Unravel the fun of traveling to Gyeongbuk based on your interests as Gyeongbuk offers a variety of things to do.

Never heard of this region before? Well, this is the perfect chance to discover this amazing travel destination, located in the southeast of Korea – the sound of crashing waves, the crunch of leaves beneath your shoes, and the scent of the fresh forest air add to the charm of Gyeongbuk. Read through this blog to explore what you can do in a place full of wonders and adventures. 

1. Trek the Mountains

Mt. Sobaeksan National Park

The third-largest national park in Korea, Sobaeksan National Park presents one of the most breathtaking mountain landscapes. Situated in Yeongju, Gyeongbuk, the mountain is an all-time favorite among Korean hikers due to its beautiful trails and well-preserved nature. There are a few trekking routes that you can try and once you reach the peak, you’ll be enamored with the magnificent mountain view and the fresh air that Gyeongbuk can offer.

Book a trekking tour to Sobaeksan mountain:

Sobaeksan Mountain Trekking Tour (Yeonhwabong Peak Course)

Sobaeksan Mountain Trekking Tour (Gukmangbong Peak Course)

Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park 

A vast park that comprises traditional boundary gates that date back to Joseon dynasty on mountaintops and a Korean traditional filming village (drama studio), in which the recent Korean Netflix drama ‘Kingdom’ was filmed. As you walk and hike along the mountain pass, you’ll come across some of the most jaw-dropping natural landscapes combined with Korean traditional structures.

Book a private tour to Mungyeong:

Mungyeong 1 Day Tour from Daegu

Mungyeongsaejae Provicinal Park Barefoot Walking Tour from Daegu

Hiking/Zipline/Winery 1 Day Private Tour in Mungyeong

2. Experience & Make something Extraordinary

Makgeolli Making Experience at Ttium (Yeongju)

A locally famous fermented food specialty school where you’ll get to experience making Makgeolli (Korean rice wine). Make Korean wine yourself and savor the original local taste. 

Embroidery Experience at Sampanseo Old House (Yeongju)

Sampanseo Old House, meaning ‘three ministers’, earned its name from the fact that three government ministers lived there from the end of the Goryeo period to the early Joseon period. You can try the Korean traditional embroidery experience at this historic house.

Discover Yeongju experiences with a tour:

Yeongju Makgeolli Making Tour from Daegu

Yeongju 1 Day Tour from Andong

3. Take a Moment to Have Your Body Relaxed

Dukgu Hot Spring & Spa 

A renowned local hot spring & spa which offers a clean and state-of-the-art spa facility and a natural hot spring with water that is full of minerals including calcium and potassium. Take a moment to relax your body and mind at this spa while enjoying the scene of rock formations and water valleys. 

Go on a relaxing tour to Uljin where Dukgu Hot Spring & Spa is located:

Uljin 1 Day Tour from Daegu

Uljin Healing Tour from Daegu

4. Taste Local Delicacies

Uljin Jukbyeon Port

Uljin is famous for its quality snow crab, and Jukbyeon Port is where you can taste fresh seafood including snow crabs. Enjoy the snow crab while looking at the beautiful port scenery across the east sea.

Explore the fresh seafood in Uljin:

Uljin Wangpicheon Cable Car Ticket

Sea Salt Harvesting Experience in Uljin

Cheongdo Wine Tunnel

Once a railway line that operated from 1905 until 1937, the tunnel was revamped into a wine tunnel that officially opened in 2006. Inside are wine-tasting experiences, exhibitions and souvenirs. It’s known for Gamgrin Persimmon white wine which is made of Cheongdo Banshi (persimmon). 

Discover local wine at Cheongdo Wine Tunnel:

Cheongdo 1 Day Tour from Daegu

5. Hop Onto a Cable Car & Appreciate the Scenery

Uljin Wangpicheon Cable Car

Go on this cable car that opened in 2019 to take in Uljin’s best landscapes including Wangpicheon, East sea, Sunrise park, and Mangyangjeong at once. There are two types of cable cars that you can ride: regular and crystal (transparent floor) cabins.

Experience the magnificent view of Uljin:

Uljin Healing Tour from Daegu

1 Day Private Tour in Uljin from Daegu

Gumi Geumosan Cable Car

Hop onto the cable car to discover Geumosan mountain in Gumi, which was designated as Korea’s first provincial park in 1970. When you get off the cable car, you can visit Haeunsa Temple and the beautiful Daehye Falls.

Appreciate the mountain scenery in Gumi:

Gumi 1 Day Tour from Daegu

Gumi Mt. Geumosan Hiking Tour

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