SIM Card Vs WiFi Egg: Compare the two most popular mobile options in Korea!

Do you want to share your travel experiences in real-time on Facebook and Instagram? Or do you have to make calls and send text messages while traveling in South Korea?

Among many options for you to get access to the mobile internet and stay connected in Korea, here are the two most popular options that are commonly used by travelers: Prepaid SIM Card and Pocket Wifi.

See which option is ideal for you based on your needs and stay connected in mobile-friendly South Korea!

Prepaid SIM Card

Need to make voice calls and use mobile data & SMS? Purchase an all-in-one prepaid SIM Card!

If you are a traveler who needs to make local calls and also wants to use mobile data and text while traveling in South Korea, purchasing a prepaid SIM card is ideal for you instead of renting or buying a portable WiFi router.

You will receive a new local (Korean) phone number while using your own mobile phone and be able to make or receive local calls.

*Possible Downside
Do keep in mind that since you will be using a new Korean number, you will have to tell your friends, family, and acquaintances back home about your new number.

For those who don’t want to go through the hassle, bring another mobile phone that you do not use anymore along with the phone that you are using right now. Register and insert the SIM card in the old device and use the Korean number. This way, you can easily make local calls by just using your old phone.

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WiFi Pocket

Need to use loads of mobile data every day? Rent a Pocket Wifi!

If you do not need to use voice calls and text messages but need loads of mobile data for the internet, using a Pocket Wifi or a portable WiFi Router, is highly recommended.

According to research, the average daily usage of mobile data of travelers is 125MB/day.

The WiFi Egg usually provides 1GB a day. Using 1GB a day is like sending/receiving 28,000 emails, shooting 2,000 Instagrams, or making 6,000 posts on Facebook.

Taking this into account, the amount of mobile data provided by the SIM card is relatively smaller than that of the WiFi Egg.

If you choose to use the WiFi Egg, try to avoid heavy downloading and uploading online! There are extra charges when you exceed the data limit of 1GB. 😉

Share WiFi with your travel buddies with a Pocket Wifi!

WiFi Egg can connect up to 5 people simultaneously, which makes it perfect if you’re traveling with friends and family. If you do share the router with your friends, you can share the cost as well.

*Possible Downside
The battery life of the WiFi Egg lasts about 5-7 hours on a single full charge, which means that you have to carry around the battery charger when traveling. Plus, battery life drains quicker when the WiFi Egg is used simultaneously. So make sure that you have an extra charger to charge the Wi-Fi router device. 

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*You can extend your usage for another 30 days or add extra days on a separate extension page that will be provided in the confirmation email.

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