The 7th annual Sinchon Water Gun festival is a one-of-a-kind event packed with many entertaining events, water gun fights, shows, and dancing! It is the ultimate festival to beat the summer heat in the middle of the city. Bring your friends and family, grab a gun and join the fun!

1. Water Gun Festival Package

The essential package comes with protective glasses, a raincoat, a waterproof pouch to store small items, and a wristband that allow you to access the lockers and changing area. With how crowded the area is, having a place to store your things while you enjoy the festival is extremely helpful. It is easy have water accidentally shot in the face and eyes during the large-scale water gun fight, and the glasses are perfect from blocking direct hits. The raincoat is nice if you don’t want to get your clothes wet, but the best part of the festival is cooling off and getting soaked under the summer sun!

Some tips: 

  • Wristband only gives you access for one day, and is a different color depending on the day.
  • Water Guns available for purchase with package.
  • The picture above is the WP-072 gun with essential package

2. DJ Party & Performances

Throughout the duration of the festival there will be different DJ’s playing music atop the tower in the center with water cannons that sprays the audience along to the beat of the music. Various performances and activities guaranteed to add excitement are constantly occurring during the festival. From drumline performances, to acrobats, splitting the audience to compete against each other, light shows, and much more, there is always something fun going on, and each festival is different than the last. Even the DJ tower stage in the center is different each year to match the theme of the festival!

3. Tips to fully enjoy the festival

a. What to wear/bring:

  • It is important to wear clothing you don’t mind getting drenched in. Wear clothes as if you were going to the beach, such as a t-shirt and bathing suit. Aqua shoes are perfect at keeping your feet safe and keep their grip on wet ground.
  • Like any outdoor activity. sunscreen and hats are important to keep from getting sunburnt.
  • If you plan are participating in the DJ party at the heart of the festival, it may be in your best interest to bring some ear plugs. Similar to many concerts and festivals, the speakers are extremely loud and can potentially cause ear damage or discomfort after long periods.
  • You are welcome to bring your own water gun.
  • If your phone isn’t waterproof and you would still like to take pictures and videos of the event, vendors all over are selling clear waterproof covers that still let you control your phone.

b. Kid Zone:

  • Not only can you enjoy the festival, there is an area dedicated for your children to have fun. There is a large shallow pool and an inflatable water obstacle course for them to enjoy!

c. How to get there:

  • Get off at Sinchon station (Line 2) and take Exit 2 or 3. You will find the ticket booth in front of the exit.

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