Survival Tip: All about SIM Card in South Korea! (Prepaid SIM Card for foreigners)

Do you want to use your phone in Korea with a prepaid SIM Card? No worries! We’ve got you covered. šŸ˜‰ Before getting a SIM Card 1. Check whether your phone is unlocked or not.Ā If your phone is locked, call

Your Guide to Everland Halloween 2018

Head on over to Everland, Korea’s best theme park, to enjoy some spooky, spine-chilling festivities! Prepare your costumes and candy ā€“ Halloweenā€™s just around the corner!Ā Itā€™s the time when ghosts, zombies, witches, and all other things creepy appear. Halloween in

Korea in April: Best Time to Travel Korea

While South Korea is a fascinating country to visit at any time of year, thereā€™s no better time to do so than in the spring, particularly in April. Read on to find out why you never really need an excuse

Jeju Island Spring Travel Guide A to Z

If you are planning to travel to Jeju Island in the spring season, make sure you read our ultimate spring travel guide before you go! Spring inĀ Jeju Island Best time to visit While the spring season in Jeju Island spans