Love snapping away on Instagram? Well, you’re in Seoul—an Instagram heaven! Let’s explore the topmost Instagrammable hidden gems and districts in Seoul for you to snap away. Get ready to find out all about tourist-free local favorites that you cannot miss if you’re in Seoul. From the trendiest cafes and restaurants to fun attractions, read more to plan your Instagram-worthy trip around Seoul! 

1. Yeonnam-dong

Cozy, peaceful, artsy

Fancy going to cozy cafes with wooden furniture and utensils, decorated with some tulips, serving up freshly-made dessert with a fragrant cup of latte? Well, you’ve found the right place. Yeonnam-dong, located right next to the bustling Hongdae, is a relatively tourist-free town. Once just an old and peaceful residential area, Yeonnam-dong now bustles with artists and their Instagrammable cafes, restaurants, and bars. And of course, young, hip locals have all been heading to Yeonnam-dong for some cafe-hopping and Instagram-worthy photoshoots. You’ll be able to join in on the hype and take some beautiful photos and post them on the ‘gram! Read our blog on Yeonnam-dong to navigate through this cafe hub! 

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2. Euljiro

Hipster, industrial, timeworn

If you’re not much of a cozy cafe type of person, Euljiro, a trendy retro street, might suit your taste. This run-down and industrial area in the Jongno district is full of old restaurants that have been serving up the locals for decades. At night, the street is full of people who just got off work getting some of their stress off with some frosty beer. And of course, with their unique timeworn and industrial vibe, comes a wave of hipster bars and cafes that people can’t stop posting on Instagram. Join the locals in this bustling street to enjoy Euljiro’s hip and trendy vibe. Read more on our Euljiro blog to guide you to the nooks and crannies of Euljiro’s bustling streets. 

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3. Hannam-dong

Stylish, modern, luxurious


Hannam-dong is probably the town with the highest celebrity population density in Seoul. Jokes aside, Hannam-dong, unlike the previous options, offers more stylish and luxurious options you can indulge in. If you want to spend a day in a more peaceful and stylish environment, perhaps at a fancy restaurant or an elegant cafe, or even better, gorgeous galleries and showrooms, Hannam-dong is the place for you. Their galleries which got really trendy on Instagram, are really worth visiting and taking some photos in. If you’re in for a day of indulging in the stylish goodness Seoul can offer, head to Hannam-dong! Read more on our Hannam-dong blog about all its Instagrammable goodness!

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4. Ikseon-dong

Traditional, cozy, trendy

Have you been drooling over those cozy Hanok—Korean traditional houses—cafes you’ve been seeing on Instagram? Well, you’ll certainly find many at Ikseon-dong to choose from. Built in a town of old Hanoks, Ikseon-dong offers tons of vintage options for you to try out. From traditional Korean street food to attractions reminiscent of the ’50s, to boutiques that let you try out gorgeous dresses from the ’20s, Ikseon dong transforms Korea’s history and culture into something trendy–something people of all ages can enjoy. Join the locals and visit this cozy Hanok cafe district, and enjoy all their vintage offerings. Read our blog on Ikseon-dong to enjoy their  Instagrammable spots to the fullest!

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5. Songnidan-gil, Jamsil

Leisurely, breezy, contemporary

instagrammable places jamsil songnidan gil

You’ve probably heard of Jamsil for having Lotte World and the Lotte Tower—the tallest building in Korea. Although popular, those places are often completely stuffed with tourists and locals, which to be honest, isn’t ideal. Well, we’ve got you covered! The main street bustles with people, while the old residential area near Songnidan-gil, has tons of hidden gems that trendy locals head to instead. The Korean fusion restaurants in Songnidan-gil and their rooftop bars that look over Seokchon Lake and Lotte Tower are absolutely worth a visit. Beware, though, all these quirky and charming places are mostly hidden in Songnidan-gil’s alleys, so read our guide to Jamsil’s trendiest spots before you head over! 

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6. Seongsu-dong

Hipster, young, dynamic


Seongsu-dong is definitely a rising star in the trendy cafe and restaurant scene in Seoul. It’s also often referred to as the “Brooklyn of Seoul” by visitors. This is because Seongsu-dong shares a similar vibe as its American counterparta timeworn and quiet area transformed into hipster heaven. For the past few years, entrepreneurs and artists have transformed Seongsu-dong’s neglected spaces. As a result, Seongsu-dong started filling up with spaces full of culture and fun. Common Ground, an eye-catching shopping complex made out of container boxes, is probably the most notable spot in Seongsu-dong, but it has a lot more to offer. Read our blog on Seongsu-dong to find out more! 

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7. Mangwon-dong

Quirky, trendy, relaxed

Mangwon-dong is certainly one of the original trendy cafe districts in Seoul. With its popular attractions being cafes that blew up on Instagram, like Zapangi and Atmosphere, you can enjoy a cup of fragrant latte with tasty and aesthetic desserts at Mangwon-dong. It’s also a perfect location for you to visit, as it’s just next door to the popular Hongdae district. First, go spend some time in Hongdae, and when you get tired of their bustling streets, you can then head to Mangwon-dong to relax. Head over, and you’ll feel a sense of community remaining in this cozy town. Its cozy atmosphere will show you why this neighborhood is on the list of the top Instagrammable hidden gems in Seoul. Read our blog on Mangwon-dong before heading over!

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