Gangwon-do Province is adjacent to the East Sea and it is well known to have many beautiful beaches & mountains, such as Mt. Seoraksan. It is surely one of the most popular summer vacation spots among Koreans along with Jeju Island and Busan.

Check out the best places in Gangwon-do where you can have the most unforgettable summer fun!

1. Surfyy Beach (Yangyang)


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Surfyy Beach is a hip Instagrammable beach in Yangyang, the east coast of Korea! It has amazing vibes of surfing, chillaxing, and clubbing with an exotic atmosphere. This hip private beach is only for Surfyy users with the best facilities.

Surfyy Beach is also well-known for a perfect place for water activities. You can rent surfing equipment and learn surfing or enjoy stand up paddleboarding!

2. Jangho Beach (Samcheok)

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Jangho Beach in Smacheok is referred to as “the Naples of Korea”, a dazzling beach that boasts crystal clear water. It’s a safe beach with shallow water and low waves, which makes it a perfect place for children to enjoy water activities!

Why don’t you book transparent canoeing to see through the emerald ocean water and discover sea creatures at Jangho Beach?

3. Deokpung Valley (Samcheok)


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Deokpung Valley in Samcheok is one of the most famous valleys in Korea, boasting clear and cool waters! If you are looking for thrilling water activities that can beat the summer heat, this is the right place to be.

Canyoning is a perfect outdoor activity to cool off during the hot summer. You can use a variety of techniques, such as walking, jumping, sliding, climbing, swimming, and more! Helmets are included and you will be guided by an experienced activity leader.

4. Vivaldi Park Ocean World (Hongcheon)


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Enjoying thrilling rides at a water park is always a must-do in summer! Ocean World is one of the best water parks in Korea, which is part of Vivaldi Park Resort in Hongcheon. You can easily get there with a round-trip shuttle bus from/to Seoul!

Vivaldi Park Resort also has rooms specialized for dogs so you can freely enjoy the summer vacation with your lovely dogs! A free welcome kit and for your pets is also provided.

5. Healience Zen Village (Hongcheon)


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Healience Zen Village is Korea’s first wellness retreat resort in Gangwon-do Province, where you can focus on mind & body healing. You can experience a ‘digital detox’, a total break from all electronic devices and machines.

Healience Zen Village 2D1N Stay Program includes everything you need, such as accommodation, 3 healthy & fresh meals, and quality wellness programs & facilities. There are awesome programs, including 10 trekking courses, spa & group exercise facilities, yoga, and meditation.

6. Alpensia Resort (Pyeongchang)


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Pyeongchang is famous for a host city of the Winter Olympics in 2018, but it is also absolutely beautiful throughout the year! You can escape from busy city life and breathe in the fresh air, surrounded by greens.

If you are planning to stay in Pyeongchang for a night, booking Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort is highly recommended. It is originally known as one of the best ski resorts but it is also a great choice for your trip in other seasons with its amazing mountainous nature. There are many attractions in the resort, such as an Indoor Water Park, Alpine Coaster, and a Luge Ride.

7. High1 Resort (Jeongseon)


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Jeongseon has an exceptionally beautiful nature that will make you feel like you are in a painting. It’s a perfect place to take a really good rest and recharge your energy.

If you want to spend a peaceful summer holiday in Jeongseon, book High1 Resort! You will be able to make exciting memories from your summer trip, being surrounded by picturesque mountains. High1 Resort also has a variety of attractions and facilities, such as Resort Ski Slop Golf Cart Tour, Alpine Coaster, and Indoor Swimming Pool & Sauna.

More Places to Have Summer Fun in Korea

Bonus 1. Daecheon Beach (Boryeong)


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Daecheon Beach is very famous for holding the Boryeong Mud Festival every summer. Although the festival won’t be held on-site this year due to COVID-19, it is still one of the most popular summer vacation spots in Korea, especially among youngsters.

Daecheon Beach has its own vibrant atmosphere and you can enjoy a variety of fun activities, such as Zip Trek and Sky Line. You can have a day tour to Deacheon Beach from Seoul with a friendly English speaking staff.

Zip Trek option is available only until August 30th, 2020 so hurry up!

Bonus 2. Sono Calm (Yeosu)


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한국관광공사 ‘대한민국구석구석’(@kto9suk9suk)님의 공유 게시물님,

Yeosu is a beautiful coastal city in the southwest of Korea and it became more popular with the song ‘Yeosu Night Sea’ sang by a Korean singer-songwriter, Jang Beom June.

If you are looking for a place to stay with a stunning ocean view, the Sono Calm hotel is strongly recommended. Sono Calm is located right in front of the water and you can visit nearby attractions, such as Big-O fountains show, Yeosu Sky Tower observatory, Yeosu Maritime cable car, and Aqua Planet aquarium.

You can get 2 FREE tickets to Yeosu Sky Tower and a coffee & cookie set at the hotel’s lounge if you book by July 31st, 2020. You can conveniently take the super-fast KTX train from Seoul!

Bonus 3. Sono Moon (Yangpyeong)


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Yangpyeong is very close to Seoul and you can take the subway to get there. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing summer with the pristine atmosphere of the Namhangang River.

If you want a spend a night in Yangpyeong, book Sono Moon Yangpyeong all-inclusive package for 2 people! Room reservation for 1 night, breakfast, 2 Americans, bowling, water activities are all included.

Bonus 4. Sono Belle (Gyeongju)


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Gyeongju is the city of 2000 years of history and culture with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore. If you want to see the historical landscapes in Korea, Gyeongju is the place to be! You can easily get there from Busan.

Recommended Tours in Gyeongju:

Bomun Lake in Gyeongju is a wonderful spot to walk along with the pink cherry blossom trees in Spring. If you want to spend a night in Gyeongju, book Sono Belle Gyeongju all-inclusive package for 2 people. It includes room reservation, breakfast & coffee, Ocean Play water park entrance tickets, and Legend Heroes gaming facility. KTX train tickets are optional.

Recommended Activities in Gyeongju:

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