For those who are planning to come to Korea or curious about the process of entering Korea during the COVID-19 outbreak, you are in the right place. It is currently mandatory for all incoming Korean and foreign nationals to complete 14-day quarantine upon entry to Korea. Check out what to expect and prepare before coming to Korea!

  • Please note that the following information can be different or changed in each country. Check with your country’s embassy for more accurate information in advance.

Procedures of Quarantine in Korea

Step 1. Submit a Form of Agreement to Korea’s Quarantine Measures

Before boarding on the plane, you will receive guidelines on the quarantine measures you have to follow in Korea. Also, you must submit a form that you agree to quarantine in an isolation center designated by the Korean government. Of course, all international and domestic passengers must wear a mask. If you need masks, you can order the international shipping of your masks here.

Step 2. Undergo Temperature Check & Fill Out a Questionnaire & Install the App

After getting through customs and baggage claim upon arrival, you will undergo a temperature check and fill out a questionnaire. If you are suspected of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you will take the testings at the airport. Please note that the sequence of this procedure can be changed according to the on-site situation. 

Also, you must download the app ‘Self-Quarantine Safety and Protection’ on Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, which is available in Korean, English, and Chinese. You will use this app to update your health status twice a day during self-quarantine. The purpose of this app is to enable the Korean government to ensure you are following quarantine rules.

In order to verify your local contact number and download the app, book a prepaid Korea SIM card that you can pick up at Incheon Airport Terminal 1 within the quarantine inspection area. If you want to get your Korea SIM card and your Korean phone number before arriving in Korea, simply order an international delivery service!

Step 3. Head to the Quarantine Facility

Those without a fixed residence in Korea and with a short-term visa of under 90 days must be quarantined at a government-designated facility for 14 days. Those with a fixed residence in Korea and a long-term visa must self-quarantine at home for 14 days.

Government-designated facilities include 12 lodging facilities near Incheon International Airport. The COVID-19 tests are free, but staying at a facility costs KRW 2,100,000 (Approx. USD 1911) per person.

If you’re looking for a convenient and quality self-quarantine room (facility), also consider Trazy’s self-quarantine room booking service in Seoul. There are two options: room only or room & meals.

Using your own cars for transportation is highly suggested, but if that’s difficult you can use an Airport Limousine Bus exclusively for arrivals from abroad. You can also book an airport taxi in advance that provides a 24-hour transfer service to Seoul. If your destination is in Gyeonggi-do Province instead of Seoul, simply book an airport taxi to Suwon, Pyeongtaek, Bundang, Goyang, or Hanam!

All vehicles are sanitized every day and equipped with partitions. Moreover, all customer touchpoints are frequently cleaned and hand sanitizer is available to use anytime.

Step 4. Start Your 14-Day of Self-Quarantine!

If you are in Korea without a fixed residence, you will quarantine at a designated government facility. Once you arrive you will be led to booths for more paperwork, instructions, and payment. Your meals will be delivered promptly at 8am, 12pm, and 6pm in front of your door. If you want to check out the smooth process and journey of going on self-quarantine in Korea, read this Forbes article by an American university student who visited Seoul for an internship.

Everyone has to undergo COVID-19 testing within three days after arriving in Korea, regardless of their symptoms. If you have a fixed residence in Korea, you have to visit a nearby public health center and take a test. Also, the additional COVID-19 test has to be taken before completing your 14-day of self-quarantine. The below countries are exempted to take the additional test:

*China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia

You can book a safe private round-trip transfer service to the health center for COVID-19 testing on Trazy! The driver will wait for you until you finish your test and take you back to your place. All vehicles are sanitized thoroughly every day and a partition is set up between the driver and passenger.

Check out Trazy’s ultimate quarantine care packages that provide everything you need during your quarantine, from food delivery service, online grocery delivery service, meal kit delivery service, online class, to proxy shopping!

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Hope this blog was helpful for you to find out what to expect when entering Korea. Also, don’t forget to check out the latest & trendiest things to do in Korea after you complete your self-quarantine on, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop!

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  1. I’m a F4 visa holder with a fixed address in Gyeongsan city. I will be teaveling home to Guam in a couple of weeks and will arrive back to Korea in mid February. According to this article I don’t need to undergo quarantine upon arrival at a designated government facility, but am required to do a 14 day quarantine at home. Is this still true? My concern though is transportation. Can I take the airport limousine from Incheon airport to East Daegu bus terminal? Transportation was only mentioned about getting to Seoul or Gyeonggi-do area. How can I get to Daegu? Also, is it possible for me to take a taxi from East Daegu bus terminal to my apartment in Hayang, Gyeongsan-shi or are all public transportation restricted?

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