Are you looking for cheap flight tickets from/to Jeju and Seoul? Then check out our liswt of all the low-cost airlines in South Korea that offer both domestic and international flight tickets. Compare and save on your airline tickets before you plan your visit to Jeju Island!

1. Jeju Air다운로드 (2)

Jeju Air is one of the representative domestic airlines in South Korea that is very popular among the locals. It operates not only the busiest route, Gimpo Airport-Jeju Airport, but also more than 20 major routes in Asia including Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Guam as well as other domestic routes.

You can often find cheap flight tickets and take advantage of special offers on Jeju Air, but the downside is that blanket and cushion are not served during flights.

It is a hip and trendy airline which tries its best to offer fun, entertaining flights to its customers. For example, there are in-flight FUN Service Teams (Game Team, Magic Team, Musical Band, Illustration Team, etc),  and you can check the flight schedule of each team from their facebook page.

company_visualSee Jeju Air’s website for more details, click here.

Plus, Jeju Air always use top Korean celebrities as their promotional model such as Kim Soo-hyun in 2016 and Song Joong-ki in 2017!

2. Jin AirLJ

Another popular domestic airline in Korea is Jin Air, which also offers both domestic and international flights. It operates more than 15 routes international routes to major Asian cities, including Bangkok, Cebu, Hong Kong, Guam and etc.

Jin Air offers complimentary water on all flights. Alcoholic drinks and snacks are available to purchase onboard.

다운로드See Jin Air’s website for more details, click here.

It is also well known for its delicious in-flight meals, so try it if you have a chance. 😉

3. Air Busan다운로드 (1)

Air Busan first launched its flight departing Busan, the second largest city in South Korea, and eventually expanded routes and now operates fourteen domestic and international routes today.

Speaking of its logo, it is designed as an image of a seagull and its wings that look like a sea wave and a sky, all of which represent the image of Busan very well. To add, Air Busan provides the largest space between the seats!

다운로드 (1)See Air Busan’s website for more details, click here.

4. Eastar Jet다운로드

The fourth domestic airline in South Korea is Eastar Jet, which is currently operating services to regional destinations such as Gimpo, Gunsan, and Cheongju.

Like the color of its logo, the uniforms feature a red-violet color that you’ll find very pretty!

images (1)See Eastar Jet’s website for more details, click here.

5. T’way

tway_airlines_logoLastly, it’s T’way. This airline operates 6 international routes from Gimpo and Incheon to Bangkok, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Saga, Taipei and Jinan in China.

다운로드 (2)See T’way’s website for more details, click here.

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