Korea is famous for offering fast and convenient online shopping services. You can literally get almost anything you want in a day! If you want to experience hassle-free online shopping in Korea, check out the top 5 Korean online shopping websites you should know.

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1. Coupang

Coupang is the number one online shopping website in Korea with the most number of users. It is well known for Rocket Shipping, in which you can get free overnight shipping if you order over 19,800 KRW (excluding service charge) of Rocket Shipping-available products. There is also Rocket Fresh which delivers fresh grocery goods to your home the next day.

If you purchase Coupang PB brands, you can get household essential items, such as detergents, tissues, and soaps, at very affordable prices.

*Rocket Shipping isn’t applicable to all products/orders so please check the availability in advance.

2. Market Kurly

Market Kurly is a premium online grocery platform that offers quality-assured goods to anywhere in Korea except Jeju Island. It is famous for providing an accurate delivery service that guarantees your order to arrive by 8AM the next day if you order before 11PM. This next-day delivery is available only in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, and Incheon.

Every order is packed with an ice pack (non-condensing pack) that maintains freshness. Moreover, Market Kurly has many grocery goods that are not easy to find in Korea, such as foreign-brand cheese, butter, or vegan delights.

3. G-market

G-market is a global online shopping mall that can be already familiar to many foreigners in Korea. Almost every category is available from clothes, food, to electronics. At G-market Global, it provides services in 3 different languages, including Korean, English, and Chinese.

4. SSG

SSG.com is the online shopping platform for one of the biggest department stores in Korea, Shinsegae Department Store. SSG owns a wide range of famous brands that can be found in department stores. It is also well-known for online grocery shopping because it has Emart Mall, one of the major supermarkets in Korea.

There is an Early Morning Delivery Service, which you can receive your groceries by 7AM the next day if you order by 12AM. Free delivery is available if you order over 40,000 KRW.

5. K-pop Online Flea Markets (Bunjang, Joonggonara & More)

Last not but least, there are must-know online websites if you are a fan of K-pop! If you want to get K-pop goods from other K-pop fans, you should definitely check out online flea markets, such as Twitter, Joonggonara, Bungae Jangteo, and Hello Market. Bungae Jangteo, the so-called Bunjang, is the most popular K-pop online flea market.

It can be challenging for international fans to use these websites because personal sellers only receive payment through Korean bank transfers. Simply send Trazy the link of what you want and we will communicate with the seller and ship the goods to you!

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  1. I’ve used 11st a lot. I heard it got a deal with Amazon, but the specifics haven’t been ironed out. Trazy have you heard anything new about 11st and Amazon’s partnership?

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