The streets of Busan have a lot of things to do, which is bound to make you go hungry quite quick. That means it’s time to roam the streets of Busan in search of some of the most delicious Busan street food you can find. Lucky for you it isn’t just one menu, there are hundreds of different street foods you can choose from, but we are here to introduce to you our pick of the top 10 Busan street food that you have to try!

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1. Ssiat-Hotteok (Seed Stuffed Pancake)

  • Korean Name: 씨앗 호떡
  • Where to find them: Kkangtong Market (깡통시장), Gukjae Market (국제시장)

The perfect snack to buy when it starts to get colder and colder every day! hotteok is a delicacy that has been a favorite snack for people for a long time. In Busan, there is the famous Ssiat Hotteok. Take a bite off this ssiat hotteok and it will surely warm you up in no time. The honey inside it gives it a sweet taste. It’s savory and crunchy because it is fried in butter, and to add to the crunchiness, a spoonful of nuts and seeds is added. You’ve got to try this out when you’re in Busan!

2. Makchang gui (Grilled Beef Abomasum)


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재호[JaeHo 才虎](@vimz0417)님의 공유 게시물

  • Korean Name: 막창구이
  • Where to find them: Kkangtong Market (깡통시장)

This snack is another one of the famous snacks sold in Busan’s streets and markets. Abomasum refers to the fourth stomach of cattle, and it’s fried with a marinated sauce, giving it a spicy flavor. Ask for one serving and you will probably get more than you need on a paper plate they serve it in. It’ll probably be enough to keep you full for the rest of the day!

3. Grilled Scallop with Cheese


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2jang1(@il__lee)님의 공유 게시물

  • Korean Name: 가리비치즈구이
  • Where to find them: Kkangtong Market (깡통시장)

Grilled scallop already sounds extremely delicious, but sprinkle some mozzarella cheese, and you get grilled scallop with CHEESE on top. Now that takes you to a whole new level of delicious. People will get in a long queue to get a taste of this delicious snack, and so should you!

4. Beef Sushi


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먹스타 🍔(@jan2jan2)님의 공유 게시물

  • Korean Name: 소고기불초밥
  • Where to find them: Kkangtong Market (깡통시장)

Delicious Beef + Rice= Delicious Beef Sushi! Order one dish of beef sushi and watch it being cooked in front of your eyes! The chef will torch the meat in front of you right then and there, serving it to you with some sauce to add to the flavor.

5. Bacon Scotch Egg


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맛집뉴스 By쿠캣(@tastynews)님의 공유 게시물

  • Korean Name: 베이컨 스카치 에그
  • Where to find them: Kkangtong Market (깡통시장)

Anything with bacon and sausages tastes great. It tastes even better when you wrap a boiled egg in it! Come to Kkangtong Market and look out for these delicious bacon scotch eggs because they sell out fast!

6. Seoseo Steak (Eat steak standing up)


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petstylist_kong(@haeok_kong)님의 공유 게시물

  • Korean Name: 서서스테이크
  • Where to find them: Kkangtong Market (깡통시장)

Seoseo Steak isn’t anything with a special recipe, it’s just a steak you eat standing up. But don’t you underestimate the taste of the steak just because it’s sold on the street and in Kkangtong Market. It’s delicious, no doubt. It’s called Seoseo steak because you have to eat it standing since there is limited space to sit and eat in the market.

7. Chungmu Kimbap


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Duri맛스타그램(@ezlee222)님의 공유 게시물

  • Korean Name: 충무김밥
  • Where to find them: Kkangtong Market (깡통시장), Gukjae Market (국제시장)

Chungmu kimbap is a very simple snack, yet many people look for it. It’s so delicious it’s not just sold in markets or on the streets. It’s become a popular menu in rest stops for people to enjoy. Chungmu kimbap is simply plain rice wrapped in seaweed and served with a bit of kimchi. it might not look like much, but there must be a reason so many people eat it.

8. Dongnae Pajeon


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집콕하는고여사(@manyeo_ko)님의 공유 게시물

  • Korean Name: 동래파전
  • Where to find them: Dongnae Market (동래파전)

Dongnae Pajeon is another menu lots of people eat in Busan. Especially when it rains. It’s perfect with rice wine. It is a pancake with lots of green onion and different types of seafood, but most of the time, it’s fried with squid and shrimp which gives it a chewy texture.

9. Godeungeo-Ppang

  • Korean Name: 고등어빵
  • Where to find them: Nearby Songdo Beach (송도해수욕장)

Godeunge-Ppang is a must-try pastry in Busan. you can get these in Songdo, Busan. They come in three different flavors: green tea, raspberry, and nuts. You might think why it is called Godeungeo Bbang, and shaped like a mackerel? Don’t worry it’s not made of mackerel at all, so it isn’t going to smell or taste fishy. The actual reason being is that mackerel is the fish of Busan.

Plus, it is actually made of rice flour so you can eat it as a full meal. Head over to Songdo, Busan to try this delicious bread!

10. Busan Odeng/ Busan Ddeokgochi (Rice cake on a stick)


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임하윤🐷(@hayoon2906)님의 공유 게시물

  • Korean Name: 부산 오뎅/ 떡꼬치
  • Where to find them: Kkangtong Market (깡통시장), Dongnae Market (동래시장), Gukjae Market (국제시장), nearly on every street on Busan.

We’ve saved the best for last. Probably one of the most famous snacks of all time, this snack is like no other. If you don’t know what odeng is, it’s called ‘fish cakes’. It may sound weird but it’s just ground fish meat that’s deep-fried. The skewered fish cake is later kept in a warm broth to eat with. Rice cake on a stick is something only sold in Busan, and nowhere else.

It’s a plain white rice cake skewered onto a stick and also kept inside the broth. You can eat them all year round, but it’s best to eat when it’s cold and you want to keep yourself warm. have some odeng and rice cake on a stick with a sip of the warm broth to warm yourself up this winter!

We’ve introduced to you some of the must-try street foods in Kkangtong market and some places around Busan. Street food is definitely something you don’t want to miss when you visit the markets, but how about having a go at making delicious Korean cuisine yourself? You will be instructed by talented chefs, so don’t worry. At the end of the day, you will have learned how to make a number of Korean dishes.

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