March is the month that marks the beginning of spring in Korea. As the warm sunlight thaws the land of morning calm after the freezing winter, early spring flowers start to bloom. Mountains and fields are filled with vivid spring colors. Finally, it is time for us to go on a day trip.

We’ve compiled Korea’s spring festivals in March for you. Let’s take a look at where to go for your spring day out in Korea.

1. Gwangyang International Maehwa Festival

spring festivals

Located in Korea’s southwestern province Jeollanam-do, Gwangyang Maehwa Village is famous for its beautiful apricot trees. With the white Maehwa (apricot flowers or plum blossoms) all around the village, it looks as though white snow has blanked the whole village on the hillside.

Maehwa, the first spring flower to bloom in Korea, surely will help you quench your thirst for long-awaited spring flowers. Visit the Gwangyang International Maehwa Festival for a nice spring excursion. Stroll beneath Maehwa trees, taste local Gwangyang food and also take a tour to the nearby Jeonju Hanok Village!

  • Festival date: March 6~15, 2020
  • Gwangyang Maehwa Festival is unfortunately canceled this year, however, Gwangyang Maehwa Village Tours will still be operated.  

Gwangyang Maehwa Village & Jeonju Hanok Village from Seoul
Gwangyang Maehwa Village & Ssangyesa Temple Tour from Seoul
Gwangyang Maehwa Village & Gurye Sansuyu Festival from Seoul/Busan

2. Gurye Sansuyu (Cornelian Cherry) Festival 

spring festivals

From late March, the sansuyu (cornelian cherry) trees start decorating Gurye with its bright yellow flowers.

The Gurye Sansuyu Festival is an annual festival held in the base of Jirisan Mountain, located in the Jeollanam-do Province, where you can see the beautiful bright yellow sansuyu flowers in full bloom.

You can also visit nearby Hwaeomsa Temple. It is one of the 10 most famous temples in Korea and a must-visit temple for those who want to relax their minds in the quiet temple and learn about the history of Korea’s Buddhism.

  • Festival date: March (Specific date will be updated soon)

Gurye Sansuyu Festival & Hwaeomsa Temple from Seoul

Since Gwangyang and Gurye are located close to each other, you can take a tour of both festivals in one day.

Gwangyang Maehwa & Gurye Sansuyu Festival from Seoul/Busan

3. Canola Flowers In Jeju Island

spring festivals

From March to April every year, Jeju Island dresses up in yellow by canola flowers in full bloom. The spring beauty of Jeju Island with these vivid yellow flowers fascinates visitors from all over the world.

By hiring a taxi & a driver, you can visit the best spots to enjoy Jeju’s canola fields as Jeju’s public transportation system isn’t as convenient as the one in the big cities.

  • Peak Season: March~April

1 Day Jeju Island Spring Taxi Tour

Jeju Island 3D2N/4D3N Hotel + Taxi/Van Tour
Jeju Island Cherry Blossom & Canola Flower 1 Day Tour
Snap Tour: Jeju East/West Course 1 Day Bus Tour

4. Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, also know as Jinhae Gunhangje Festival is the most popular and the largest cherry blossom festival in Korea. It’s going to be held earlier this year from March 28th to April 6th.

One of the must-sees of the festival is the Yeojwacheon Stream. Over 350,000 Cherry blossoms line both sides of it and form a romantic pinky tunnel. The Romance Bridge will be illuminated in the evening, you will feel a different atmosphere from the daytime.

  • Festival Date: Mar 28~Apr 6, 2020

Private Tour to Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival
Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival 1 Day Tour

Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival 1 Day Tour
Busan Daejeo Ecological Park & Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival 1 Day Tour
Private Tour to Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival 1 Day Tour

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