Greetings, travelers! I’m a member of Trazy Crew, this time here with a review of Whoo Spa, formerly known as O HUI Spa, and my experience there!img_8575It’s no secret that Korea is a country obsessed with skincare and beauty. I love makeup and skincare, but I’ve never been to a spa before where they massage your face and back with oils and everything.

I guess it’s because I don’t really want to be splashing out so much cash on something that doesn’t have results obvious to others.

The only relatively similar place I’ve gone to is a dermatologist. However, I really did want to wind down and relax at Whoo Spa where I received the body and facial care.

About Whoo Spa

Whoo Spa, formerly known as O Hui Spa, is known for being a “beauty secret healing hideout” to its customers, providing various facial and body aesthetic programs that guarantee amazing results.fotorcreatedPeople from all over the world visit and many Korean celebrities also get pampered here such as Choi Yeo-jin, Park Ha-sun, and Cho Yeo-jung. It is also the only spa entrusted as a Gangnam Medical Tourism Partner.

How to Get to Whoo Spa

The spa is located in Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong, a trendy, hip, and upscale neighborhood with lots of places to dine and shop in. You’ll also see a lot of well-dressed people passing by. The area is full of energy and vitality regardless of the time of day, so many tourists flock there.img_8563Whoo Spa is in a more quiet location up a small hill in a luxurious and secure residential neighborhood. For a map and more detailed directions, click here.

First Impressions?

Right off the bat, I could immediately tell that it was a posh and upscale place. The layout and interior were more like a house rather than a spa, with a mini chandelier and large wooden staircase leading up to the spa in the entrance.

Inside, there were plush velvet seats, heavy wooden doors with gold signs, polished tiles on the walls and even a large open terrace area outside.
img_8577There were three different rooms labeled ‘VIP’, ‘Special’, and ‘Refresh.’

The ‘VIP’ room is for solo customers who usually purchase the special course or more expensive treatments, the ‘Special’ room is for two people, and the ‘Refresh’ room is for group guests.


What’s Different about Whoo Spa?

So what makes Whoo Spa different from the others? Well, first off, they use premium brand products instead of aesthetic products.

‘Whoo’ is actually a skincare and makeup brand currently modeled by actress Shin Min-a and their products are used during the facials. Other brands of products used include SU: M37.massageTheir concept is that they offer 1:1 specialized care. While most places would provide the same treatments with the same products regardless of the client’s skin type, Whoo lets you choose the products you want to be used or the consultant will give recommendations based on your skin type and condition.

They will also keep checking up on you throughout your treatment, adding or removing products depending on your condition, so you really will be getting unique and personalized care.


You will be able to fill in a sheet beforehand with information about your skin type, condition, what kind of products you want to be used, as well as any health or medical needs of concern (e.g if you’re on your period, have any injuries, or have gotten any aesthetic procedures recently). 

What kind of courses is available?

Whoo Spa offers 6 different course treatments:

  1. Facial Care: 70 mins
  2. Body Care: 80 mins
  3. Trazy Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders): 100 mins
  4. Special Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders / Special Massage Machines): 120 mins
  5. VIP Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders & Legs / Special Massage Machines): 150 mins
  6. VVIP Care (Facial / Back & Shoulders & Legs / Special Massage Machines): 180 mins

Click here for more details on each of the courses.

What were the facilities like?

I was given a gown and ushered into the powder room, told to strip from the waist up and wear the strapless gown. There was also a locker to store my belongings. lockerThe powder room was very clean and well equipped. There was a dressing table with makeup, skincare products, a hairdryer, brushes – pretty much everything you would need to freshen up afterward. img_8634The bathroom was also spotless and had a shower.img_8630I put my bag and clothes into the lockers provided and gave the key to the attendant. I was then led to the massage bed where I lay face down as she removed my gown and got to work.


What’s It Like to Experience Beauty Care at Whoo Spa

I have a major tendency to sit hunched over in my chair so my muscles there are very tense. It also doesn’t make it any better that I wear a heavy purse on one shoulder all the time. The massage felt amazing.

It was a little uncomfortable at times but never painful – probably due to the fact that I had never had my muscles kneaded, stretched, and pulled in that way.

The attendant then rubbed aromatherapy oils on my back, which smelled heavenly.

My favorite was when she had her hand in a fist and rolled it over my upper back area, which was painful but so refreshing and satisfying that I couldn’t bear to ask her to stop.


After the back massage, it was time for facial care. I was led to another bed, where there was an interesting contraption called an air compression leg massager.

The attendant put the air massage boots, which were basically like airbags around my legs and turned on the machine.

The massagers would tighten and loosen around my legs over and over again, stimulating blood flow and providing relief for my tired and tense muscles.facial-careWhile my legs were being kneaded, the facial care started. I had my face double cleansed, dry skin patches removed, peeling to clear out my pores, and face masks and oils applied. I also received a décolleté (neckline) and scalp massage.scalp-massageThe décolleté massage helps with anti-aging, stimulating the production of collagen and tightening the skin to delay the onset of wrinkles while the scalp massage stimulates hair growth.

When the care was almost over as the attendant asked if I wanted a BB cream or sunscreen finish – I opted for sunscreen as I was going to reapply my makeup anyway.


Overall Evaluation of Whoo Spa

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the care and treatment. The facilities were all clean and the service was A+, with the attendants constantly checking up on me and asking if I was okay.

I also really liked how they explained what products they were using and what they were doing, so I knew what kind of effect it was having on me.

I was provided with 3 day’s worth of sample-sized skincare products, too! freebiesI am usually someone who flinches even if someone touches my shoulders and I don’t like massage chairs as they make me feel uncomfortable rather than relaxed, so the fact that I enjoyed this experience really surprised me. I definitely would love to look into getting massages on a regular basis.whoo-spa-thumbnailIf you would like to experience the Korean beauty care at Whoo Spa, the online reservation is available here.

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