Top 10 Places to Visit in Jeju Island in Winter

Yes, the winter in Korea can be freezing cold but our charming southern Jeju Island never looks more beautiful than in winter. Take a look at our picks for the ten incredible places you should visit in Jeju Island right now before the winter is gone. 1. Hallasan Mountain Take a hike up to the … Continue reading Top 10 Places to Visit in Jeju Island in Winter


How to Get to Everland from Seoul | Transportation & Tips

Everland, South Korea's most popular theme park, is located on the outskirts of Seoul in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, which takes around 2~3 hours or more from Seoul. If you are visiting Everland for the first time, here we have listed 3 ways to get to the theme park and other alternatives to take into consideration when making your way to Everland.