Delve into the enchanting world of love and celebration and discover the unique and heartwarming anniversaries and romantic holidays cherished by couples in Korea. From the significant 100-day anniversary, marking the early stages of a relationship, to the delightful White Day celebrated on March 14th, where sweet gestures and gifts are exchanged, Korean couples have an array of special occasions to express their love.

Navigate through these cultural milestones, and uncover the intricate traditions and heartfelt customs that make each celebration a testament to the enduring bonds shared by couples in Korea!


1. 100-Day Anniversary

2. Valentine’s Day

3. White Day

4. Black Day

5. Pepero Day

6. Christmas

1. 100-Day Anniversary

| When: 100 days into a relationship


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In Korea, the 100-Day Anniversary marks a significant milestone in romantic relationships, symbolizing the 100th day since two individuals embarked on their journey as a couple. Particularly popular among younger couples, often teenagers or those in their 20s, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Recognized as a pivotal moment in budding relationships, couples exchange gifts, with the male often expected to spend generously. Many couples commemorate this special occasion by exchanging matching rings, cementing their commitment, and creating lasting memories of the first hundred days of their love story.

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2. Valentine’s Day

| When: February 14th

Valentine’s Day is a cherished celebration for couples, marked by the exchange of affectionate gestures and gifts. Notably, it differs from Western traditions, as women take the lead by presenting gifts to their partners. This isn’t necessarily the case nowadays, but nonetheless, this day holds immense significance for couples as it fosters a sense of reciprocity and strengthens the bond between them.

Beyond material exchanges, Valentine’s Day in Korea emphasizes the importance of expressing love and appreciation, contributing to a culture where couples actively celebrate and cherish their romantic connections.

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3. White Day

| When: March 14th

White Day, celebrated on March 14th in Korea, is a unique and cherished romantic holiday. It’s basically the opposite of Valentine’s Day and now it’s the men’s turn to express their affections by gifting sweets, chocolates, or thoughtful presents to their partners. In the past, gifts were centered on being white such as white chocolates, white flowers, and more but now not so much.

This reciprocal exchange fosters a sense of mutual appreciation and deepens the connection between couples. Emphasizing the value of reciprocating love and ensuring a continuous flow of affection, it is a significant occasion for couples to express and reinforce their love once again.

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4. Black Day

| When: April 14th

Black Day is not actually a day for couples, but quite the opposite. Observed on April 14th, it stands in stark contrast to the back-to-back months of romance and love that precede it. It is a day for those who are single to gather and either commiserate or celebrate their solo status, following months of witnessing romantic exchanges.

The most well-known tradition involves consuming black-themed food, with  Jjajangmyeon, a noodle dish topped with black bean sauce, being the popular choice. While it may not carry the same romantic weight as other celebrations, Black Day provides a lighthearted opportunity for single individuals to come together, enjoy black-themed meals, and, in the spirit of camaraderie, revel in their independence.

5. Pepero Day

| When: November 11th


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Celebrated on November 11th, Pepero Day is a charming and lighthearted observance where couples exchange Pepero sticks, slender cookie sticks dipped in chocolate, The date, 11/11, resembles the shape of the Pepero sticks, adding a playful element to the celebration.

Couples often exchange these treats as a sweet gesture of affection, making it a delightful and memorable occasion. While Pepero Day may not carry the same historical weight as some other romantic holidays, it has become a fun and endearing tradition, fostering a sense of joy and connection among couples in Korea.

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6. Christmas

| When: December 25th

Christmas is a tale as old as time, yet one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. It’s usually a time to visit your loved ones, especially your family before the start of a new year and cherish special moments with one another. In Korea, however, it is primarily considered a couples’ holiday. Of course, many couples all over the world spend this day together but apart from that, it is rarely viewed as a special occasion in relation to one’s family.

Many couples exchange gifts, indulge in festive dates, and partake in romantic activities, transforming the day into a special occasion for expressing love and creating cherished memories. The importance lies in the opportunity for couples to strengthen their bond and share moments of joy, enhancing the festive season with a touch of romance in the heart of South Korea.

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