Enjoying your trip to Thailand? Well, don’t forget to buy a gift or two in Thailand to bring back home to your family and friends! Of course, touristy refrigerator magnets, key-chains or Starbucks mugs are out of the question. We’ve compiled a list of the best of the best, unique and useful products to help you remember your trip, and share with your loved ones. If you’ve been looking for unique souvenir ideas and awesome Thai specialties to buy before your trip to Thailand comes to an end, read our guide on the best things to buy in Thailand!

1. Thai Spices

Thailand spices souvenir

You’re not alone if you adore the spicy rich flavors of Thai food. It’s true that their unique flavors cannot be found in any other cuisines. From coriander to nutmeg to dried chillies, the mouthwatering flavors of Thai cuisine come from their countless spices. If you want to cook up some more Thai-inspired foods at home to share with friends and family, bring home some Thai spices. Of course, you should head to local markets to get good quality spices at the best prices. Floating markets are certainly known to have a wide selection of spices, among many other Thai specialties! Go explore the market to bring back home as a souvenir from Thailand. 🌿

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2. Thai Spa Products

thailand spa products

Thailand’s relaxing spa experience is everyone’s favorite! The traditional healing methods that combine acupuncture and yoga postures are the best way to wind down, especially after a tiresome day of sightseeing. If you’re around in Thailand during the rainy season, you should snuggle up in one of these cozy spas. After this luxurious experience, you’ll want to end every day with a calming, aromatic massage. Then, why not bring home some spa products from Thailand to treat yourself even after the trip is over? Oasis Spa, one of the most popular spa chains in Thailand, uses traditional Thai ingredients and natural ingredients from local vendors. Indulge in a luxurious spa experience at their beautifully themed locations, and make sure to pick up their spa products and gift sets once you’re done!

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3. Thai Handicrafts and Silk

thailand traditional umbrellas

Thailand’s intricate handicrafts and jewellery are made with skills and knowledge that have been passed down for generations. Their unique use of natural materials like coconut and palm leaves are especially notable. However, with rapid modernization, crafting villages that were common back in the days, no longer remain open. Thankfully, Bo Sang Chiang Mai Handicraft Village still stands strong! You can visit factories to see how traditional Thai handicrafts, like their traditional umbrellas and silk, are made. Explore the streets to immerse yourself in Thai culture, and pick up some artisan handicrafts to bring home with you!

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4. Hill Tribe Hats

Hill tribes, better known as the “Long Neck Tribe”, wear golden neck rings, creating an illusion of an eerily long neck. If you’re a bit skeptical of trying out their signature neck rings, don’t worry because there’s an awesome alternative! Guess what, they’re also known for their funky hats! Carefully decorated with colorful ornaments, their hats are certainly one-of-a-kind. Visit one of the hill tribes to witness their unique attires and perhaps you’ll get the chance to lay your hands on one of these quirky hats to bring home!

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5. Thai Folk Art

Thailand jewelry handicraft

Thailand has mesmerizing art: from architecture, performances and to crafts. While it’s hard to take part in these artsy activities nowadays, the Thai Thai Arts & Culture Village still offers an authentic experience to all. Here, you can create flower garlands, Thai desserts, herbal compress balls, and more, to learn more about Thai culture. Don’t worry if you’re not one of those crafty types, you’ll have experienced professionals to guide you! Make your own, one-of-a-kind folk art to bring back home as a souvenir. Not only does it capture Thailand’s culture, but it also captures the special moments you spent in Thailand!

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6. Commemorative Souvenirs

This is a fun one! There’s nothing better than taking home a commemorative gift to remember your crazy adventures. How about taking home a “courage certificate” and a t-shirt from Chiang Mai’s famous bungee jump spot? Yes, it’ll preserve your exciting memories from your trip but also, perhaps, you’ll have earned yourself some right to brag about it when you return home with this gift! Make sure to check the weather before you go jump though!

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Did you enjoy our list of the best things to buy in Thailand? These unique souvenirs will not only help you reminisce over your lovely memories from the Land of Smiles but also help you share your wonderful experiences with your loved ones. Well, now that you’ve finished reading about things to buy, head out on for a bit of shopping!

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