Seoul Fashion Festival is one of the most special annual spring events, featuring fashion shows of Korean top designers, pop-up stores, conference by fashion brand directors, and the live performances of the trendiest music artists. This year, Trazy attended the festival to leave a vivid review for Trazy users. If you are interested in going to the festival next year, you should definitely read this blog!

  • Date: May 4~5, 2019 (Sat~Sun)
  • Venue: Coex Hall A, Seoul
  • Line-up:
    May 4 (Sat): Gray, Giriboy, DPR Live, Superbee, and more
    May 5 (Sun): Crush, Chung Ha, Woo Won-jae, and more

1. How to Get There

Seoul Fashion Festival was held at the Hall A inside the Coex Mall this year. The festival venue changes almost every year. It was easy for me to find the venue this year since Coex Mall is almost connected to Bongeunsa (Line 9) and Samsung (Line 2) subway station. As you get to the Hall A, you will see the Trazy ticket booth in front of the entrance and all you have to do is to pick up your wristband at the ticket booth. Don’t forget to bring your valid photo ID with you! After you pick up your wristband, you will see a photo wall, where you can take a picture like a celebrity.

2. Fashion Runways

At Seoul Fashion Festival, you are able to see all the trendiest Korean fashion brands, including CHARM’S, DAILY MIRROR, D-ANTIDOTE, HEROINE, KYIMER, LIE (Life Is Expression), and many more. Fashion Runways at Seoul Fashion Festival are different from formal runways in that everyone can freely enjoy the show at the standing zone, which enables the audience to closely interact with the models on the runways. You can even dance to the EDM background music while watching the show. It is more like a festival than a show just like its name.

3. EDM Performances by DJs

In between the shows, there are stylish EDM artists’ performances to keep the buzz going. The light effect of the venue makes you feel like you are at the EDM festival. If you are a EDM fan as well as a fashion fan, you will have no time to feel bored at this festival.

4. Various Pop-up Stores

One of the highlights of the festival is that there are various pop-up stores, which let you not only see the fashion shows but also actually purchase the brand. There are many brands with reasonable prices with special discounts and there are accessories, shoes, as well as clothes. Moreover, there are many free events you participate by following their Instagram. For example, I got a free tattoo sticker on my wrist after following their Instagram account. I loved it so much that I actually bought one.

5. K-pop Artists & Hip-hop Rappers’ Live Performances

Last but not least, you can see the live performances of top K-pop and Hip-hop artists. On the day I attended the festival, I was able to watch the live performances of Chung Ha, Woo Won-jae, and Crush. Since the festival venue is not as big as other festival venues, I was able to see the artists very closely and the artists also interacted with the audience more actively. 

If you have missed out on this year’s Seoul Fashion Festival, don’t be too disappointed. Seoul Fashion Festival is an annual festival so it will come back next Spring! Keep checking out Trazy website so that you don’t miss out on the early bird discount.

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More Tips…

  • What to wear: Since it is a fashion festival, I am sure there are many of you who are worried about what to wear. The answer to this question is that you can wear whatever you want! However, I do recommend you to wear comfortable shoes since it is a standing zone and there are not many places you can sit on.


  • What to eat: If the Seoul Fashion Festival will be held at Coex Mall again next year, you won’t have to concern about what to eat at all. There are a wide range of food choices at Coex Mall. In my case, I had Mexican food at On The Border for lunch and had fried chicken with beer at the Craft Beer Festival for dinner.


  • Extra Tips: There are usually many festivals going on in May because of its perfect weather, so there were various festivals at Coex Mall on that day. You can more fully enjoy Seoul Fashion Festival if you check out what’s going on around the venue in advance.

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Photo Credits:
Seoul Fashion Festival Official Facebook Page

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