Here is good news for garden lovers! If you have any plan to visit Thailand, there are incredible gardens you must check for your itinerary. Perhaps, the garden itself becomes a reason to pick Thailand as your next destination after reading this blog. With this ultimate guide to the best gardens in the most popular cities in Thailand, you can choose your favorite one!

1. Bangkok – Red Lotus Flower Market



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As an important religious symbol, the water lotus has been considered as a sacred flower in Hinduism and Buddhism. The best place to witness the beauty of those lotus flowers is Red Lotus Flower Market. Imagine being surrounded by tons of red lotus plants floating on the water. It must be a spectacular scenery beyond compare. If you want to capture this unforgettable moment as a picture, the Red Lotus Flower Market tour would be the best option. It includes not only a traditional wooden boat riding but also a drone shooting. Wearing Thai dress, leave your best pictures ever! After exploring the garden of red lotus, visit ‘Red Lotus Cafe’ near the market’s entrance and try their specialty dishes to savor fantastic Thai traditional food.

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2. Pattaya – Nong Nooch Gardens

Are you ready to meet one of the largest botanical gardens in Southeast Asia? Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens, so-called Nong Nooch Gardens, occupies 600-acres of land. The garden has a variety of themes, which consist of a European garden, Italian garden, rock garden, cactus garden, and many more. Among them, the animal kingdom theme is the one you shouldn’t miss. From 2017, Dinosaur Valley has been one of the most popular themed gardens. You can walk among life-size replicas of T-Rex’s and other prehistoric creatures. Aside from various themed gardens, it also offers daily shows such as Thai culture show and elephant show. The Thai culture show includes traditional Thai dancing and Muay Thai while the elephant show offers a chance to see elephants painting, riding bicycles, doing handstands, or even playing football and basketball! Nong Nooch Garden is a huge place and has so much to attract visitors. If you want to save your time and money, check out the discount ticket and exclusive tour, which includes Nong Nooch Garden Ticket so that you can explore other attractions in Pattaya as well.

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3. Pattaya – Flower Land

For those who want to fall in love with flowers, here is one of the biggest flower shows in Thailand, Flower Land! The harmony of tons of vivid flowers and artsy sculptures create a mood of a fairyland. This 40-acre botanical garden offers a variety of special zones. You can find a magical forest of Thai mythology in the Himmapan Dome and various kinds of tropical fruits in the organic zone. Furthermore, you can even explore the aquarium zone full of sea creatures! Where else can you savor all of this in at once? If you are looking for a family-friendly place, this will be the perfect place for you. If you already decided to visit Flower Land, don’t forget to buy a ticket online in advance to get a discount.

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4. Phuket – Phuket Botanic Garden

If you are interested in gardening and botany, you must put Phuket Botanic Garden on your list. This heavenly attraction offers orchid pavilion display, rainforest garden, winter garden, with many rare plant species and more than 30 other selections. Each zone has its features and plant collections that present the artistry of nature. You can also find water lilies, lotuses, and Japanese carp. You shouldn’t miss out on a large artificial waterfall that you can walk through! There is a section which consists of a rice field and a small house with a vegetable garden so that you can understand Thai farmer’s way of life. After exploring the whole garden, you can take a break and enjoy the wide variety of food at the garden’s restaurant. If you already put Phuket Botanic Garden on your list, all you need to do is buying a ticket in advance to get a discount!

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5. Chiang Mai – Araksa Tea Garden



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Here is a perfect place for all the tea lovers! Araksa Tea Garden specializes in producing high-quality Assam tea. You can see the beauty of the lush tea plantation and learn about the growing process of tea from cultivating to roasting. Imagine picking up tea leaves in the middle of a green paradise with a tranquil atmosphere! Also, you can experience the delicate process of making tea. Savoring a cup of tea with traditional Thai snacks, you will be enchanted by its peaceful atmosphere. This will be the best therapy for your body and soul!

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