluga means white in Russian and you can see that these wonderful mammals are white as snow perfectly matching their name.

5. Jellyfish Gallery

See several different specials of jellyfish all in different shapes and colors. Relax and enjoy the light movement of the jellyfish as they slowly drift around their tank.

6. Coral Reef Garden

Examine the many kinds of fish that live in coral reefs and look at the beautiful structure of the reef itself.

7. Polar Region

This area is home to the amazing warm climate of Humboldt Penguins from South America. Watch them dive and rapidly swim from one end of their tank to the other.

How to Get There

Get off at Jamsil Station (Line 2, Line 8) and head towards exit 1/2, and continue until you see Lotte World Mall. Enter the mall and continue straight until you see the large crown in the main lobby, go around the crown towards Seoul Sky, and go left down the hallway until you see the Aquarium entrance on your right side.

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