Read this awesome guide to the best ski resorts in Korea and plan your ski trip!

We bring you the ultimate guide to the best ski resorts in Korea, so if you’re looking for a specific type of ski resort to meet your skiing needs, then read on!
Winter’s the season for skiing and snowboarding and many of you may also be starting to plan your holiday as you research resorts and try and figure out where to go.

The Wonderland of Authentic Snow – Gangwon-do

For the ultimate skiing or snowboarding experience in Korea, we recommend you to take a trip to Gangwon-do, a province in the eastern part of the country, which is extremely well known for having excellent snow conditions, seeing the first snowfall in the country around early November.

Boasting the largest number of ski resorts in the country, some of which were selected as the main venues for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games, the ski resorts here offer top-of-the-line facilities and awe-inspiring scenery, which will be worth the long-distance you travel.

1. Yongpyong Ski Resort: Thrills for All Ages

As South Korea’s largest ski resort Yongpyong Ski Resort is the resort that’s got something for everyone to enjoy.

Famous for appearing in the popular Korean dramas, “Winter Sonata (KBS, 2002)” and “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (TVN, 2016)”, Yongpyong Ski Resort was also the main venue for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. 

| Yongpyong Ski Resort at a glance!

Location: Pyeongchang
• Travel time from Seoul: 3.5 hrs 
• Number of slopes: 28
• Number of ski lifts: 13 ski lifts & 1 gondola
• About Yongpyong Ski Resort:
∙ Chosen as the venue for Alpine Skiing event at 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
∙ All seasons resort offering low-cost to premium lodging facilities
∙ Seeing an annual snowfall of 250 centimeters, Yongpyong Ski Resort tends to operate slightly longer than the typical ski season, usually until around late March


| Must-try attractions in Yongpyong Ski Resort:
∙ Dragon Peak, a Swiss-style building at the peak of Balwangsan Mountain (1,458m)
∙ Asia’s longest gondola course (7.4km)
∙ Sledding slope for non-skiers and family-unit skiers
∙ Peak Island, a family-friendly water park
∙ Mountain Coaster, fun and exhilarating coaster ride with a max speed of 40km/hr

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Sauna, spa, screen golf, bowling alley, karaoke, fitness center, arcade, billiard hall, golf club, children’s theme park, hiking path, survival game park, zip line

| Best for: Skiers than snowboarders, all levels of skiers & family-unit skiers


| About the slopes:
∙ Relatively narrow slopes, making them ideal for skiers than snowboarders
∙ 4 different zones (Silver, Gold, Red, and Dragon)
∙ Rainbow Paradise in the Dragon Zone is the second-longest slope in the country (5.6km-long)
∙ Mega Green Slope in the Silver Zone is recommended for beginners
Red Zone for advanced levels
∙ Gold Zone (the second-highest amongst the four zones) for intermediates

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2. Vivaldi Park Ski Resort: The Hottest Ski Resort for Young People

Adding new facilities every year, Vivaldi Park in Daemyung Resort is known as a trendsetter among ski resorts.

Offering the best night skiing experience and slopes full of twists and turns, it’s the perfect venue for thrill-seeking youngsters in their teens and twenties.

Also, Vivaldi Park is where the scenes from the Korean TV drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS, 2016),” starring Jun Ji-hyun (Chung) and Lee Min-ho (Joon-jae), were filmed. In the drama, the two characters, “Joon-jae” teach “Chung” how to ski and they spend a great time at Vivaldi Park!

| Vivaldi Park at a glance!

Location: Hongcheon
• Travel time from Seoul: 1.5 hrs
• Number of slopes: 12
• Number of ski lifts: 10 (including gondola)
• About Vivaldi Park:
∙ The most visited ski resort in Korea for seven consecutive years
∙ Accommodates approximately 20,000 visitors daily
∙ New facilities are installed every year to cater to various needs
∙ Lifts and slopes open from 8:30am until 5:00am
∙ Ski school with well-organized lessons by professional instructors
∙ Largest lodging facility and wide accommodation options


| Must-try attractions in Vivaldi Park:
∙ Ocean World, a water park that offers a spa during winter
Snow sledding hill for non-skiers and family-unit visitors

