The ultimate guide to Siam Amazing Park!

Welcome to Siam Amazing Park, the largest amusement park in Bangkok. If you think this is just an ordinary theme park, you’re mistaken. Siam Amazing Park is quite unlike any other. With both an amusement park and a water park, it is one of Bangkok’s top attractions, attracting hundreds and thousands each year!

If you’re looking for a whole new level of excitement, head over to Siam Amazing Park for a truly amazing adventure while you’re in Bangkok. Not all amusement parks seem to cater to visitors of all ages but we assure you, whether you’re visiting as a couple, with friends or with the whole family, Siam Amazing Park will leave no one behind.

1. Look Around Siam Amazing Park

Siam Amazing Park is comprised of 5 different themed zones, including Water World.

1. Xtreme World: If you’re looking for some adrenaline-rushing action, Xtreme World has all the rides that provide it.

2. Adventure World: The perfect place for those in search of some thrill and excitement.

3. Family World: Where the entire family can spend some quality time together and enjoy fun-filled rides.

4. Small World: A land of fun and wonders even for the little ones.

5. Water World: The ultimate water park experience awaits those looking for some splashing fun.




| Hours: Daily from 10AM to 6PM (Water Park ~5PM)

| Location: 203 Suan Siam Rd, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

* Don’t know how to get there? 👉 Check out our blog on How to Get to Siam Amazing Park in Bangkok!

| Tickets & Price:

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2. Best Rides at Siam Amazing Park

For Thrill Seekers

Head over to Xtreme World or Adventure World! 🎢

1) Vortex

If you expected to find the typical rollercoaster on this list, you’ve come to the wrong place. The Vortex is unlike any other roller coaster you’ve been on. The Vortex is a Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC) which means that instead of getting into the normal roller coaster cart, you’ll practically be suspended throughout the ride with your legs flailing around. If you’re ready to take it up a notch on your adrenaline meter, the Vortex, reaching up to speeds of 76 km/h, is the ride for you!

| Location: Xtreme World

2) Ranger

The Ranger. To say that it was somewhat of an upgraded version of the typical Viking ride would, however, be quite an understatement. It’s an inverting pendulum ride which means that it will rock back and forth before making a complete 360-degree turn! How crazy is that! This is truly a ride that will challenge your limits and see if you can make it through all the way to the end.

| Location: Xtreme World

3) Giant Drop

The perfect ride for adrenaline junkies. Take a seat aboard the Giant Drop and make sure to fasten your seatbelts tightly. As the highest free-fall ride in Southeast Asia, it is guaranteed to give you the adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for, during the ultimate 3 seconds of your life. What’s more, you get to enjoy the scenic views from 75-meters up high!

| Location: Xtreme World

For Families

Make your way to Famly World or Adventure World!

1) Jurassic Adventure

The perfect ride for the entire family! Jurassic Adventure offers a little bit of everything, from a touch of thrill and excitement to a dash of mystery for the whole family to enjoy. Hop back into time in one of these jeeps and explore the world of dinosaurs.

| Location: Adventure World

2) Grand Canyon Express

Want to experience the thrill but not as much as the Vortex? Grand Canyon Express is the family-friendly ride you’ve been looking for!  Hop onto the back of this adorable horse train as you set off on an exciting adventure to the Grand Canyon. If you’ve always dreamed of visiting one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, this will be a great opportunity for you to do so!

| Location: Family World

3) Si-Am Tower

Not all rides require you to get into a cart and explore the area. Step into this futuristic-looking observation deck at Si-Am Tower and let it take you to up into the skies of Bangkok to give you a full-on 360-degree view of the park and parts of Bangkok! This is another great way to enjoy time at Siam Amazing Park as a whole family.

| Location: Family World

*For rides only for children, head over to Small World!

For Water-Splashing Fun!

As one of the largest water parks in Asia, get ready to have some water-splashing fun with your family and friends at Water World. If you’re looking to cool off from the blazing heat or just want to chillax in the shade, this is the place for you.

Here are the top 3 rides at Water World!

1) Speed Slide

Speed Slide is one of the most popular and iconic rides at Water World. As the highest water slide in Southeast Asia, compete against your family and friends (but safely) to see who can slide down this 7-story rainbow-colored slide faster! If you’re looking for a bit of a thrill, this is the one for you!

2) Flowing Pool

Going on ride after ride, as much fun as it is can get a bit tiring after some time. If you’d like a moment to relax, let yourself go in the Flowing Pool and let the waves take you around and around the meandering pool!

3) Wave Pool

You’ve probably been to wave pools before, but have you been to the world’s largest wave pool? It’s quite hard to even imagine how big it would be. If you’ve missed out on all wave action in Summer, head over to the Wave Pool to have some bobbing fun.

3. Things to Keep in Mind!

As much fun as spending time at Siam Amazing Park sounds, remember to keep the rules and regulations of Siam Amazing Park in mind.

  • Remember to follow safety guidelines for each ride/attraction
  • Make sure to check the height specifications for each ride
  • Wear the appropriate swim attire when going to Water World
  • Various lockers are available for rent in the Ticketing Hall and Water World
  • Don’t forget to receive a hand stamp for re-entry if you need to leave the park temporarily

4. Get Your Tickets: Why Trazy?

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Are you ready to go on the perfect trip to Bangkok Siam Amazing Park with your friends and family? Make sure to check out all of the best rides there and let us know how they were!

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