Planning a trip to Seoul this year? Don’t know which travel pass to get?

The great thing about public transport in Seoul is that it will practically get you anywhere you want whether it be by bus, subway, train or whatever mode of transport. Tickets aren’t that expensive and it’s not at all difficult to buy one. Nonetheless, I’m sure you’ve experienced the difficulty of purchasing one. We’ve all been there before. That’s when travel passes come in handy!

There are actually quite a handful of different types of travel passes in Korea that it could get a bit confusing. With all of them varying in price as well as the benefits they provide, the process of having to choose the right travel pass for yourself would be very strenuous indeed.

That’s why we’ve prepared a guide to help find the right travel pass for your trip to Seoul! So, let Trazy guide you through the different travel passes and help you decide which one to get!

T-money Travel Passes

(Scroll down to the bottom to see a comparison chart of different travel passes!)

1. Standard T-money Card

The most basic of all travel passes, the standard T-money card can be found almost anywhere. If you’re familiar with London’s Oyster Cards or Singapore’s EZLink Cards, you’ll have no trouble using them! Not only do they allow you to take the subway and public buses, but also taxis with just a simple tap of the card! What’s more, it can be used to purchase goods at convenience stores, rent lockers in subway stations and so much more. In recent years, these multi-cards have also become collectibles through continuous collaborations with popular characters such as Kakao Friends and top K-pop idols such as BTS and Red Velvet! Grab one at to start off your Seoul exploration without any hassle!

| Price: Starting from 2500 won

| Locations for

  • Purchase:, Convenience stores (GS25, CU, 7-ELEVEN, Mini Stop, Emart24, etc.), Subway stations, Seoul Station T-money Town, Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center
  • Reload: Convenience stores, Subway stations, ATMs, etc.
  • Refund: Non-refundable

2. M-Pass

travel pass

The M-Pass is travel pass exclusively for international visitors to use public transport in the Seoul metropolitan area. The highlight of this card is that it can be used up to a maximum of 20 times a day, regardless of distance, on the Metropolitan subway, Airport Railroad regular train, Seoul green/blue/yellow buses, town buses and Seoul late-night buses! With built-in T-money functions, there are 5 types of M-Passes available depending on the duration of use (1, 2, 3, 5 and 7-day Pass), starting at 15,000 won up to 64,500 won. What’s more, there is a 3000 won discount if you purchase it after 5 pm!

| Price: 1-day pass: 15,000 won / 2-day pass: 23,000 won / 3-day pass: 30,500 won / 5-day pass: 47,500 won / 7-day pass: 64,500 won

| Locations for

  • Purchase: Incheon International Airport Tourist Information Centers & Airport Railroad Travel Center, Seoul Station T-money Town, Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center
  • Reload: Convenience stores, Subway stations, Seoul StationT-money Town, T-money HQ
  • Refund: Only at the Tourist Information Center / Card fee (5000 won) + Remaining Balance – Refund Fee (500 won)


  • One day = ~23:59 of the same day
  • For 2- to 7-day passes, must be used on consecutive days

3. Korea Tour Card



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A must-have card when traveling throughout Korea, the Korea Tour Card provides convenient access to public transportation as well as discounts at various shopping malls, popular attractions such as Lotte World, SMTOWN Hologram Musical and so much more! In a way, it’s almost like the standard T-money card but with a few added touches to it for the eager tourist! I’d say that’s a bargain. Also, you can buy it from almost anywhere in Seoul, from convenience stores to bank and even in-flight! If that’s not enough, Korea Tour Card is also available on your mobile so you’ll have everything you need in the grasp of your hand!

| Price: 4000 won (CASH ONLY)

| Locations for

  • Purchase: Convenience stores (7-ELEVEN in major tourist areas / CU Incheon International Airport branch), Incheon International Airport Railroad Travel Center, Subway stations, Airlines (Jeju Air International flights, all Korea-bound Hong Kong express flights)
  • Reload: Convenience stores, Subway stations, Woori Bank Incheon/Gimpo International Airport Arrival Exit Currency Exchange, Seoul Station T-money Town
  • Refund: Same as Reload Location / Remaining Balance – Refund Fee (500 won) (Card X)

4. Discover Seoul Pass



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Discover Seoul Pass is an obligatory card for those who are ready to go full-on tourist mode! With prices ranging from 39,900 to 70,000 won, you might think they’re a bit too pricey, especially compared to other travel passes. Well, wait until you hear the array of benefits it has to offer for avid tourists. Discover Seoul Pass comes in 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour passes so that travelers can choose one to suit their needs. The best part is that it not only offers transportation but also free admission to 34 attractions and discount benefits to 29! You’ll be able to truly discover Seoul with the Discover Seoul Pass, at only crazy prices on, especially with the help of your Bangtan Boys!

| Price: 24-hour pass: 39,900 won / 48-hour pass: 55,000 won / 72-hour pass 70,000 won

| Locations for

  • Purchase: Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1, Hana Bank Currency Exchange and many other retail locations throughout Seoul
  • Reload: Convenience stores, Subway stations, ATMs, etc.
  • Refund: Only at Location of Purchase (Offline purchases) / Remaining Balance – Refund Fee (500 won) (Card X)


  • T-money transportation function is not supported with Discover Seoul Pass Mobile Pass & BTS Edition (Only 24-hour pass available)
  • Exclusively for foreigners

Comparison Chart of Travel Passes

T-money (Standard)M-PassKorea Tour CardDiscover Seoul Pass
Price2,500 won~15,000~64,500 won4,000 won39,900~70,000 won
Point of, Convenience stores, Subway stations, T-money Town, Myeong-dong Tourist Information CenterIncheon International Airport, T-money Town, Myeong-dong Tourist Information CenterConvenience stores, Incheon International Airport. Subway stations,, Online & Various locations throughout Seoul

No expiration date

Transportation (Up to 20 rides a day)

3,000 won D/C after 5pm


Discounts on Shopping, Duty-Free, Food, Tourist Attractions, Entertainment

No expiration date

(+ Mobile Card available)


Free admission to 34 & discount benefits to 29 attractions

One-way AREX (Airport Railroad Express Train) ticket

Free Seoul Bike rental voucher

(+Mobile Pass available)


  • Reloadable at convenience stores with ONLY CASH!
  • Fare for 2 or more payable on buses
  • Fare discount of 100 won compared to cash payment/single ride ticket
  • Transfer discount within 30 min (available up to 4 times)
  • Seoul City Pass (Plus) is no longer available

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