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Arcade, shooting/screen shooting range, Kids World, ping-pong hall, bowling alley, sauna, internet cafe, beauty salon, karaoke, recreational forest trail, golf course

| Some inconveniences:
∙ Long waiting time for lifts (at least 30 minutes) on weekends
∙ Long queue for beginner courses

| Best for: Couples, students & young skiers in their 20’s

| About the slopes:
∙ Suitable for all levels
∙ Particularly known for its long and wide slopes
∙ 2 beginner, 1 intermediate, 4 upper-intermediate, 4 advanced, 1 expert slopes
∙ Fun slope names such as Funky, Reggae, Classic, Techno, Blues, Jazz
∙ Blues Course for beginners
∙ Rock Course, a 590m long slope with an incline of 28 degrees, is for advanced skiers
∙ Classic Course is not as steep as other intermediate and advanced slopes but is suitable for those who want to practice and elevate their skiing to a higher level

| Snowboarding facility: Extreme Park, a snow park specially designed for snowboarders

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3. Phoenix Park Ski Resort: Heaven for Snowboarding Fanatics

With beautiful natural scenery and perfect powder, Phoenix Park, Phoenix Ski Resort, or Bokwang Phoenix Park, is perfect for those yearning for a day on the slopes. It’s also famous for appearing in the popular Korean drama, “Autumn in My Heart (KBS, 2000).”

| Phoenix Park at a glance!

Location: Pyeongchang
• Travel time from Seoul: 2.5~4 hrs
• Number of slopes: 21
• Number of ski lifts: 8 lifts & 6 sun-kid lifts & 1 gondola
• About Phoenix Park:
∙ Chosen as the venue for the freestyle skiing and snowboarding event at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
∙ High-quality snow and slopes
∙ 5-star hotel and condominiums
∙ Direct access from condos to the slopes
∙ Ski and snowboard lessons by certified instructors


| Must-try attractions in Phoenix Park:
∙ A gondola course to Mont Blanc (1,050m)
∙ Blue Canyon, a Mediterranean-themed water park
∙ Snow Village with a 90m-long sledding slope

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Internet cafes, arcade, karaoke, bowling alley, sauna, swimming pool, walking trail, sheep pasture, sky garden

| Some inconveniences: Lower grounds can get quite crowded and waiting times for a lift can be quite long

| Best for: Snowboarders & family-unit visitors

| About the slopes:
∙ 12 slopes out of the 21 are officially approved for international competitions, including the expert “Mogul” and “Aerial” Courses
∙ 7 beginners, 4 intermediate, 6 expert slopes, and 4 parks

| Snowboarding Facility: Extreme Park, a snow park specially designed for snowboarders, equipped with a half-pipe, tabletop, and round quarter

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4. Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort: Perfect for a Spontaneous Getaway

Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort is located closest to Seoul among the resorts in Gangwon-do, making it the perfect place to travel to spontaneously for a half or full day of fun. It’s also near popular sightseeing destinations so non-skiers will have fun too!

| Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort at a glance!

Location: Chuncheon
• Travel from Seoul: 1.5 hrs
• Number of slopes: 10
• Number of ski lifts: 6
 About Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort:
∙ Closest to Seoul among other ski resorts in Gangwon-do
∙ Conveniently located near many popular tourist attractions
∙ Relatively quiet during weekdays, with hardly any waiting time for ski lifts

| Nearby tourist attractions:

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Sports shop, screen golf, billiard, arcade, karaoke, sauna, fitness center, shooting range, swimming pool

| Some inconveniences:
∙ Facilities not so upscale
∙ Not too many options for advanced skiers and snowboarders

| Best for: Beginners & a short ski break


| About the slopes:
∙ 8 out of 10 slopes are for beginner and intermediate skiers, with the remaining 2 slopes are for advanced skiers
∙ A separate beginner’s slope is also available for practice
∙ The Pegasus is a 1045m-long course with a mix of both gentle and steep inclines that makes it perfect for skiers to practice short, middle and long turns
∙ Dragon Course is an interesting course that starts from the peak with an intermediate zig-zag course before connecting with a beginner course for the remaining ⅓ of the slope

| Snowboarding Facility: A snowboard park where you can practice your skills and tricks

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5. Alpensia Ski Resort: The Fantastic Alps of Asia

Boasting top-notch leisure and premium lodging facilities as well as a range of slopes, Alpensia Ski Resort is perfect in every way, offering fun for the whole family!

| Alpensia Ski Resort at a glance!

