Check out Korea’s best winter festivals and activities and get the best out of your winter trip to Korea!

The temperature is dropping, and it’s getting cold, but you know it’s time to explore a whole new world of winter activities and scenes in Korea. So, don’t hibernate at home and go explore all the fun out there.

1.  Strawberry Picking

Picking fresh strawberries at a local Korean farm is a great excursion for both kids and adults. Take the strawberries home with you and they’ll be your healthy, delightful dessert of the day.

2. Eobi Ice Valley

Eobi Ice Valley is a rising winter destination in Korea, famous for its enchanting ice walls that make the perfect photo backdrop. Take pictures of the magical frozen waterfall at Eobi Ice Valley and visit other popular nearby winter destinations, such as Nami Island, Gangchon Rail Bike, Alpaca World, and more!

3. Skiing & Snowboarding

Try and have a go at skiing or snowboarding in Korea, where the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics were successfully held.

Some of the best ski resorts include Yongpyong Ski Resort, Vivaldi Park Ski Resort, and Alpensia Ski Resort. These ski resorts offer a wide range of slopes for all levels of skiers and amazing winter landscapes. So, just choose any according to your taste! Find out about more ski resorts in Korea here and book your ski packages in advance.

4. Snow Sledding

1) Seoul Land

If you don’t want to travel too far from Seoul, head over to a sledding hill in Seoul Land, the first theme park in Korea. Enjoy sledding down during the day and see the fantastic illumination show at night, which will make your winter experience just more enchanting.

2) Onmount Snow Park

Onemount is one of the biggest indoor theme parks in Korea, which is located only 30 minutes away from Seoul by subway. It provides the best of both worlds with its Snow Park offering winter delights and Water Park providing refreshing summer fun. At Onemount Snow Park, you can enjoy winter activities, such as skating, snow slides, and snow sledding.

3) Gapyeong Sledding Hills

Gapyeong Sledding Hills is a great sledding slope located a stone’s throw away from Seoul. Enjoy an exhilarating winter sled ride down the snowy hills in Gapyeong!

4) Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival

If you want to enjoy winter landscapes in Korea and have fun at the same time, join the Taebaksan Mountain Snow Festival! You can enjoy activities like snow rafting and snow sledding and take photos with snow sculptures. Besides, you will get a chance to go hiking in Taebaksan Mountain.

5) Snow Sledding at the Ski Resorts

Also, don’t forget to check out these Ski Resorts for a more fun-filled day of sledding!

[Vivaldi Park Ski Resort Snowy Land]

[Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort]

[Yongpyong Ski Resort]

[Jisan Ski Resort]

[Phoenix Park Ski Resort Snow Village]

[Eden Valley Ski Resort]

5. Rail Bike Experiences

For those of you who want both actions (not too aggressive though) and nature, a rail bike ride is just the thing. You can pedal down the rail track while enjoying fantastic winter scenes around you with your friends, families, and lovers. Forget about the cold, go and try in Gangchon Rail Park.

Check out these tours that take you to Gangchon Rail Park:

6. Winter Light Festivals

Glisten and glow. Some of the most popular light festivals in Korea include the Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival (Dec 1~Mar 17) Not to mention the luminous Pocheon Herb Island Light Festival which gathers all the families and couples to take memorable photographs. Whichever light festival you choose to go to, there will be plenty of Instagram-ready photo spots!

Read more about the light festivals in Korea here.

Check out these tours where you can enjoy both skiing and the light festival:

7. Ice Festivals

1) Ice Fishing Festival

Can you catch fish with bare hands? Try it at the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival (Jan 6~28), which is announced as one of the ‘7 Winter Wonders of the World’ by CNN. It’ll be a great chance for travelers and tourists to have a whole lot of fun while traveling in Korea! You can pre-book your shuttle bus package to the festival here.

Let’s not forget that there is more than one Ice fishing festival in Korea, and there is one right in Pyeongchang! If you don’t feel like going to Hwacheon, there is always a Pyeongchang Trout Ice Fishing Festival (Dec 22~Jan 28) waiting just for you!

If you’re looking to totally get in on the ice fishing festival fiesta, check out the Hongcheon River Trout Festival as well as the Inje Icefish Festival.

The Hongcheon River Trout Festival (Jan 5~21) is one of the most popular festivals in Gangwon-do, featuring various programs such as ice fishing, ATV riding, and many more. What makes this festival even more special is that the trouts are fed ginseng, which Hongcheon is famous for. So, more the reason to get your hands on them. If you think that’s not enough, go on our Hongcheon River Trout Festival & Sutasa Temple Half-day tour for a more fun-packed day in Korea!

The Inje Icefish Festival (Jan 19~28) is another must-go festival in Gangwon-do. Not only do they have icefish fishing and cooking but also winter activities such as sledding and ice soccer!

If fishing isn’t your thing but you want to enjoy the winter festivities, head on over to Daegwallyeong Snow Festival (Jan 27~Feb 11). Located in the “Alps of Korea”, this area receives heavy snowfall every winter making it the perfect place for some snow-sculpting. Be amazed by the giant snow sculptures, some even made by the locals, displayed throughout the festival. Also, there are many other winter activities and programs prepared to make this festival an unforgettable one!

2) Ice Fountain Festival

Every winter, the Chilgapsan Ice Fountain Festival takes place at the magical Alps Village in Cheongyang. It’s a great way to experience the winter atmosphere and snowy day activities to the fullest! You can enjoy winter activities, such as ice sledding, snow sledding, and bobsledding. Stay warm with tasty winter snacks like roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes that are available to purchase on-site.

