Although many people love to enjoy outdoor activities and feel the natural wonders of Jeju, the weather on Jeju Island is very unpredictable. Heavy rain and strong winds are very frequent on Jeju Island. Just in case you encounter awful weather conditions, here is the list of the best indoor activities and attractions in Jeju Island!

  1. Unique & Fun Indoor Attractions
  2. Nature-Themed & Healing Indoor Attractions
  3. Exciting Indoor Sports & Activities
  4. Fantastic & Magical Shows

Unique & Fun Indoor Attractions

1. Bonte Museum

Bonte Museum is a must-visit museum in Jeju Island if you love art. It was designed by Tadao Ando, the winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. You can see the classic and modern artwork of both local and international artists. “Infinity Mirrored Room”, designed by famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, is especially a popular Instagrammable spot!

2. Moomin Land

Moomin Land Jeju just opened in 2020 and it’s based on Finland’s Moomin fairy-tale characters. You can see the iconic 10-meter-high Moomin house, interesting indoor exhibitions & decorations, art workshops, and an outdoor garden. At the Moon cafe and gift shop, you can enjoy Moomin-themed food and buy irresistible Moomin merchandise!

3. Brick Campus

Brick Campus Jeju has various arts of works all made by using colored toy bricks! This place was also featured on “Hyori’s Homestay 2”“Running Man”, the famous Korean TV shows. There are activities where children can show off their creativity in a room full of various bricks. You can also get some brick desserts and souvenirs that can only be found in this amazing brick world.

4. Fairy and Woodsman Theme Park

Travel back in time at Jeju Fairy and Woodsman Theme Park, which shows what life was like in the 1960~70’s in Korea! There are 15 different kinds of exhibitions that display the olden days of Korea. You can also try on a 70’s school uniform and take photos of yourself sitting in the classroom.

5. Figure Museum


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Jeju Figure Museum is heaven to figure lovers! It exhibits all of your favorite superheroes in various sizes ranging from small figures to life-size models. It consists of 8 exhibition rooms and Room 7 is a special room that presents ‘Be@arbrick’ collaboration with world-famous cartoons, such as The Simpsons, Peanuts, Winnie the Pooh, Mighty Atom, and many more.

6. Alive Museum


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Alive Museum Jeju is a magical place where your imagination become reality! You can take extraordinary pictures under different themes that create 3D illusions. Create one-of-a-kind interactive and fun photos with your friends or families! Also, don’t forget to stop by the gift shop for unique souvenirs.

7. Toy Park


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Jeju Toy Park is a toy paradise offering great fun for all ages who love toys. There are many fun activities for families and friends with various toys, such as delicate plastic Gundam models and Marvel character figures, photo zones, playgrounds, and more. It’ll definitely recollect your childhood memories by exploring one and only toy collections!

8. Hello Kitty Island

Hello Kitty Island is a pink Hello Kitty-themed wonderland in Jeju Island where you can be surrounded by a massive collection of Hello Kitty installations. After taking countless Instagram-worthy pictures, savor Hello Kitty-themed desserts and drinks at the rosy Hello Kitty Cafe. Last but not least, a huge selection of irresistible Hello Kitty merchandise is waiting for you to pick them up.

9. Aerospace Museum + Greem Cafe


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Jeju Aerospace Museum is a perfect museum for the whole family, especially for children to expand their imagination about aerospace. This museum has many airplanes and activity zones where children can spend a wonderful day learning about both aviation and space travel.


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Also, there is Greem Cafe located on the observatory level (4F) of the Jeju Aerospace Museum. It’s a very unique coffee shop where you can feel as if you’re in a black-and-white painting. You can enjoy your drink while observing the beautiful view of the green tea field and Jeju Island’s mountain.

10. Nohyung Supermarket Media Art Exhibition

Nohyung Supermarket is not a supermarket. In fact, it’s a huge-scale media art exhibition that covers a total floor space of 4,000 square meters. You can have a highly immersive visual experience with five different themes and exhibitions to explore. Take stunning photos surrounded by colorful and sparkling lights! After the exhibition, have a drink at the black-and-white Nohyung Dabang, a cafe within the exhibition, and shop for cute souvenirs.

Nature-Themed & Healing Indoor Attractions

1. Aqua Planet Jeju


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Aqua Planet Jeju is an eco-conscious and solar-powered aquarium that houses over 5,000 aquatic animals. It focuses on emphasizing the importance of saving marine life. You can also watch Ocean Arena Show and admire a vibrant underwater music performance enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

2. Yeomiji Botanical Garden


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Yeomiji Botanical Garden is the largest indoor garden in Asia with about 2,000 tropical and subtropical plants. There’s a 360-degree view observatory where you can see the stunning scenery of Jungmun Beach and Hallasan Mountain. It’s a perfect destination for those who love plants and gardening!

3. The Healing Time – Foot Bath Cafe


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Located not far from downtown Jeju, ‘The Healing Time’ is a foot bath cafe that is perfect for travelers to relax their tired feet and freshen up themselves. Footbath is great for blood circulation and muscle relaxation. You can also buy the products you used for the foot bath experience at the store on the first floor!

4. Udo Hundertwasser Park Museum & Gallery

Hundertwasser Park in Udo, Jeju Island is a leisurely designed cultural complex consisting of the Hundertwasser Museum, Hundertwasser Hills Resort, galleries, and cafes. It’s themed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian painter, architect, and environmentalist. Enjoy a perfect harmony of eco- and nature-friendly architecture and the beautiful nature of Udo. Highly recommended for art and culture lovers!

5. Therapy Shangri-La – Relaxation Therapy Experience

Therapy Shangri-La, nestled amidst the beauty of Cheonjiyeon Falls, provides a sanctuary for complete relaxation and revitalization. Skilled therapists ensure your massage experience is top-notch! Indulged in a well-deserved treat for your body and soul after a day of exploration in Jeju.

Exciting Indoor Sports & Activities

1. Jeju Shooting Range


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Jeju Shooting Range is the perfect place for you to have fun and shoot your stress away! You can either choose live bullets or BB Gun. For those who are uncomfortable with live bullets and children under 14, a BB gun is available instead.

Fantastic & Magical Shows

1. Arirang Hon Taekwondo Martial Art Show

Experience the energy and tradition of Jeju Island with the Arirang Hon Taekwondo Martial Art Show! Featuring thrilling performances by skilled martial artists and traditional Korean dance performers, this show is a must-see for anyone interested in martial arts or Korean culture.

2. Jeju Sky Water Show

Be amazed by the stunning combination of water, light, and aerial acrobatics at the internationally acclaimed Jeju Sky Water Show at Jeju Art Land! This visually stunning performance features a talented cast from China and Russia.

3. Jeju Art Circus Show

Jeju Art Circus Show is one of the most dynamic shows in which you can see daredevil stunts and acrobatics. Enjoy the talented performers’ stage aerial silk moves, juggling, diablo ticks, and more. These professional performers have been recognized at the International Circus Competition!

4. Cookin’ NANTA Show

Cookin’ Nanta has been the most popular non-verbal performance in Korea since 1997. It’s a performance combining the Korean traditional music Samulnori with acrobatic cooking and dance, highly recommended to family travelers!

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