Are you looking for the best way to spend your Friday night in Seoul? Or some crazy activities never to experienced elsewhere? Keep reading about the top 10 unique things to do in Hongdae, one of the hottest, vibrant youth districts in Korea. 

Hongdae is arguably the most vibrant district in Seoul, exuding youthful energy both day and night. Located next to Hongik University, in western Mapo-gu, Hongdae has tons of cool things to offer. Whether you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy Korean food experience, wacky shows and games, or the perfect night out, Hongdae has it all! Since it has anything and everything, we’ll recommend some awesome things to do in Hongdae, based on your personality. 

Crafty Artists: Put your sleeves up and get crafty!

Love letting your creative juices flow by doing hands-on activities? We’ve got you covered!

1. Custom Ring/Bracelet/Necklace Crafting Workshop

Traveling with your besties, or your significant other? Go and make your own custom ring, necklace, or bracelet right at the heart of Hongdae. You can completely customize the ring, whether that be changing its width, shape, plating, or adding gemstones or laser engravings. Join in the new trend of young Koreans getting matching rings with their loved ones. Friends, couples, singles ready to mingle… Everyone’s welcome to hop on this trend! 

2. Unicorn Suncatcher Crafting with Resin & Beads Art Workshop

Create your own unicorn suncatcher while learning some useful resin and bead craft techniques. You can decorate your own suncatcher with glitters and crystals in different colors and shapes. It will be a unique and beautiful decoration for your room!

3. Cosmetics Making Class

Make your own cosmetics with the best ingredients and colors for you. An experienced Korean skincare professional will teach you how to choose the right cosmetics suitable for you with safe ingredients. You can either choose skincare products or lipsticks!

4. Action Painting Experience

Dive into a world of art & stress relief at Korea’s first action painting studio; Simply move and create, by yourself or with a group of friends or family. You can use the opportunity to experiment with new colors and methods – maybe even try painting with a water gun and watch all your stress disappear into the canvas!

5. Make Your Own Custom Perfume

Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience as you explore over 30 fragrances and blend them into your signature perfume with guidance from expert instructors at SMOO:D.

Beauty Gurus: Get a makeover at K-beauty hotspots!

Love shopping away K-beauty products? Take hours to get ready? Click away!

1. Hair & Joy Hair Salon


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Patrick Ho(@patrickho10)님의 공유 게시물님,

Korean salons are known for their premium service and amazing techniques. Visit this English-speaking Hair & Joy Salon and see what they can to do give you a fresh look. Meet their professional, experienced hairstylists to change up your look without damaging your hair. Go into this luxurious salon and you’ll feel at ease immediately! 

 2. OU Hair Salon


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OU 오유헤어(@ou_hairdesign)님의 공유 게시물님,

If you are looking to go through a complete hair makeover, OU Hair Salon in Hongdae is one of the best places to pamper yourself! From cuts, perms, coloring, care, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from! Make your hair look stylish like Korean celebrities by experienced professionals.

3. The Days Hair

The Days Hair is a foreigner-friendly hair salon with stylists who are fluent in English and trained to handle various hair types. It’s only a short 5-minute walk from Honik University Station and you’ll get a personalized service with a thorough consultation conducted to understand your needs and suggestions for styles that complement your features.

4. OU Nail Salon


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홍대오유네일(@ounailshop)님의 공유 게시물님,

Have you been drooling over Korean nail designs on Instagram? You sure should! From luxurious and fancy designs to quirky and cute looks, the OU Nail Salon in Hongdae has all the designs you want. Go for a basic polish, or a long-lasting gel polish, depending on your preferences. If you’ve been wondering how all the K-pop artists keep their nails so pretty and healthy, head on over to the Salon to find the secret!

5. Hey Object Nail Art

Korean nail art has been blowing up on social media for its unique designs and techniques. At Hey Object, nail art is not just about decorating nails, it is about creating a true work of art. It’s a foreigner-friendly nail salon where the staff can communicate in multi-languages. Treat yourself to a trendy and relaxing nail art experience in Hongdae!

6. 1 Day Makeup Class & Professional Makeup Service 

Find the perfect makeup for you from this 1-hour makeup class in Hongdae! This 1:1 customized class goes through from basics to advanced skills by a professional makeup artist. You can also choose to get professional makeup service, which is a wonderful way to treat yourself for a day in Seoul. With an English-speaking makeup expert, you will have zero concerns about communication.

7. Personal Color Analysis & Makeup Class

Uncover the colors that harmonize with your skin tone, bringing out the best in you! This one-day makeup class combines the magic of personal color analysis with expert coaching from a seasoned makeup artist. Unveil your unique palette, learn makeup tips tailored to your personal color, and elevate your beauty routine.

8. Eyelash Extensions

Treat yourself to a professional eyelash extension service in Hongdae offered by a skillful English-speaking beautification! Shop Vivian uses a blend of high-quality silk and mink lashes to achieve a natural and stunning outcome. You’ll get gorgeous, long-lasting lashes without the need for mascara or curlers!

Party Animals: Party away with some booze!

Crazy about late Friday nights and trying out new drinks? You’re at the right place!

1. Seoul Nightlife Tour: Pub Crawl


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RetroGameBar(@retrogamebar)님의 공유 게시물님,

If you’re looking for a must-go pub around Hongdae to fully experience Korea’s amazing nightlife scene, join the Seoul Pub Crawl at the RetroGameBar! Here, you can spend a Saturday night for a perfect night out, dancing away among Korea’s younger generation. Make sure you book in advance for special discounts for drinks and to participate in lots of games. Ah! Also, make sure you’re legal and bring your ID with you. Go dive right into Seoul’s nightlife center!

K-Food Enthusiasts: Learn How to Cook Authentic Korean Food!

1. Authentic Korean Cooking Class & Local Market Tour

If you love Korean food, learn how to make authentic Korean food! You’ll start the class with a visit to a local market near Hongdae and Mangwon. After the class, you will get to taste delicious Korean food, which is one of the best parts of the activity. There are a variety of cooking classes you can take in Hongdae!

Animal Lovers: Make a new animal friend!

1. Roof Cat Me Cat Cafe in Hongdae

Roof Cat Me in Hongdae is a whimsical cat cafe that offers a delightful escape for all cat lovers. Cozy up in one of the many nooks and enjoy complimentary drinks while interacting with one of the 50 friendly feline residents of this fairytale cat village!

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