Location: Pyeongchang
• Travel time from Seoul: 3 hrs
• Number of slopes: 6
• Number of ski lifts: 3
• About Alpensia Ski Resort:
∙ Chosen as the venue for the ski jump event at Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018
∙ 5-star hotel & holiday inns with direct access to ski slopes
∙ Top-notch leisure facilities
∙ Various facilities for the handicapped such as wheelchair rentals
∙ Relatively less crowded than Yongpyong Ski Resort and Phoenix Park
∙ Located near the venue of Pyeongchang Trout Festival

| Must-try attractions in Alpensia Ski Resort:
∙ Alpensia Snow Sledding Park
∙ Alpine Coaster, a fun and exhilarating coaster ride with a max speed of 40km/hr
∙ Ocean 700, a family-friendly water park

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Ski Museum, Sports Park, spa, tennis court, children’s playground

| Best for: Beginners, snowboarders & family-unit skiers

| About the slopes:
∙ 6 slopes in total: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot (in order of difficulty)
∙ 1 beginner, 4 intermediate, 1 advanced
∙ Echo slope for intermediate snowboarders
∙ A separate lesson area for beginners

Tip: Alpensia Ski Resort and Yongpyong Ski Resort are right next to each other. Since Alpensia’s lodging facilities are better than those of Yongpyong’s while Yongpyong’s ski facilities are better than those of Alpensia’s. So, stay a night at Alpensia and then head over to Yongpyong for skiing!

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6. High1 Ski Resort: Home to the Puffiest Powder

Boasting the purest snow powder out of all the other ski resorts in the area, High1 Ski Resort does its best to maintain the snow conditions of the slopes.

With cutting-edge facilities, such as an automatic sensor system, a hands-free detection system, and a state-of-the-art ski lift and gondola system, visitors can enjoy the ride without having to show their lift tickets.

| High1 Ski Resort at a glance!

Location: Jeongseon
• Travel time from Seoul: 3.5~4 hrs
• Number of slopes: 20
• Number of ski lifts & gondolas: 6 ski lifts & 7 gondolas
• About High1 Resort:
∙ The best snow powder and slope conditions
∙ Ski schools catered to handicapped skiers
∙ Relatively few numbers of ski lifts but boast an advanced lift system
∙ Convenient facilities for people with disabilities and special needs
∙ Condos and accommodations can be easily accessed by taking a gondola

| Must-try attractions in High1 Ski Resort:
∙ A 40-mins gondola course to Mountain Top at 1,345m
∙ A 360-degree revolving restaurant that offers a panoramic view of Baekwoonsan Mountain
∙ Tube sled for sledding

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Gangwon Land (a casino), Unamjeong (a popular traditional Korean restaurant where the TV drama ‘Sik Gaek’ was filmed), golf course, hiking trail, hot water pool for overnight guests ∙ Alpine Coaster (a type of roller coaster that runs at the max. speed of 40km/hr)

| Some inconveniences:
∙ Getting around the complex can be difficult without a vehicle or using the shuttle bus because the buildings within are relatively distant from each other (refer to the map below)
∙ Long waiting time for the ski lift during weekends

| Best for: Handicapped skiers, family-unit skiers & intermediate and advanced skiers

| About the slopes:
∙ Slopes named after Greek gods and goddesses: Zeus, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Victoria
∙ Slopes all vary in level, from beginner runs to 2 slopes certified to hold international competitions by the International Ski Federation
∙ Zeus Course is designated for novice skiers so they can learn the sport safely
∙ Hera Course is built for intermediate skiers but does have steep inclines
∙ Several beginner slopes are located right next to the intermediate and advanced slopes, letting skiers of varying levels ski together

Tip: We advise staying overnight at High1 Ski Resort for a few days as one day is just not enough to fully enjoy skiing and all the amenities that this ski resort has to offer! 

