As the second-largest city in South Korea, Busan is a fascinating city with so much to offer in terms of culture, history, food, and nature. However, there are still locals’ hidden gems that are less known to tourists. If you want to explore beyond tourist attractions in Busan, such as Haeundae and Nampo-dong which are always bustling with tons of tourists, this will be the perfect travel guide for you! Explore by following Trazy’s guide and enjoy Busan just like a local!

1. Jeonpo-dong

Directions: Jeonpo Station (Line 2), Exit 7. Go straight and walk two blocks, turn left and then go down a slight hill towards Seomyeon.


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Jeonpo-dong, which is now well-known for its ‘Jeonpo Cafe District’, used to be an industrial-residential area. Over the past nine years, old factories and houses have been regenerated into a district filled with trendy cafes and restaurants. Small alleyways in Jeonpo-dong especially make it more fun to find your own hidden gems.

Jeonpo-dong is located just next to Seomyeon, which is already famous for street food and shopping. You just have to walk a couple of blocks from Seomyeon to get to Jeonpo-dong. For those who are running out of time, get a discount ticket for Busan City Tour Bus! With this Busan City Tour Bus ticket, you can explore Busan more thoroughly without any hassle.

2. Bosu-dong

Directions: Toseong Station (Line 1), Exit 1. Turn right at the corner of Busan Bank and walk along the street until you see the Bosu Four-way intersection.

Bosu-dong is at the end of Nampo-dong, one of the most popular tourist spots. What makes Bosu-dong famous is the ‘Bosu-dong Book Alley,’ which has more than 70 years of history. Following the liberation of Korea from Japanese colonization in 1945, locals began selling books that were left by the Japanese. During the Korean War, more and more people flocked to Bosu-dong to sell their books for a living. That’s how this district has grown.

Surprisingly, these books have been well preserved after all these years, and you might encounter a hundred-year-old book from the pile of books. Many of the book shops also function as cozy cafes so that visitors can chill out savoring books and coffee. Those who spend time here will be undoubtedly enchanted by its nostalgic atmosphere.

3. Pusan National University

Directions: Pusan National University Station (Line 1), Exit 3.


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Pusan National University, so-called PNU, is one of ten national universities in South Korea. It might seem like just an ordinary university district but if you go to the downtown area ‘Street of Youth’ it turns into one of the most exciting places in Busan. As you walk down the ‘Street of Youth’, you can see a lot of stylish stores and instagrammable cafes and restaurants. The best thing is that you can enjoy all of these at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a place where you can take Instagram-worthy photos, this is the place to be!

4. Oncheoncheon Park

Directions: Allak Station (Donghae Line), Exit 1. Walk straight and cross the street towards Dranche Apartment at the end of a parking area and walk straight towards Oncheoncheon Stream for around 10 minutes. 


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If New York City has Central Park, Busan has Oncheoncheon Park! Oncheoncheon is a park that has been made alongside the 15.6km stream where many locals go for a walk or jogging. The best time to visit Oncheoncheon is the Spring season since you can see the splendid scenery of streets covered with pink cherry blossoms.

Another main reason locals head to Ocheoncheon is ‘Oncheoncheon Cafe Street.’ Various small and mid-size cafes, bakeries, and restaurants are harmonized with the tranquil atmosphere of Oncheoncheon. This lovely place will be the perfect choice for those who want to chillax.

5. Dalmaji Hill

Directions: Haeundae Station (Line 2), Exit 1. Take a city bus No. 100 and get off at Yeongnam Apartment and take a 10-15 minute walk, following the sign.

If you are searching for scenic spots in Busan, Dalmaji Hill might be already on your list. Dalmaji Hill is one of eight scenic areas in Busan, where you can find the dramatic coastline along high cliffs overlooking the ocean. This area has also become famous for watching the moon rising on the lunar year’s first full moon day. Because its name originates from the Korean words ‘dal’(moon) and ‘maji’(rising), it refers to the moonrise.  

There are also classy coffee shops, restaurants, and art galleries where you can see magnificent views across the sea. Dalmaji Hill is located in the Haeundae district of Busan so after enjoying the picturesque scenery of Dalmaji Hill, head to Busan Aquarium, one of the must-visit spots in Busan. You can see the massive collection of more than 250 species of sea creatures. Oh, don’t miss out on a yacht tour, diamond bay cruise, or luxury cruise tour for sailing on a luxury yacht around Busan as well!

6. Dongnae

Directions: Dongnae Station (Line 1), Exit 2


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Are you looking for the most historic place in Busan?  Then this will be the perfect place for you! A 1.9km long fortress surrounds Dongnae, and you can see the whole city view from the top of the fortress. Well-preserved historical places like Hanggyo (Confucian shrine school), and Bockcheondong Ancient Tombs will meet your expectations. After exploring all the historical spots in Dongnae district, have lunch at Dongnae Traditional Market and taste the real Korean local food!

If you have fully enjoyed the historical sites of Dongdae during the day, it’s time to experience the nightlife of Dongnae. For locals, Dongnae is the best place for nightlife. After the sunset, the whole district starts to bustle with people. Colorful neon lights and loud funky music will lift your mood and all you have to do is just mingle with people and enjoy the city till dawn!

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