A week has already passed since the Sewol Ferry sunk and led to hundreds of death.

Not only the families but the whole South Korea is mourning for the tragic accident, relying on one last hope for a miracle.

Today the Trazy Crew acted upon our own will to help the family members of the victims. We found something that we can do- sending  relief items.

If you are willing to aid the devastated family members who are waiting for their children and siblings to come home safe, here is what you can do. (Just like us)

1. Prepare a box full of relief items that you think would be helpful such as instant food, toothpaste and toothbrush, towels, blankets, tissue etc.

2. Write down the list of items that you’re sending on the box so that it’s easier for the voluntary workers to distribute.

3. And send the box to the following address: 전라남도 진도군 진도읍 철마길 25 진도군청 주민복지과 539-803 재해구호품 접수처 (Jeollanamdo Jindo-gun Jidoeup Cheolmagil 25 Jindoguncheong Joominbokgigwa 529-803)

The phone number is 061-540-3107.


We’re pretty sure that nothing is never too late and something is better than nothing.


We hope for one last miracle to come and help all of us. That’s all for today.




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