Jeju Island Bucket List: Top 10 Things to Do in Jeju

Get the best out of Jeju Island (Jeju) in Korea by checking out this bucket list of 10 best things to do in Jeju Island!

Fly just an hour and a half from the capital city of Seoul and you will arrive at South Korea’s resort island, Jeju Island or Jeju.

With breathtaking natural wonders and hundreds of unique attractions, it is no wonder that Jeju Island always comes out on top of the list as the best travel destination in Korea.

To help you get the best out of Jeju Island, we’ve compiled a bucket list of the 10 best things to do in Jeju – try a bit of everything!

  1. Get in touch with nature
  2. Visit unique museums
  3. Catch some waves
  4. Take time to smell the flowers
  5. Hit the trails
  6. Savor the authentic flavors of Jeju
  7. Experience ultimate relaxation
  8. Head out for outdoor adventures
  9. Soak up the history and culture of Jeju
  10. Explore Jeju’s other paradise islands

1. Get in touch with nature

When it comes to nature, Jeju Island has it all.

Named as 7 New Wonders of Nature in 2011, the island offers pristine beaches, waterfalls, oreums (volcanic cones), lava tube caves, and many more awe-inspiring natural wonders that are absolutely bucket list-worthy.

We’ve picked our favorite five to help you decide which spots should top your list.

1) Hallasan Mountain: a dormant volcano at the center of the island with a crater lake on the top, surrounded by a national park with 368 parasitic volcanoes.
2) Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak): an 182m volcanic cone famous for spectacular sunrises.
3) Iho Taewoo Beach: a beach near downtown Jeju City famous for iconic horse-shaped lighthouses.
4) Manjang Caves (Manjanggul)the longest lava tube in Jeju with the world’s largest recorded lava column inside the cave.
5) Jusangjeolli Cliffs: unique volcanic rock formations resembling rectangular pillars near Jungmun Beach.

With so many destinations to visit in Jeju Island, you won’t be able to visit and see all of them in one day (especially if you are traveling by foot or public transportation!).

If you want to make the most of your time in Jeju, here are your best options:

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2. Visit unique museums

If this is your first time in Jeju Island, you will definitely be blown away by hundreds of museums scattered all over the island.

In fact, Jeju’s museums are one of the main reasons to visit the island. They certainly offer something more than the classic, boring ones you’ve visited before.

A. Jeju Glass Museum

Jeju Glass Museum offers a one-of-a-kind encounter with glass art for art enthusiasts! The glass sculptures harmonize beautifully with Jeju’s natural landscapes, creating a picturesque backdrop.

Take memorable photos with creative and unique displays at the Glass Museum in Jeju!

B. Jeju Nohyung Supermarket Media Art Exhibition

Nohyung Supermarket is a large-scale media art exhibition that covers a total floor space of 4,000 square meters.

Enjoy a highly immersive visual experience and take stunning photos at Nohyung Supermarket in Jeju!

C. Jeju Natural Stone Art Museum (Seongbujak Museum)

Displaying a massive collection of natural stone arts, Jeju Natural Stone Art Museum is one of the must-visit museums in Jeju Island.

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If you want to visit other interesting museums in Jeju, check out the below list:

3. Catch some waves

From snorkeling to kayaking and many more, there is a wide variety of exciting water sports and water-based activities in Jeju Island to choose from.

Choose the perfect watersports or water activities according to your “water” personality!

A. Underwater Explorer

B. Adrenaline Junkies

C. Laidback Wanderers

D. Luxury Sailors

E. A ‘Reel’ Fisherman

F. Non-swimmers

4. Take time to smell the flowers

Jeju Island offers beautiful gardens and parks to wander through and immerse in nature. Here are the five best spots for an idyllic escape with your loved ones!

1) Hallim Park: a popular park featuring 9 different themed zones such as Palm Tree Road, Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden, Subtropical Botanic Garden, and two lava caves.
2) Ecoland: a family-friendly theme park where you can explore Jeju’s forests on an 18th-century Baldwin steam train.
3) Ilchul Land: a theme park with botanical gardens, a waterfront park, a folk village, a cactus greenhouse, and a small lava cave.
4) Spirited Garden: a beautiful garden with the largest artificial waterfalls in Jeju. Many famous public figures including Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao from China, Nakasone from Japan, and many more visited the garden.
5) Camellia Hill: the biggest arboretum in Asia famous for its forest path and beautiful gardens of camellias.

