Many people didn’t think of Korea as a surfing destination in the past. But recently, passionate Korean and foreign surfers started to dig the perfect surfing spots, which then made surfing pretty popular even in Korea.

In this post, we will reveal the 4 best spots for surfing in Korea! If you are “born to ride the waves”, be sure to read on and catch some of the best waves in Korea!

  1. Busan

  2. Jeju Island

  3. Gangwon-do

  4. Gyeonggi-do

1. Busan 🏄‍♀️


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Songjeong Beach in Busan may not be as well known as Haeundae Beach to foreign travelers, but it is a less touristy and quaint destination where you can have a great time with your friends and your family.

This is actually a great spot for surfing thanks to its clean sandy seabed and good waves. Also, they have one of the first & best surfing institutions.

One of our Trazy users, Hui Jeong R went surfing on one fine day at Songjeong Beach in Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea. Now, let’s hear about her actual surfing experience! 🙂

I went to the Songjeong Surfing School where you can get surf lessons and rent equipment for surfing. My friend recommended me this place as it is one of the first surf schools in Korea and has different lesson programs for people with different levels. If you already know how to surf, you can rent equipment here at an affordable price. But since it was a first time for me, I booked the lesson instead.

Before heading out on the water, the instructor gave us a thorough instruction on how to enjoy surfing on the waves. He told us that there are 5 simple steps to how to ride the surfing board. After listening to all the steps, I changed into a full body suit!

I would say the waves here are not too high and so it will not be challenging to learn how to surf as a first-timer.

Throughout the course, we learned how to ‘catch’ the wave and stand on the board for 2 hours. In my case, I have short arms compared to my leg and full body, so it was hard to stand on the board (cry cry). But the instructor kindly taught me another way to stand on the board and I finally did ‘surf’! And I can tell you that the experience is totally awesome! 😉

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2. Jeju Island 🏄‍♀️

When you are considering surfing in Korea, you cannot leave out Jeju Island. This beautiful island offers some of the best surfing experiences.

There are many options available for all levels of surfers. Beginners can take a surfing lesson before they hit the waves. Don’t worry about the language barrier! There will be professional English-speaking instructors who will teach you how to surf from the beginning.

Or if you already have tried surfing, and don’t want a lesson, you can simply just rent a surfing board for as much as you want!

Iho Tewoo Beach is close to downtown Jeju City and popular for its sandy beach and natural beauty. Experienced instructors will teach you how to paddle, stand up, and catch waves on your own.

Samyang Beach is a less crowded beach in the Northeast of Jeju and a perfect location for surfing or SUP boarding. A 30-minute basic lesson from certified instructors is included.

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3. Gangwon-do 🏄‍♀️


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If you are looking for a quick surfing getaway from Seoul for a weekend trip or even a day trip, Yangyang is a perfect destination for you.

Yangyang Surfyy Beach is the only beach in Korea exclusively dedicated to surfing. Only 3 hours away from Seoul you can meet some great waves and superb wind conditions on the east coast of Korea.

For surfing, Yangyang Surfyy Beach is very famous for its tropical-themed facilities that attract all the hipsters in Korea. Even if you’re not a big surfer, you can still enjoy a nice beach day on their sunbed with some ocean breeze.

Another recommended place for surfing in Gangwon-do is Nine Beach, a private beach located in the East Sea where you can admire stunning sunset and sunrise views. This summer, SBS M&C is hosting an overnight beach EDM party every Saturday from June to August. You can join Trazy’s hassle-free shuttle bus package from Seoul. With optional surfing lessons available before the party, you can have an ultimate summer experience with the fun of surfing in the afternoon and a beach party at night!

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4. Gyeonggi-do 🏄‍♀️

Located about 1.5 hours away from Seoul, Wave Park in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do is Asia’s largest wave pool providing the best surf experience for all levels from beginners to advanced surfers. Hit the ocean-like waves and enjoy safe but thrilling surfing with your friends and family! A basic surfing lesson option and shuttle bus package from/to Sadang Station are available.

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Hope you got heaps of inspiration for surfing in Korea! Find more ideas and awesome things to do in Korea at, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop!

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  1. I’ve been visit surf beach in Jeju-island, there are several surf rental shops and teaching schools.especially I recommend barrel shop or JJ surf shop. cuz they are fluently speak Eng and highly interactive!

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