It might be quiet surprising that the two major messaging apps are from Korea. But it’s not that they’re competing against each other directly for the messaging market here in Korea. I shall say that Kakao Talk is the major messenger that almost every Korean uses. It’s the Korean version of Whatsapp. LINE is more prevalent in Japan and some parts of Southeast Asia including Taiwan.

Still it’s interesting to see how both of the companies are vying for something else- the characters!

Let’s look into the characters of each app.




LINE friends or the characters are more attached to the daily lives. The most representative ones such as Brown (the bear), Cony (the rabbit) and Moon (the white guy) are known for their expressions of trivial situation that could happen in any one’s daily life and that’s why LINE gained its presence in Japan.

brown conymoon

And a good news is that for anyone who wants to get these characters in real life, it’s possible! LINE has opened a pop up store in the middle of Myeongdong, at Lotte Young Plaza. Trazy Crew went to this shop and couldn’t resist buying at least one item. It’s just so irresistible.

Want to know how cute and adorable it can be?

20141021120333424Crying Moon Awwww!


Brown wearing a “I ♥ Cony” Shirt.



Kakao Friends or characters present more emotions than the LINE characters. There are six main characters (seven including the little ‘con’) and some of them are in couple catering to the love birds as well.

kakao5 kakao6 kakao7

Kakao has been more aggressive in Korea where they even set up a dedicated cafe and even sells Kakao Bread with Tibutibu seal (character sticker). It’s becoming a boom among the Koreans (or I shall say the adults) to buy the bread and collect all the seals. Seriously, you never know what’s on people’s mind! And of course they have all the stationery items for the cute little characters.


OMG. How cuter can they get? 


Kakao Bread! Yum yum yummy.

So what’s your choice? Who’s your favorite? It doesn’t have to be this or that. Because I myself is a Kakao Talk user but more inclined to buy LINE items. Next time, we’ll be coming up with more stationery places in Korea where expressing the daily lives and daily emotions in a exaggerated yet cute way is becoming a major trend. Stay tuned!!

Last but not least,


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