Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), all foreigners, who are entering Korea, are required to complete 14 days of self-quarantine at a government-designated facility. This can make people who are planning to come to Korea for various reasons, such as business or study, feel anxious and worried.

The hopeful news is that Korea offers good accommodation options with three daily meals at a price that is lower than what hotels usually cost. You can check out the smooth process and journey of going on self-quarantine when in Korea from this Forbes article by an American university student who visited Seoul for an internship. Indeed the Korean government provides the best they can to make people feel comfortable during their self-quarantine and you can spend even better time with Trazy’s ultimate quarantine care package!

1. Self-Quarantine Facility (Room)

You’ll be aware that a 14-day quarantine is mandatory in order to stay in Korea. If you’re looking for a place to stay for self-quarantine in Korea, you can use Trazy’s self-quarantine room booking service, which will provide you with a quality studio room with a private bathroom & free WiFi. There are three options: all-inclusive hotel room rental (with meals & private transfer services), room rental only in Seoul, and room rental only outside of Seoul.

2. SIM Card

SIM card is one of the most essential items when you travel abroad so that you can stay connected all the time! Here are the two SIM cards that are highly recommended for those who need to complete self-quarantine in Korea.

1) Prepaid SIM Card for Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Passengers

It is mandatory to have a local contact for foreign passengers upon arrival so that the Korean government can contact you regarding the Coronavirus. You also have to download the special quarantine app that allows the government to track and monitor the new entrants during the quarantine period.

You can pick up this SIM card at the quarantine inspection area at Incheon Airport Terminal 1 once you have completed the required testings in the arrivals area. All you have to do is to pick up your SIM card, verify your local contact number, and head to the quarantine facility.

2) 4G/LTE SIM Card (3~90 Days or More) – Receive by Postal Parcel

If you have to change or get a new SIM card during the self-quarantine, don’t worry about it! You can also receive your SIM card by postal parcel. Conveniently activate the SIM card at the address you are staying in Korea and stay connected 24/7. Please note that SIM card postal parcel service isn’t available to Jeju Island.

3) 4G/LTE Korea SIM Card International Delivery Service

You can get your Korean SIM card and Korean phone number before you depart for Korea by ordering an international delivery service. It’s a reliable delivery service with a tracking code to every country using EMS, German Post, CJ, and USPS. You can also easily top up or extend your SIM card via app (Android/iOS) or website.

3) Korea eSIM: Unlimited Data Only (5~90 Days)

If you are looking for the most hassle-free SIM card ever, purchasing an eSIM is highly recommended. All you have to do is download an eSIM to your phone by using the provided QR code. No need to visit a pickup booth or change out your current SIM card at all! This data-only sim card does NOT come with a Korean local phone number.

3. Private Transfer Service

1) Airport Taxi

Using a private airport taxi service is highly recommended for those who arrive at the airport and have to go to the quarantine facility. All vehicles are sanitized every day and equipped with partitions between the passenger and the driver. It offers a 24/7 transfer service and tracks your flight & arrival time to ensure everything goes smoothly. You can book this airport transfer service at Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport, Gimhae Airport, and Jeju Airport!

2) Private Van to the Health Center for COVID-19 Test

Once you arrive in Korea, you are required to take the COVID-19 test twice at the health center during your 14-day of self-quarantine. If you want to be extra safer, it is highly recommended to book a private round-trip transfer to the health center. The driver will wait for you until you finish your test and all the vehicles are sanitized thoroughly every day. Also, there is a partition between the driver and passenger.

4. Delivery Service

1) Food Delivery Service

If you want to have food that you want during your self-quarantine period, simply use the food delivery service on Trazy without worrying about all the hassles of dealing with the Korean language and the Korean payment system! You can choose from a wide range of options, almost available anywhere in Korea.

2) Online Grocery Delivery Service (Market Kurly)

For those who want fresh and healthy breakfast in the morning, Trazy offers an online grocery delivery service through the Market Kurly platform! Market Kurly has quality guaranteed goods and you can get your order the following morning in front of your door before 7:00am. Every order is packed with an ice pack (non-condensing pack), guaranteeing freshness. If you can’t find the item you want, you can request a custom order!

3) Meal Kits Delivery Service

If you aren’t used to cooking but want to cook delicious meals without any difficulty while you are in self-quarantine at home, this is the one that you need. Meal kits are an easy way to cook high-quality food with all the ingredients ready to cook straight away. Since they are shipped with ice packs, their freshness is guaranteed. From steak, gambas, to spaghetti, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from!

