Many people usually think Spring is the best time to enjoy the spring flowers in Korea, such as cherry blossoms and canola flowers, however, that’s not everything about Korea’s springtime. Spring is also the best time to eat strawberries since they are sweeter than at any time of the year! Moreover, Korea’s strawberries are well known for being juicy and sweet. So if you want to find out how tasty Korean strawberries are in Spring, check out the activities below!

Spring Festivals

1. Taean Magnolia Festival 2020 (Apr 13~27)

Taean Magnolia Festival is a spring festival held in Taean every April. By joining Taean Magnolia Festival day tour, you will get to appreciate the fantastic spring scenery of Korea at Cheollipo Arboretum, filled with magnolia flowers. Afterward, you will stop by Mallipo Beach and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful sunset. Last but not least, you will experience strawberry picking at a strawberry farm and take 500g of strawberries back home!

2. Taean Tulip Festival 2020 (Apr 14~May 10)

April and May are the peak season for tulips in Korea! Enjoy the colorful tulips at Taean Tulip Festival, one of the world’s top 5 tulip festivals, designated by the World Tulip Summit Society (WTSS). After taking Instagram-worthy pictures at Taean Tulip Festival, you can choose from Taean Light Festival and Strawberry Farm Tour. Pick juicy strawberries and bring home 500g of them!

3. Wonmisan Mountain Azalea Festival 2020 (Apr 6~17)

Womisan is a mountain in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do Province, which is near Seoul. Every April, Wonmisan Mountain is beautifully covered with 150,000 trees of Azalea flowers. Walk up the mountain and admire the splendid view and then head to Ilsan Lake Park to stroll around the lake surrounded by thousands of pink cherry blossom trees. After you fully enjoy the colorful spring flowers, have a one-and-only experience of picking juicy and fresh Korean strawberries!

4. Alpaca World

If you are an animal lover, you should definitely check out this tour! Make unforgettable memories at Alpaca World and picturesque places in Chuncheon and Gapyeong. At Alpaca World, you will get to see adorable alpacas up close and feed them. You can even take a walk with them with an additional charge on-site! After having a quality time with cute alpacas, you can choose 1 or 2 destinations from Nami Island, Gangchon Rail Bike, the Garden of Morning Calm, and Strawberry Farm.

Strawberry Dessert Buffet

1. JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul Hotel

If you are a strawberry and pink lover, this is the right place! At JW Marriott Dongdaemun, a 5-star hotel, you can enjoy the luxurious strawberry flavored desserts with a wide range of selections. The stylish Barbie themed dining hall will make you irresistible to take pictures. Furthermore, you can choose 1 complimentary strawberry drink and 1 savory dish, which makes it even more perfect for a fun girls’ day out!

2. Han River Ferry Buffet Cruise

Looking for the best way to enjoy the stunning city view of Seoul while enjoying strawberry desserts? If you are, don’t miss out on the Spring Special Strawberry Festival on Han River Ferry Buffet Cruise until March! There are various kinds of desserts made with succulent strawberries. Strawberries will taste even better when you admire the beautiful scenery of Seoul on the cruise.

Best Nami Island Special Tours

Nami Island is one of the must-visit spots near Seoul and although Nami Island is always beautiful to go any time of the year Spring is definitely the best time to visit. While enjoying the fairytale-like sceneries of Seoul Vicinities, including Nami Island, Petite France, Garden of Morning Calm, and Gangchon Rail Bike, you can experience strawberry picking at a nearby strawberry farm! What’s more? You can take the fresh strawberries home with you. Also, don’t forget to check out the famous Light Festival at the Garden of Morning Calm, which is only until March 22nd this year!


Planning your spring trip to Busan instead of Seoul? Check out this tour if you still want to pick sweet strawberries in Busan. With this 1 day tour in Busan, not only you can take home sweet strawberries you hand-picked, but you will also get to visit Gamcheon Culture Village, one of the famous attractions in Busan, which is culturally regenerated by residents. It’s a village formed by colorful houses, murals, and sculptures that are decorated and created by residents. You can also look down the beautiful view of Busan’s coastline and blue ocean.

Find Out More Ways to Enjoy Spring in Korea!

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