Skiing Ability Levels Guide: What Level Are You?

You may be an experienced skier, or you may not have skied at all. Either way, it’s important to know what level you are at and know the required skills for each level to ensure your safety and that you’re taking the proper lessons corresponding to your own ability. If you’re planning to ski in South Korea, there is a certain guideline that determines what level skier you are. And so, we’ve created a comprehensive guide showing you the different skiing ability levels for you to help you out.

Ski Level Checklist

First Timer

Let’s begin with the very first level, obviously, a “first-timer” is one who:

    • has never tried skiing yet
  • has never used a ski lift for skiing

The First Timer is self-explanatory, so we recommend that you take lessons and learn how to ski! Make sure you check out these ski tours with lessons that are perfect for the first timer!

If you’re afraid of trying out ski lessons, there is also the option to try the exciting sleds or just spend some free time in the ski resorts. Have a look at them now!


This is the very first step to becoming a skier. You will have to learn and memorize a few things to call yourself a beginner. You have to:

    • Learn the names of ski equipment & roles
    • Learn how and be able to put on a ski on your own
    • Warm up – Slide on one leg with a ski plate
    • Learn to break fall and stand safely
    • Learn how to control speed by making the A-shape with your legs and move on a flat area
    • Learn basics of changing directions
  • Learn how to stop immediately on an easy slope & to take the ski lift safely

A lot more to do than the previous level right? This is just the beginning, and don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of all of this sooner than you expect! You can book a beginner’s skiing lesson in these awesome ski trips, so make sure you check them out!

Just skiing one day won’t make you extremely good at skiing, so we suggest skiing for more than a day to master the skill set of the beginner level. There are a few packages that are either more than one day or with a “Lift Pass” which is a great choice for you to practice the skills on your own! So click the links below and check them out!

If you have mastered these, you are eligible to tread through the Intermediate skier course. Let’s have a look at what you have to be able to do as an Intermediate level skier!


If you have surpassed the beginner level, congratulations, you are on your way to becoming an intermediate skier! Of course, it’s going to be more challenging, so don’t give up! Let’s see what it takes to become an Intermediate Skier:

    • Warm up – Slide or skate on flat ground / make A-shape and stop
    • Take the ski lift and go up the slope
    • Getting used to sliding and stopping on top of the slope
    • Learn how to change directions – ‘Pflug Bogen’ – Basic turning whilst keeping  A-shape
    • Using weight shifting technique to change direction
    • Learn how to do the Parallel – Gather ski plates after turning
    • Practice lifting one leg in the air and keeping balance whilst turning
  • Putting on skis on the intermediate slope

If you know you can’t do these yet, have a look at these tour packages to learn how to do them and advance.

Once you’ve perfected these skills, you can call yourself an intermediate skier. Although you are so close to moving on, you’re not an advanced skier just yet! To be an advanced skier, you must be able to do the following:


    • Be able to do an aggressive turn on the intermediate level slopes
  • Be able to recover your balance on an irregular slope

It’s not going to be easy, but you can do it, so keep practicing and you’ll be an advanced skier in no time! Check out these awesome packages ready for you to grab!

For all you advanced skiers, we recommend that you go to ski resorts in Gangwon Province, such as High1, Alpensia, or Yongpyong Ski Resort, because the mountains in Seoul are not as tall as those in Gangwon province, and will provide less of a challenge. So for those of you who are looking for extra fun and challenges, you may want to look into these ski tours!

Hope our guide helps you determine what level skier you are so you can choose the appropriate ski lesson for you! If you’re also interested in checking out other ski trips, make sure to check out!

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