Eat, Play, Dance! The most delicious performance in Korea! ‘Bibap’

Bibap is a Korean nonverbal performance with the concept of Korean representative dish ‘Bibimbap.’ The show describes the cooking competition of chefs through the combination of music with b-boying, acrobatic, and martial arts. Started in 2008 as a 30 minute

Koreanized Fast Food Menus in McDonald’s, Lotteria, Burger King & KFC

Sometimes, when travelling in budget, you’ll probably have a moment when you miss the time of having a proper meal. Moreover, some restaurants have a break time, not receiving any orders. Then what would you do? I’d say “Fast food.” Even

Chi-Chi-Chi-Chimaek!: Everything you need to know about Fried Chicken.

Remember when Chia pets were all the rage in the 90’s? You know, those human and animal shaped pottery that grew plants as hair? Well, there’s another “Chi” that hit the stage: Chimaek! Doesn’t Abe Lincoln look so good with his new hair do? Chimaek is the wondrous combination of fried chicken (치킨) and beer which is called