Who says Korea has little to eat?

Thanks to super duper Trazers, we are ready to usher you into the world of Super sized food in Seoul!

1. Burger Bay in Hongdae: You won’t be able to hold it with one hand. Slice it into four pieces just for your convenience.

burger bay

2. Monster Pizza in Hongdae: Thinly sliced large pizza is a good snack indeed.


3. 30cm King Size Pork Cutlet in Yeonsinnae: Just look at the size of the cutlet on the left.

king 4. Jacoby’s Burger in HBC, Itaewon: Super sized in its height, Jacoby’s serves one of the best quality home-made burgers.


5. Mick Jones’s Pizza in Apgujeong: See how big each slice is; almost twice as large than the Galaxy smartphone.

mick jones

6. Meet Fresh in Hongdae: Humongous bingsu (ice sherbet with various toppings) will definitely cool you down in the hot humid Korean summer.

meet fresh

Aren’t the pictures amazing enough to trigger your appetite? 🙂

When you feel like you need to fill your stomach more than your usual craving, then this is it. The quantity doesn’t mean that it’s more expensive, if you know what I mean. :p

That’s all for today.

XOXO, Trazy.

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