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7. Oak Valley Ski Resort: Perfect for Crowd-Free Skiing

If you’re looking for a quieter, more intimate ski resort in the Gangwon-do ski area, Oak Valley Ski Resort, also known as Hansol Oak Valley Resort, can be the one for you. The ski resort has a relaxed atmosphere compared to other ski resorts in the area and has a good mix of slopes and off-the-slope attractions for families.

| Oak Valley Ski Resort at a glance!

Location: Wonju
• Travel time from Seoul: 2 hrs
• Number of slopes: 9
• Number of ski lifts: 3
• About Oak Valley Ski Resort
∙ A family-friendly resort with Golf Village & Ski Village
∙ Special facilities for children
∙ Various eateries & leisure facilities

| Must-try attractions in Oak Valley Ski Resort:
∙ Sledding site for children and non-skiers

| Nearby tourist attractions:
∙ Museum SAN

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Swimming pool, sauna, bowling alley, billiard, sauna, children’s playground, observatory, golf course

| Best for: Family unit skiers & short ski break

| About the slopes:
∙ Slope H and I offer wide and gentle slopes that are perfect for first-time skiers
∙ Slope A is 1,699m in length, the longest ski slope at Oak Valley Ski Resort
∙ Slope D, E, and F offer ski runs that are great for intermediates
∙ The Slope B has a 40 percent incline and offers a breathtaking panorama

Choose what you need for Oak Valley Ski Resort: 

8. Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort – The Ultimate Thrill Seeker’s Getaway

Boasting thrill-filled attractions and premium lodging facilities as well as a range of slopes, Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort is perfect for those who are seeking an adrenaline rush, offering the surge for all the adrenaline junkies!

| Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort at a glance!

• Location: Hoengseong
• Travel time from Seoul: 1.5 hrs
• Number of slopes: 18
• Number of ski lifts: 9
• About Welli Hilli Park Ski Ski Resort:
∙International scale half pipe for freestyle ski/snowboarders
∙Best hills for freestyle ski/snowboarding along with Phoenix Park
∙Closest hill to Seoul

| Must-try attractions in Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort:
∙ ‘Big Buster’ bobsledding course.

| Nearby tourist attractions:
∙ Sheep Farm: ride the gondola up to the peak of the mountain and be greeted by a herd of sheep

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, bowling alley, karaoke, sauna

| Best for:
Freestyle skiers & snowboarders, & family-unit skiers

| About the slopes:
∙ 19 slopes in total: (4 beginners, 5 intermediate, 6 advanced, 4 experts)
∙ First internationally certified mogul course!

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Ideal for a Spontaneous ski Trip – Gyeonggi-do

For those who want to go on a quick ski trip, the best option for you is to visit the ski resorts near Seoul in Gyeonggi-do.

Though the snow conditions or facilities at these resorts are comparatively lower than the ones in Gangwon-do, their convenient locations make them ideal for a one-day skiing or weekday night ski trip.

1. Jisan Forest Ski Resort: Small-Scale and Quaint for Convenience

Located in Icheon, Jisan Forest Ski Resort is a great option if you’re completely new to skiing or if you want fun as the whole family. There’s a convenient escalator for children and beginners, the slopes are easy and smooth to go down and the venue is small with everything in close vicinity for comfort.

| Jisan Forest Ski Resort at a glance!

Location: Icheon
• Travel time from Seoul: 1.5 hrs
• Number of slopes: 7 main slopes & 3 sub-slopes
• Number of ski lifts: 5
• About Jisan Forest Ski Resort
∙ The first resort near Seoul to open up a snowboard slope
∙ 5 high-speed lifts with heated seats
∙ Short waiting time
∙ Escalator for children and beginners
∙ Offers nighttime skiing until 4 am

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Supermarket, outdoor stage, basketball court

| Some inconveniences:
∙ Relatively small in size
∙ Slopes are mainly for beginners, so not great for avid skiers or snowboarders of intermediate or advanced level seeking serious slope time
∙Even the more intermediate and advanced slopes don’t have much steepness or obstacles that are super challenging
∙ Not much to do besides skiing or snowboarding due to a lack of entertainment amenities

| Best for: Families with kids, beginners & snowboarders wanting a day out or weekend trip


| About the slopes:
∙ Slopes in 1 range for beginners, 2, 3, and 5 for intermediate, 6 and 7 for advanced

Check out the best deals for Jisan Ski Resort:

2. Konjiam Ski Resort: Perfect If You’re Pressed for Time

As the first ski resort to limit the number of skiers on the slopes at one time, Konjiam Ski Resort is the perfect place to go if you’re someone who wants to enjoy skiing with minimum waiting around. Located near Seoul, this ski resort is a great option for those wanting a quick ski trip in Korea!

| Konjiam Ski Resort at a glance!