Explore more places to enjoy Jeju’s natural beauty at the stunning gardens::

5. Hit the trails

A. Walkthrough Olle Trails

In Jeju, there is a series of trails called Jeju Olle-gil, which leads through forests, volcanic cones, and many other best-kept secrets of the island. There are 26 routes in total in Jeju Island.

Read on the blog “All About Jeju Olle Trail” if you want to find out more about Olle Trail!

B. Hike up Hallasan Mountain

things to do in jeju

Hiking up Hallasan Mountain (Mt. Halla) and to its peak, at 1,950 meters (6,397 feet) above sea level, is one of the experiences you must have in Jeju.

The reward for hiking to the top is the sight of Baekrokdam, a lake-filled crater, and the magnificent view of volcanic cones in the surrounding Hallasan National Park.

It is relatively easy to hike Hallasan Mountain. The hiking courses are less than 10 km in length. Starting at the Seongpanak Entrance, the 9.6-kilometer (6-mile) hike to the summit takes about five hours. Take note that the weather changes constantly and can be very windy while hiking.

6. Savor the authentic flavors of Jeju

If food is a big part of your trip, try at least one of these local specialties when you visit Jeju Island!

1) Jeonbokjuk: an abalone porridge made out of innards of the abalone and rice.
2) Heuk-dwaeji: a juicy and succulently grilled pork belly from Jeju’s native black pig, which is slightly more expensive than regular pork, but well worth it.
3) Jagalchi: a grilled or boiled silver scabbard fish.

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Are you a Muslim traveler? Check out our list of “Muslim-friendly restaurants in Jeju”.

7. Experience ultimate relaxation

If you feel like you need a well-deserved treat for your body and soul after a day of exploration in Jeju, check out Therapy Shangri-La and the Healing Time Foot Bath Cafe. Therapy Shangri-La provides a sanctuary for complete relaxation and revitalization with foot care therapy, sports therapy, and aroma oil therapy.

The Healing Time lets you relax and relieve your stress with a foot bath and drink of your choice. A foot bath is great for blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

8. Head out for outdoor adventures

When you visit Jeju Island, never miss out on the adventurous activities and experiences that the island has to offer. Make your trip legendary with some of the best adventures below!

9. Soak up the history and culture of Jeju

A. Experience Jeju’s local market scenes

Experience the authentic local culture of the island at five-day markets or permanent local markets.

One of the most famous markets is Dongmun Market, located near Jeju International Airport. It is the largest permanent market in Jeju where you can find all sorts of indigenous goods and products such as Jeju citrus fruits.

Compared to other seafood restaurants and traditional marketplaces around, the price of the fish and seafood here is known to be relatively cheap.

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B. Time travel back to the late 19th century

things to do in jeju

Housing a folk village with over 100 traditional houses and 8,000 folk items, Jeju Folk Village Museum is a must-visit place for those who want to learn about the island’s rich history and culture.

Get discount tickets for Jeju Folk Village Museum here.

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C. Experience the olden times of Korea

If you want to find out how Korea looked in the past, visiting Fairy and Woodsman Theme Park is highly recommended. There are various exhibitions that show the lifestyle of Koreans in the 1960~70s. You can also try on the 1970s school uniform and take photos of yourself in the old-style classroom!

Get discount tickets for Jeju Fairy and Woodsman Theme Park here.

10. Explore Jeju’s other paradise islands

Though Jeju itself is an island, there are beautiful small islets nearby that are also worth traveling to.

  • Chagwido Island (west of Jeju): a tiny uninhabited island, just a short 10-minute ride from Jagunae Harbor, famous as a boat fishing destination.
  • Udo Island (east of Jeju): a popular island situated 3.5 km off the coast of Jeju, famous for its pristine white beaches, particularly Seobin-baeksa Beach, and black lava cliffs.

Feeling inspired? Make sure you put these experiences and activities on your bucket list and cross them off one by one when you’re in Jeju Island!

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