When planning a trip to South Korea, it is worth checking out Korea’s own Disney-styled theme park. Lotte World is a magical land filled with family fun, attractions, shows, performances, parades, thrilling rides, and so much more! Check out the review and tips on how to enjoy Lotte World to the fullest in a day.

Tips to Enjoy the Theme Park

1. Magic Pass Premium

Lotte World is one of the most popular attractions in Korea, and it gets extremely crowded at times. On holidays and weekends, the park will be specially packed, so you should expect long wait times for certain rides. Rides like the Atlantis on Magic Island could have you waiting longer than 2 hours during peak times. On days like this, it is recommended to get Magic Pass Premium to skip the lines.

With Magic Pass Premium you get to enjoy 3/5 rides without waiting. If you ordered Magic Pass Premium, it will show up on the printed ticket that you picked. To use Magic Pass Premium just show it to the ride entry staff to get priority access and skip the wait!

2. Busiest Time

The park is immensely busy on weekends and holidays with occupancy peaking after lunch around 3pm. If you don’t plan on getting Magic Pass Premium, it is best to come early in the morning before the park fills up. That way you can enjoy the rides and attractions to the fullest without waiting too long.

3. Let’s Dream Night Parade

Plan on staying until 8:30pm to see a one-of-a-kind amazing parade that features all the Lotte Cast Members, beautiful floats, and many dancers and performers. Many lights in the park turn off or dim in preparation for the parade. The parade features fantastic light shows, elegant fireworks displays, and a glow-in-the-dark cast. Everyone involved in the parade has lights and LEDs on their costumes, props, and floats to light up the night and invoke a dreamlike fantasy atmosphere. Don’t forget to check the parade information and schedule in advance!

4. Sunny Days

It can help to bring a hat and some sunscreen since waiting in long lines at Magic Island directly under the hot sunlight is an easy way to get sunburnt. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and stay hydrated!

Popular Attractions

1. Adventure

Lotte World is divided into two sections, Adventure & Magic Island. Adventure has most of the park’s rides, attractions, and performances. Adventure is the biggest indoor theme park in Korea, and one of the biggest in the world. Since most of the park is indoors, you will never have to worry about the weather during your trip!

a. Flume Ride

Prepare to get wet on a jungle-themed log-flume ride that carries 4 riders up a cliff and lets gravity do its job plummeting the log-boat to the river below ending with a huge splash.

b. French Revolution

Ride a fast-indoor roller coaster that brings riders through a loop-de-loop, elaborate light display, and rotates 360 and 540 degrees! You can even wear VR goggles to experience the ride in a whole new way. See a fantasy world with 360-degree views that follow the movement of the coaster.

c. Conquistador

Feel the suspense on a Spanish colonial pirate-themed ship that swings you back and forth toward the ceiling of the park.

2. Magic Land

Magic Island is an outdoor part of the Lotte World theme park, where you can find many of the thrilling coasters and rides in the park. You can see the beautiful view of Seokchon Lake while taking the rides at Magic Land!

a. Atlantis

As one of the most popular rides in Lotte World expects a long wait time. Explore the lost city of Atlantis on a heart-pounding roller coaster that will launch riders at 72 km/h. This ride accelerates quickly, and you can get some decent whiplash if you aren’t prepared for it.

b. Gyro Drop

Ascend a 70-meter-tall tower that drops you in a terrifying free-fall back to the earth at 100 km/h. You can also try the Virtual reality version of this ride. With the help of VR goggles, you can see a futuristic city and what seems to be an endless free-fall only to be rescued by a robot right before the ride ends.

c. Gyro Swing

Sit in a circle with 39 other people and get swung in a pendulum motion while the circle spins you around like a tornado.

d. Comet Express

See planets, spacecraft, and aliens as you ride a comet through space on a fast thrilling roller coaster that spins you around on seats that rotate 360 degrees.

How To Get There

Get off at Jamsil Station (Line 2 and 8) and head to Exit 3 (Lotte World). On the way to the underground plaza, follow the sign that says LOTTE WORLD ADVENTURE – WILD GATE. When you reach the wild gate, please go to the ticket booths and show your QR code in exchange for the actual ticket.

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  1. Hello, i’ll be visiting lotte world on 31 dec, and planning to spend new years eve in the lotte sky tower, would it be too crowded?if it does, let me know where’s the best place to spend new years eve in Seoul^^

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