Location: Gwangju
• Travel time from Seoul: 1.5 hrs
• Number of slopes: 11
• Number of ski lifts & gondolas: 5 ski lifts & 14 gondolas
• About Konjiam Ski Resort:
∙ Offers the largest ski slopes amongst the ski resorts in the metropolitan area
∙ Slopes and snow conditions are well-maintained
∙ Limits its number of daily skiers to 7,000 for the safety and comfort of the visitors
∙ Waiting time for the ski lifts in 15 minutes or less
∙ ME-TIME Pass allows visitors to select the times they wish to ski instead of purchasing a pass based on the time of day. The result: A more efficient and comfortable skiing experience

| Nearby tourist attractions:
∙ Mt. Dobong
∙ Gwangju city

| Indoor & Outdoor amenities:
Childcare, sauna, billiards, cafe, karaoke, soccer field, hiking trail

| Some inconveniences:
∙ Slopes and parking lot are far away from each other so you will have to walk a lot to get back and forth
∙ Relatively low snow quality as the resort relies on artificial snow due to the warmer temperature of its locale

| Best for: All levels of skiers & family-unit skiers

| About the slopes:
∙ 70% of the slopes are reserved for beginner or intermediate skiers, senior citizens, and family-unit skiers
∙ Hanui (beginner), Whistle (intermediate low), Zetta 2, Windy 1, Windy, Windy Br., Gale 1 (intermediate), Zetta 1, Gale 2 (advanced)

Check out the room reservations for Konjiam Ski Resort:

See all the ski resorts in Korea at a glance!

Ski Resort Name

Location Travel Time from Seoul

Number of Slopes

Yongpyong Ski Resort

Pyeongchang3.5 hrs28
Phoenix ParkPyeongchang 2 hrs


Alpensia Ski Resort

Pyeongchang3 hrs


Vivaldi Park

Hongcheon1.5 hrs


Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort

Chuncheon1.5 hrs


High1 Ski Resort

Jeongseon3.5~4 hrs


Oak Valley Ski ResortWonju2 hrs


Welli Hilli Ski ResortHoengseong1.5 hrs


Jisan Forest Ski Resort

Icheon1.5 hrs


Konjiam Ski ResortGwangju1.5 hrs



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  1. We have 5 people going but we only booked for 3 tickets. Does the free shuttle bus service allow another 2 person board in?

  2. Hi,
    I clicked into “accommodation” for Vivaldi ski resort, the peak season date was indicated as 1-15 Dec and then Jan……. What about 16-31 Dec?

    1. Hello June Tan 🙂
      From mid to late December, it is regarded as a gold season which has been sold out for this winter season. If you are interested in joining the Vivaldi Park 2D1N package tour for next winter season, please get back to us in October for details.

  3. Hi..travelling with family with small children. Which ski resort is the best and convenient for children. With ski sled is preferred.

    1. Hello Syed,
      In that case, we recommend you to check out Jisan Ski Resort or Elysian Ski Resort. It is located close to Seoul and has snow sleds located close to the ski slopes which are suitable for family visitors.

    1. Hi Zahidah 🙂
      In mid-March, most of the ski resorts will be closed because this month is when the weather gets warmer and spring flowers start to bloom. However, as it is still cold enough to ski in Pyeongchang area, it is recommended to enjoy skiing/snowboarding at Yongpyong Ski Resort (the slopes will be open until March 13th). If you are interested in joining a 1-day tour to Yongpyong Ski Resort, please go ahead and check out the detailed information from this link:

  4. Hi. I’m travelling with 3 kids and planning for a ski activity. What is the best date to travel in December? Apart from ski-ing, what other activity we can do during winter time? Thanks.

