Need inspiration for your winter trip to Korea? Check out this winter bucket list and enjoy Korea’s winter season to the fullest!

Bundle up, winter’s here! Although the cool and crisp autumn lasted only a few weeks, don’t despair! In winter in Korea, there are tons of fun things to do from ice skating, sledding to walking along snow-covered paths.

However, if you’re not an outdoor person and prefer to stay warm inside, do not worry because you can enjoy exploring aquariums, watching exciting performances, and more.

1. Top Winter Activities & Experiences

Staying only indoors can get boring since the winter season is quite long. Then, get out and embrace the cold weather by partaking in some winter sports or festivals where you can have the ultimate winter experience in Korea. Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding are the most popular, and most representative outdoor activities in Korea in winter. Below are the things you can enjoy!

2. Top Winter Destinations & Festivals

From fruit-picking experiences, snowy landscapes to ice-fishing fun, Korea has plenty to offer in winter. Here are the top winter destinations in Korea. To get more details, click on each activity below.

3. Top Indoor Attractions – Part 1. Seoul

Seoul is a city that definitely has a lot of indoor attractions and fun things! For those who want to stay warm and experience fun indoor activities, make sure you check out the categories below and choose what you like.

1) Spa & Sauna

Imagine soaking yourself in the hot bathtub while outside is bitter. How about treating yourself during a harsh season with a prime spa and sauna experience in Korea?

2) ‘Make Your Own’ Experiences

There are dozens of DIY(Do-It-Yourself) experiences in Seoul, from accessories to craft items specific to Korea. Why not make your own charming souvenirs in warm indoor workshops?

3) Culinary Experiences

It is important to fortify yourself with meals, especially during cold days. Have some selected Korean foods and keep your body warm!

4) Unique Selfie & Photo Spots

What are some of the most joyful things to do indoors? One of them is taking unique photos with your fellow travelers at distinctive, witty museums or wearing traditional Korean clothes!

5) Games & Entertainment

In winter, we can be lazy due to the weather which deters our brain work. Then, why don’t you put your brain to work in a fun way by joining some carefully designed indoor game spots?

6) Indoor Theme Parks & Aquariums

Visit Seoul’s most visited and beloved indoor theme parks and buildings, which are the 63 Square, Lotte World Complex, and COEX! You can enjoy various things from sky views, aquarium, amusement park, to shopping.

7) Show & Performances

Watching splendid shows is also one of the greatest things to do in winter. As a leader in leisure industries, many fresh and novel shows are waiting for you!

8) K-Pop Experiences

It would be regrettable if you miss K-pop experiences in Korea. Once you come to Korea, why not join the best tours at the home of K-pop?

For a unique opportunity to dance and sing like K-pop stars, explore these high-quality K-pop winter camps, dance classes, and recording experiences in Seoul!

Also, check out the annual K-pop Music Awards & Festivals in winter!

4. Top Indoor Attractions – Part 2. Jeju Island

Who says you can’t go to Jeju Island in the winter? Skip the packed summer beaches and check out these bunch of indoor attractions in Jeju Island! Click on each to get more details or to buy tickets.

Read more of our blog post to find out things to do in Jeju Island during winter :

5. Top Indoor Attractions – Part 3. Busan

Busan is the second-largest city in Korea, which means there are numerous things to enjoy indoors during winter. Check out the top indoor destinations and classes below for staying warm in the city.

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