Korean snacks are a crazy hit worldwide these days, and you can easily get them at convenience stores in Korea. Since they are so many kinds of snacks it can be confusing for you to choose at first. So here’s the list of Top 11 Korean Snacks that you must try out!

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1. Honey Butter Chip

Honey Butter Chip is a sensational snack in Korea that it was once extremely hard to find because it was always sold out! You can taste the sweet and savory chips with the rich flavor of butter.

Trazy MD’s Experience: The initial reaction when opening the bag of chips is the sweet scent of the chips. The potato chips are extra crispy and thin. The salty flavor from the butter flavor and sweetness from the honey flavor is an awesome combination making it impossible for me to stop grabbing for more.

2. Ggobuk Chip (Corn Flavor)

Ggobuk means turtle in Korean and this Ggobuk Chip has the 4 crispy layers per chips that resemble a turtle. The corn flavor is the most popular one, however, the Injeolmi flavor is also highly recommended, which is a flavor of rice cake made with sweet rice (glutinous rice).

Trazy MD’s Experience: The initial reaction when opening the bag of chips is the sweet scent of the chips. The potato chips are extra crispy and thin. The salty flavor from the butter flavor and sweetness from the honey flavor is an awesome combination making it impossible for me to stop grabbing for more.

3. Churros Snack

If you are a fan of churros, this snack is perfect for you! Churros Snack is a bag of chips shaped and flavored like actual churros. Try it out and find out how much it tastes like a real churro in Spain!

Trazy MD’s Experience: This is a churros flavored snack and not actually mini churros in a bag. The snack is shaped liked a mini churros and tastes exactly the same as a real churros. The cinnamon sugar really gives you the experience that you are eating in Mexico!

4. Choco Heim

Choco Heim is an all-time favorite snack among Koreans. It’s a crunchy wafer stick filled with a creamy chocolate filling! It’s even yummier when you try it after freezing it in the fridge.

Trazy MD’s Experience: Choco Heim is one of my favorite snacks! The chocolate filling tastes almost alike to Nutella and the outer wafer shell is extra crunchy like a nice ice cream cone. Choco Heim is perfect at room temperature state, but when you try it frozen it is 2 times better!

5. White Heim

White Heim is the white chocolate flavor version of Choco Heim! The filling has a taste of hazelnut and vanilla. This is also strongly suggested to freeze it before you eat!

Trazy MD’s Experience: White Heim is exactly the same as Choco Heim, but the filling is white. The filling has a sweet taste of hazelnut and vanilla! Just like Choco Heim, White Heim is also very good when frozen.

6. Chic Choc

Chic Choc is a chocolate cookie that many Koreans love to eat with coffee. There are big chunky chocolate chips on top of the cookies!

Trazy MD’s Experience: Chic Choc is by far one of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. The cookie batter crumbles softly in your mouth and the extra big chunky chocolate chips on top are truly amazing!

7. Mongshell

Mongshell is the sweet chocolate cake with a velvety white cream filling. It looks similar to choco pie, but it has white cream filling instead of marshmallow.

Trazy MD’s Experience: Mongshell is considered king of chocolate mini pies. The mini cake is coated in rich milk chocolate and inside the 2 layers is white cream favor. Mongshell is definitely a “must add” for chocolate lovers!

8. Custard Cake

Custard Cake is a super light moon pie with a custard filling. If you prefer cold custard, you can preserve it in the fridge and try the frozen one!

Trazy MD’s Experience: Custard cake is one of those snacks that have been enjoyed over several generations. What makes this pie unique is the custard filling in the middle. The cream is similar to a choux filling found in eclairs.

9. Oh Yes

Oh Yes is similar to Mongshell but it’s a square shape and has a buttercream chocolate filling. It tastes like a mini cake that you can buy at bakeries!

Trazy MD’s Experience: Oh Yes is a classic snack that is love by people of all ages. The butter cream chocolate filling is super rich and creamy. Oh Yes is perfect snack to make simple cake. Simply make mini pyramid and and add candles!

10. Kanu Mild Mini

Kanu is an instant coffee that tastes like a regular americano/black coffee with a very rich coffee aroma. You can also make the famous dalgona coffee with it!

Trazy MD’s Experience: As a person who drinks 2 cups of coffee a day, Kanu is an instant coffee I often drink as I start my work day! Although it is an instant coffee, the coffee aroma is rich and the taste is close to a regular americano/black coffee. Simply just mix the coffee with hot water and you will have fresh coffee! No mess! Kanu is also the main ingredient to make the famous dalgona coffee! Try making the famous dalgona coffee as seen on TV!

11. Maxim Mocha Gold

Maxim is Korea’s most iconic and loved instant coffee brand! For those who love a latte or milk-based coffee more than black coffee, this Maxim Mocha Gold is highly recommended. The sweet flavor of this instant coffee will make you keep craving for this coffee.

Trazy MD’s Experience: Maxim Mocha Gold is perfect for those who love latte or milk based coffee. Each packet makes a perfect milk coffee. The coffee to milk to sugar ratio is perfectly made it each packed. The coffee contains sugar, making it a perfect cup of coffee for those who prefer a little sweetness.

Which Korean Snack Do You Want to Try?

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  1. You are out of the loop on what is popular these days. This list would of been relevant 3 years ago… Try connecting with actually Koreans to learn what is a snack you “must taste”

    1. We’re a team of actual Koreans. 🙂 Please note that this is a list more about the originality of snacks (something that you can try only in Korea) rather than the most popular ones now in Korea! 🙂

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