  5. Hello! My friends and I are planning to visit Korea this December. Can I know which ski resort are still available for booking? I clicked in a few and all of them said that they are fully booked.

    1. Hi Cassandra,
      The winter tour packages are expected to reopen in this coming October. Please make sure to check out our website again then 😀

  6. hai we are a group of 6 ppl (5 adults & 1 kid (4 yo) planning to go skiing for 3/2days on mid december-early jan..
    is the tour still available? which resort have a family room for 6 of us ?
    and which resort do you think is the best for small children and seniors (my mom & dad ) ?

    1. Hi Rifa! Yes, the ski resorts will be opened during the mentioned period. Most of the ski resorts have suite rooms for families. In that case, Vivaldi Park can be a good option since it’s the biggest ski resort in Korea and they have various types of facilities. If you would like to see the ski packages that are available, please check out this link:

  7. Hi, I was looking at the 2d1n package for daemyung Vivaldi..but when I am selecting no. of adults, the maximum is 4. What if I have a total of 6 adults and 2 children? And is there a 4 bedroom suite in the resorts?

    1. Hi Wendy! If you would like to adjust the number of the pax for reservation, please send us an email to If you can provide us with the information such as your tour date, number of the participants and the exact option to that email, our crew will check and reply accordingly 🙂

    1. Hi, Victor! It depends on the weather condition. Please keep following and contact us again this winter. 🙂

  8. Seems like all the 2D1N Ski tours are sold out? Is it really true? I can’t seem to make booking to any of the ski tours…

    1. Hi Puay! Since the Ski packages are for the winter season, we will open the deal page in few months. Please keep following us. 🙂

  9. Hi, would like to ask if there’s any ski resort that is opened in the first week of Dec 2019 ? Which ski resort is more suitable for first timer teenagers ? Is there any ski resort that is open in early dec 2019 near Busan ? Thanks

  10. Hi, first timer to Seoul and will be travelling with my sister and mum. Never try ski before and plan to have 2 days 1 night at the ski resort. Which resort would you recommend? I will be at Seoul from 1st Jan – 8 Jan 2020.

  11. Hello, planning for a 3 days 2 nights which to cover:
    – Ski (stay for 2 nights)
    – Seoraksan
    – Family consists of parents and 3 kids (14, 12 and 7)
    – Transfer from Seoul (seoul station) to the destination
    – Transfer from the Ski Resort to airport directly
    Any recommendations?

  12. My wife and I are trying to get a season pass and are trying to find the best mountain. I’ve been looking at either high1 or yongpong. She is beginnerish and I’m im probably at intermediate. We are near Pyeongtaek distance isn’t really too much of a concern. Thanks for the help in advance.

  13. My Husband and I would like to go to Alpensia 9 to 12/12 for skiing.

    Would like to stay at Intercontinental hotel.

    Ski lessons for first day 10/12.

    Ski passes for 9-12/12.

    Transport from Myeongdong to the resort and back.

    Ski equipment.

    Please quote a price.

    1. Hi Natalie!
      We have transportation, room, ski equipment packages. Please check the prices on the following links:
      -Seoul/Airport ↔ Alpensia Ski Resort Shuttle Bus:
      -Alpensia Ski Resort Transfer (from/to Seoul & Incheon/Gimpo Airport) 24/7:
      -Alpensia Ski Resort Room Reservation:
      -Ski/Snowboard Lift Pass + Equipment/Clothes Rental Package: Alpensia Ski Resort

      If you have any further inquiries, please send us an email to

  14. Hi,

    I am interested in coming to SK in late January (Chinese New Year dates) for a week or so.

    I’ve never skied before and would love to try, where do you think would be best to stay, including lessons etc. I think I would want to spend most of the trip skiing so that I can hopefully get good enough at it to make it a hobby!

    Thank you so much.

  15. Hi ~~

    I have no special question i just want to say that this is a very great list and it helps a lot 🙂
    I have been living in Korea for a year and such lists are efforts that are making my life easier ~

    Thank you again !

  16. Hi! I am planning a ski trip for around 5 days, within the window of 25 Dec 23 to 5 Jan 24, and am booking flights early. What dates would you recommend to visit to avoid crowds as far as possible?

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