8. Sheep-Feeding

Now that the green fields are gone, why not give some grass to the flock of hungry sheep? It’s fun, and it doesn’t cost you much compared to what you’ll be rewarded – a beautiful view of huge wind turbines on the white rolling hills of snow.

For those who wish to take a day trip to the Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm, hiring a private vehicle and a driver can be a great option. The private tour not only offers you the opportunity to visit the sheep farm but also explore other nearby tourist attractions, such as Seoraksan National Park and Naksansa Temple.

9. K-Pop Festival

1) SBS Music Awards (Gayo Daejeon)

  • Date: Dec 25, 2023
  • Venue: Inspire Arena

Ready to meet your favorite Korean TV shows and stars in one place? As a must-attend event for every K-Pop fan, the SBS Awards Festival (SAF) is one of the major broadcasting festivals held by SBS that celebrates all the accomplishments in SBS’ TV programs throughout the year.

The festival features a K-Pop music awards ceremony called Gayo Daejeon or SAF Music Awards, and the Drama & Entertainment awards ceremony.

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2) Golden Disc Awards

  • Date: Jan 6, 2024
  • Venue: Jakarta International Stadium
  • Line-up: SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, NewJeans, ZEROBASEONE, ENHYPEN, STAYC & more

Have a blast with your favorite K-pop stars at the Golden Disc Awards! In 2024, it will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia with a spectacular lineup, giving you a lifetime opportunity to watch the most popular K-pop stars of the year.

To celebrate the start of the new year as well as take a look at the past achievements of K-Pop artists throughout the year, GDA will once again be a highly anticipated show by many fans all over the world!

Who will become the winners of this year’s GDA?

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3) Circle Chart Music Awards (a.k.a. Gaon Chart Music Awards)

  • Date: Jan 10, 2024
  • Venue: BEXCO 1st Exhibition Hall in Busan
  • Line-up: TBA

Gaon Charts, one of the major record charts in Korea, is back again with its new name, Circle Chart Music Awards. Start the new year off with a night of festivities as the top songs and artists of 2023 are acknowledged for their achievements. Get ready for the ultimate night of K-pop festivities as your favorite K-pop artists perform before your very eyes!

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the Circle Chart Music Awards!

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4) S2CON (Sharing & Together Concert)

  • Date: Jan 12, 2024
  • Venue: SK Olympic Handball Stadium
  • Line-up: ZEROBASEONE, RIIZE, HWASA, HIGHLIGHT, GOT7’s BamBam, Cravity, N.SSign, VANNER, & more

Get ready to immerse yourself in the heart-pounding beats and electrifying performances of your favorite K-pop stars and the 2024 S2CON (Sharing & Together Concert). This ticket package not only grants you exclusive access to the year’s hottest music festival but also unlocks the key to exploring the vibrant city of Seoul.

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10. New Year’s Countdown Party & Tours

1) Ice Palace New Year’s Eve Countdown Party

We are already coming close to the end of 2023, and what a year it has been! There is no better way to celebrate your New Year’s Eve and New Year in Korea! Enjoy the New Year’s Eve Countdown Party at Some Sevit Floating Island with various drinks, live performances, and DJ music. This is an Ice Palace-themed party with a dress code of white & blue, and you’ll get to mingle and socialize with people from all around the world.

Happy-hour unlimited drinks are from 9pm to 1am and you can get early bird discounts on Trazy!

2) DDP & Jeongdongjin Beach

Say hello to 2024 surrounded by a feast of fireworks and beautiful lights at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)! After greeting the new year, head to Jeongdongjin Beach to witness the early morning sun reaching out over the ocean.

3) Sokcho Beach

Greet the New Year most magically by watching the sunrise at Sokcho Beach, a popular beach that holds an annual sunrise festival every New Year. Since the sunrises in the East Sea, you can greet the first sunrise at the earliest time.

4) Yongdusan Park & Homigot

Every New Year’s Eve, people gather at Yongdusan Park to join the bell-tolling ceremony next to the imposing Busan Tower, the city’s flagship observation tower. Stop by the Gamcheon Culture Village and head over to the iconic Homigot to watch the first sunrise of 2024.

5) Ulsan Ganjeolgot & Gyeongju

Start the New Year with a spectacular sunrise tour at Ulsan Ganjeolgot Lighthouse, which offers one of the earliest opportunities to witness the New Year sunrise. Then explore the rich history of Korea in Gyeongju, the ancient capital of the Silla Dynasty.

6) Korean Folk Village + Seohaerang Cable Car + Tando Port

Embark on an unforgettable journey with this New Year’s Eve with a special sunset tour from Seoul. Explore the enchanting Korean Folk Village, soar above the sea on the Seohaerang Cable Car, and witness the picturesque sunset landscapes at Tando Port.

7) Busan Attractions & Dadaepo Beach

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style with a sunset tour from Busan! Explore the city’s gem, including Haedong Yonggungsa Temple and Gamcheon Culture Village. Then take the romantic Blueline Park Sky Capsule that stretches 2km along the Busan coastline. Last but not least, immerse in Dadaepo Beach’s natural wonders of the last sunset of the year.

Now, if you want to make your winter trip to Korea unforgettable, make sure you add these to your travel bucket list.

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