4) Easy-to-Cook Retort & Instant Meal Packages

Korea is well-known to have a wide range of instant meal products, not to mention the world-famous instant noodles and high-quality pre-packed rice meals. These packages are highly recommended for those in self-quarantine. You just have to cook them in the microwave or boiling water for a few minutes and you can taste the convenient food!

5) Essential Household Supplies

14 days are not a short amount of time. You may run out of essential household items. In that case, simply order such shampoo, toothpaste, tissue, laundry detergent, dish soap, etc.

6) COVID-19 Safety Items (Masks, Sanitizers, Soap)

Conveniently order COVID-19 protection items, such as KF94 masks, hand sanitizers, antibacterial soaps, and receive them before 7AM the next day! The delivery person will leave your order in front of your door without having to meet in person.

7) Korean Convenience Store Snacks & Instant Coffee

Korean snacks are a crazy hit worldwide and you should definitely try them if you are in Korea. You don’t have to wait until you finish your self-quarantine if you order them on Trazy! There is a wide range of options, from chips, cookies, pies, to mini cakes. You can also order Korean instant coffee, Maxim Mocha Gold & Kanu Mild Mini.

8) Order Any Items from Korean Online Stores

For those who want to enjoy shopping on Korean online stores during self-quarantine, you might confront difficulties with language barriers or complicated Korean payment system. In that case, simply tell the Trazy Crew what you want to order from online and have it delivered to you!

9) DIY Kit for Fun

Some of you might be worried about boredom while practicing self-quarantine. Although YouTube and Netflix can make you feel less bored, sometimes it’s better to focus on creating something on your own to entertain yourself. Therefore, Trazy is offering a DIY kit delivery service. Make your own special acrylic calligraphy ambient lamp, miniature house, or easy-to-follow paint by numbers. You can be creative and make your own piece of art that can be a meaningful souvenir from Korea!

10) Self Gel Nail Kit

If you want to keep your nails in style without having to visit nail shops, simply order easy and convenient self gel nail kits. Gelato Factory is the most popular Korean nail brand with a wide range of color options. Choose your favorite colors and patterns and get your nails done perfectly in just 10 minutes!

5. Phone Interpretation & Translation Service

Last but not least, if you are in a situation where you need interpretation service, simply have one of Trazy’s English & Korean bilingual staff interpret for you over the phone!  You won’t have to worry about communication problems in Korea anymore.

6. Virtual Experiences

1) Online Group Cooking Class

For those who enjoy cooking, you can join this 75-min online group cooking class and learn how to cook 2~4 authentic Korean dishes using kimchi! Kimchi is well-known to have lots of health benefits. It will be a fun and helpful untact experience with a group of people!

2) Online Basic Korean Language Class

If you want to stay productive during your self-quarantine period, this online class is highly recommended. You’ll get to learn the basic Korean language so that you can reduce hassles after completing your quarantine in Korea. It’s highly recommended for beginners with little or no knowledge of Korean since it’s a private online class tailored to your interests and level.

3) K-beauty Make-up Class with a Korean TV Host

Learn how to apply K-beauty style makeup while practicing self-quarantine! Cyoung Park, a make-up artist and former TV/radio host from Arirang TV, TBS eFM, and MBC will teach you how to transform yourself like the Korean celebrities, based on your current makeup tools.

4) Online Scriptwriting Class with a Korean Filmmaker

If you want to join a special online class that you cannot experience elsewhere, you should definitely join this online scriptwriting class with an experienced Korean filmmaker! You will get to learn about the short industry and the screening platforms in the world. Also, the instructor will help you with writing the scriptwriting format and film project proposals.

5) Online Virtual Tours with Live Commentary

It can be quite boring to stay only at home during the quarantine. In that case, you can prepare to travel around Korea by joining virtual tours with live commentary from an experienced guide! You’ll get to explore the famous cities in Korea, such as Busan, Daegu, Yeosu, and Incheon. Moreover, you can choose a virtual tour with a subject that interests you, such as Korean hanok village or K-pop entertainment company. Check the list below and join any virtual tours you want during your self-quarantine!

BONUS 1: Prepare Your Masks in Advance!

It is never too much to emphasize wearing a mask in order to protect yourself and other people from getting infected by Coronavirus. Prepare your masks before coming to Korea by ordering daily disposable KF94 masks, which are registered and approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. The mask will blog 94~100% of all fine particles and droplets.

BONUS 2: Recommend Blog Regarding COVID-19 in Korea!

Everyone’s having a hard time during the COVID-19 outbreak, but we can overcome this situation if we support each other! Check out Trazy’s Quarantine Care Package in Korea and all the latest & trendiest things to do in Korea on Trazy.com, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop!

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