More and more Indians are flying over to Thailand for vacations. Whether it be for romantic honeymoons or a quick getaway, many are seeking out the natural wonders of the Land of Smiles. Now, Thailand is well on its way to locking itself into the position as the #1 travel destination for Indians!

The increased accessibility, from low-cost airlines operating more direct flights between various cities in Thailand and India, is definitely a major factor boosting the surge in Indian travelers. Moreover, a trip to Thailand is much more affordable than traveling to other countries for just a few days. It’s not a matter of quantity over quality though. Thailand offers high-quality experiences that are hard to find anywhere else.

In addition to the close proximity, accessibility and budget-friendly nature of a trip to Thailand, another major factor contributing to the increased number in Indian visitors is that Thailand offers an all-in-one package experience. In other words, with multiple cities that aren’t too far from one another, many travelers can make the most of a trip to one country!

Let’s take a look at the top 10 spots in Thailand that were and are being sought-out by Indians!

Starting with Safari World Bangkok in 10th place, read all the way to the bottom to find out which spot comes in first!

10. Safari World Bangkok

Top Spots Indians Love in Thailand #10

Ever wanted to visit Jurassic Park? Well, luckily this place isn’t inhabited by scary dinosaurs but friendly wildlife creatures! Enter the world of Safari World Bangkok and admire the animals roaming around freely as you set out on an impressive 8km journey across the park. From feeding shows to sea lion performances, there’s just about anything that will make your Safari World experience unforgettable. What’s more, there’s a Marine Park with an educational center to help visitors better understand the different animals there! Remember to respect the rules at the park then you’ll be able to make the most out of an exciting trip to Safari World Bangkok!

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9. Chao Phraya Princess Dinner Cruise

Top Spots Indians Love in Thailand #09

What better way to spend an evening in the City of Angels than enjoying dinner whilst cruising along the Chao Phraya River. Indulge in the delicious buffet on the Chao Phraya Princess Dinner Cruise that features a selection of Thai, International and Indian delicacies to suit the tastebuds of each and everyone on board. What’s more, with a jazz band performing live during the dinner, the cruise experience just got a whole lot better. Take in the magnificent view of the city’s skyline as the sun starts to set and your journey begins!

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8. SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

Top Spots Indians Love in Thailand #08

Get ready for an underwater experience – without getting actually wet – at SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World! As the largest aquarium in South East Asia, in this aquamarine wonderland, you’ll get to see around 30,000 species of aquatic creatures, each different in their own unique way. What makes SEA LIFE truly even more brilliant are the various ways of getting up close and personal with these sea creatures. From taking a ride in a glass-bottom boat to diving head-on with sharks as well as walking through an underwater tunnel, discover a whole new world at SEA LIFE Bangkok with your friends and family!

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7. Coral Island (Koh Larn)

Top Spots Indians Love in Thailand #07

Not far from Pattaya lies one of the most stunning islands in Thailand – maybe in the entire world. Coral Island, or Koh Larn as it is locally known, is everything you’ve dreamed of in an island, with white sandy beaches and crystal clear emerald waters. Take full advantage of your vacation to Pattaya with a trip to Coral Island and get your tanning game on. What’s more, it’s a great place to get in on some action with crazy water activities like jet-skiing, parasailing and banana boating. Also, if you can, wander around a bit and discover the many wonders around the island!

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6. Bangkok Siam Amazing Park

Siam Amazing Park in Bangkok is indeed truly an amazing place worthy of being one of the most popular attractions. Featuring a wave pool holding the Guinness World Record for largest wave pool in the world, just imagine all that fun you could be having here! There’s actually much more to do than just splash around at Water World as the Amusement Park is divided into four more zones – Xtreme World, Adventure World, Family World and Small World. From the crazy rollercoaster for thrill-seekers and the family-friendly merry-go-round, a day at Siam Amazing Park will be a blast for people of all ages!

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5. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

It seems like Thailand is one for holding records. In this case, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden holds the record for being the largest botanical garden in South East Asia where the gardens span across an area of 600 acres. If our calculations are correct, that rounds up to 454 football fields. That may sound daunting, but that just means there’s that much more to see and do! They also do have sightseeing buses to take you around if you’re short on time. Take a leisurely stroll around the gardens whilst admiring the variety of flora brightening the place up with its colors. Don’t forget to make a pit stop at one of the buffet restaurants for a delicious lunch after a long walk around Nong Nooch Tropical Garden!

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4. Phi Phi Islands & Khai Islands

It’s no surprise this is one of the most popular activities sought out by Indians. I mean, who doesn’t love island hopping to some of the most gorgeous islands in the world. Phi Phi Islands is already a global star since one of its bays, Maya Bay featured in the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite it being closed off to the public due to extensive environmental damage, the rest of Phi Phi Islands and Khai Islands offer a spectacular island hopping experience. If you’ve ever dreamed of sunbathing on one of those gold sandy beaches with emerald waters, this is the place you should be headed!

We recommend the Phi Phi Islands & Khai Islands 1 Day Tour, the best of the best from all the island-hopping tours out there. Departing from Phuket, this tour will leave you wanting more!

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3. FantaSea Phuket

Do you want to experience the rich and exotic culture of Thailand? Well, FantaSea Phuket is just the place for you! Enter this Thai cultural theme park that offers the complete entertainment experience with a game arcade, shopping center as well as the world-renowned “Fantasy of a Kingdom” show. As the longest-running show in Asia and the highlight of the night, don’t forget to catch the amazing “Fantasy of a Kingdom” show while you’re there!

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2. Art in Paradise Pattaya

Who said that art was boring? If you’re one those people who answered ‘yes’, Art in Paradise invites you to experience a completely new side of art that will have you wanting to take art lessons. With more than 100 artworks brought to life with optical illusions, pose with these incredible art installations and become a part of them. It’s the best place to goof around with your friends and family as you capture these ‘magical’ moments You might just be the ‘worthy’ one chosen to wield Thor’s hammer!

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1. Alcazar Show Pattaya

One of the most famous cabaret shows in Thailand, the Alcazar Show tops the list for the ‘Top 10 Spots Indians Love in Thailand’! There’s no doubt the amazing show put on by the talented ladyboy performers is the reason behind its great success. With 17 themed performances influenced by not only Thai culture but also Korean, Vietnamese and many more, get ready for a 70-minute trip around the world. Don’t miss out on a night of extravagant glitz and glamour at the Alcazar Show during your trip in Thailand!

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