9 Best Things to Do along the Han River in Seoul

Check out the best things to do along the Han River and at the Hangang Parks in Seoul!

The beautiful Han River in Seoul

If you are a traveler planning to visit Seoul, Hangang Parks along Hangang, or the Han River, which is an iconic river that flows right through the heart of Seoul, are a must-visit.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain at Banpo Hangang Park

There are a total of 12 Hangang Parks in Seoul, and Yeouido Hangang Park and Banpo Hangang Park, famous for the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, are some of the most popular parks to visit.

Yeouido Hangang Park in Seoul

These Hangang Parks are the perfect spots to rest and enjoy a weekend outing and offer many leisure activities for Seoulites and visitors to enjoy.

For those who want to try something unique or unusual, here are five of the best fun, new-age activities you can try at the Han River Parks in Seoul!

1. Han River Cruise

Cruising through the Han River is the best way to enjoy the scenery of Seoul. You can see some of the most famous landmarks on the cruise such as N Seoul Tower, the 63 Building, and Banpo Rainbow Bridge.

On top of that, you can also enjoy a delicious buffet lunch or dinner on the cruise. Is there anything better than having a nice dinner with your special someone along with the live music & amazing scenery?

If you want to get on board, be sure to book in advance to secure your spot! You can book Han River Cruise at discount here.

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2. Han River Yacht

If you want to take a boat ride on the Han River but keep it more private, consider getting on a yacht instead of a cruise. Just like the Han River Cruise, you can still see the most famous landmarks such as N Seoul Tower, the 63 Building, and Sports Complex and more!

There are 7 yachts (boats) options available, thus you can choose your favorite yacht and enjoy the Han River as you like!

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3. Han River Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding, also known as SUP, is a combination of surfing and paddling which allows you to keep your balance while enjoying the flow of the river.

Ttkseom Han River Park is the best spot to enjoy SUP in Han River, as it is the hub of water sports in Seoul. Also, you can take in the charming view of Lotte World Tower from here.

If you have never tried SUP before, you can take a 1-hour lesson before you hit the water. If you are an experienced paddle boarder, you can just rent a board rental with no lesson.

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4. Han River Wakeboard / Water SkiLesson

Along with the stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding and water skiing are some of the most popular water sports you can enjoy on the Han River.

Wakeboarding and water skiing are more suitable for those who prefer thrilling activities. Even if you never tried them before, you can easily take a lesson from experienced instructors who will teach you according to your level, thus you can enjoy them to the fullest!

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5. Electric Scooter

Around Yeouido Park, also known as Yeouido Hangang Park, you can spot many people riding on one of these electric standing scooters. There are several rental shops located nearby Yeouinaru Subway Station (Line 5).

6. Waterskiing

Those looking for a rush of adrenaline, try waterskiing on the Han River at Jamwon Hangang Park. There are leisure facilities around the river that offer various water sports programs. Don’t worry if this is your first time as the professional instructors will give you guidance and help.

7. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding along the Han River is truly an amazing experience that should not be missed. It’s a water sport where you ride over the surface of a body of water. There are a few wakeboarding operators near Han River offering a training session, equipment rental, and shower facility.

8. Flyboarding

Want to fly like “Iron Man”? Flyboarding is easy enough for anyone to learn and enjoy. After a brief basic training session, you will be able to soar over the Han River! So don’t hesitate, and head over to Jamwon Hangang Park to try this exhilarating experience.

9. Tubester

Instagram repost @tubester1

If you want pure relaxation without any thrills and action, Tubester can be a great option. Tubester is a small round motorboat that can hold up to 6 passengers. While riding the Tubester, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery of the Han River.

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