Did you decide anything to do in cold winter while staying in Korea? Then, how about relaxing in a spa or get some treatment to present yourself against the harsh weather? There are various options for spas in Korea and there is ‘Jjimjilbang‘, which is Korean sauna. It is one of the best places to visit in winter in Korea. You can not only stay warm and cozy in the spa but also have fun time enjoying Korean sauna culture. Now, follow our Korean spa guide to stay warm during winter in Korea!

1. Why Visiting Korean Spa is Great in Winter

There are dozens of merits and reasons for you to visit Korean spas while staying in Korea. Most of Korean spa facilities are equipped with sauna and recreational facilities which are called ‘Jjimjilbang’ in Korean. Further,

1) It is a great destination to visit during Winter because it is warm! Feel the temperate vibe in spa. Particularly in winter, it is very nice to be in a warm water while the air outside the bath is chilly.

2) The atmosphere of spa is relaxing. You can take a rest and spend a mild holiday in balmy indoors.

3) It is one way of spending winter in Korea at a relatively inexpensive price. On average, the price does not exceed $40 for a single visit. If you skip the spa and only use an usual sauna and bath, the cost range is from $8 to $12.

4) You can experience one of the Korean leisure culture. Also, most of the Korean spas are equipped with a lot of attractions inside, such as TV, video game machine, coin karaoke box, snack bars, PC room, massaging equipment, simple gym, and many more!

2. Korean Major Spa & Sauna

1) Dragon Hill Spa

Dragon Hill Spa is one of the beloved spas in Seoul, and is especially popular among foreign travelers. The location is great, which is Yongsan-gu district of the central Seoul. Here, you can enjoy a variety of entertainments from video games, cinema, to outdoor swimming pools!

2) Icheon Termeden Spa



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Icheon Termeden Spa is the first German-style hot spring resort, and relatively newly constructed spa in Korea. Both indoor and outdoor spas are considered to have high-qualities, so take full advantage of the underwater massage facilities and a doctor fish zone!

3) Cimer at Paradise City

Cimer at Paradise City is a pool and spa complex located in Incheon. You can not only enjoy the European-style pools but also the Korean-style sauna in the complex. From a luxurious spa zone to calm zone, the place is able to accommodate individual preferences.

4) Woongjin Playdoci Water Park

Woongjin Playdoci Water Park is a great attraction for family travelers with kids. You can have fun even in winter at both indoor and outdoor. Numerous theme park facilities that kids love are waiting. After you enjoy at the water park, do not miss out on to unwind at sauna!

3. Jjimjilbang Culture : What People Do in Korean Sauna

You will be given a T-shirt and shorts when entering. Then, you will get to those clothes if you want to go to the public main hall where sauna rooms and recreational facilities are located.

1) Try Sheep’s Head with Towels



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Using towels you were given, make cute shape like a sheep’s head, wear it, and take some quirky photos! It will enrich your experience in Korean sauna.

2) Have Tasty Food : From traditional sweet rice drink To stone-plate cooked egg



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Dozens of Korean snacks are waiting for you! Typical foods that people eat in main hall are Sikhye which is Korean traditional drink made of rice, ramen(instant noodles), stone-plate cooked egg, stone-plate grilled dried squid, seaweed soup, stir-fried pork, and powder made of mixed grains. You know what? Believe me, those foods are so good especially when having fun in sauna!

3) Take a Nap

After a hard, exhausting day, take some naps in Korean sauna. By doing so, you will recover from fatigue. There are sleeping rooms inside, and some have separate ones for women and men. By the way, most Korean sauna opens 24 hours a day. Some people occasionally stay overnight since it’s cheaper than to stay at a hotel. However, it is not so recommended to sleep whole night here.

4) Work up a Sweat

Go inside several sauna rooms, temperatures of which range from around 20℃ to over 80℃. If you sweat a lot in sauna, it will stimulate the circulation of the blood and heal your mind and body at the same time. But, if you have a high blood pressure and heart disease or if you are pregnant, be careful not to stay too long.

5) Wash up the Dirt

In baths, scrub off the dirt with bath towel and you will feel refreshed. But do not rub your skin too hard!

6) Warm Yourself with a Hot Bath

There are a few bathtubs of public bathhouse in sauna facility. Soak yourself in the warm or hot water and unwind the body. Isn’t it so great to do in winter?

☞ Premium Beauty & Treatment Spa ☜

Get some prime treatments for yourself in Korea. As Korea’s aesthetic industry is advanced and there are many specialists, you will have a decent spa treatment experience.

Hope our Korean spa guide is useful to your winter holiday plan. By spending some time in spa and sauna, you can have a warm, memorable winter. For further information about things to do during winter in Korea, visit Trazy.com, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop!

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