Living by yourself in a new country can be fun and exciting since you get to be independent and free from your nagging parents! However, it also comes with a lot of responsibility and can be quite daunting for some.

The first thing you’ll probably need to do once you arrive is grabbing some living supplies and essentials. Thanks to Korea’s convenience, pretty much everything you need will be minutes away from your accommodation, so you really don’t need to pack the kitchen sink with you.

Handy Stores to Check Out

Daiso – Sells everything from beauty products to household items to school supplies ranging from 1,000 ~ 5,000 KRW

GS25, CU, 7-Eleven – Some of the major convenience stores. Sell snacks, food for on the go like sandwiches, triangular sushi and lunchboxes, drinks like soda and beer, and household items like detergent and soap. Click here for our picks on food to try from here.

Emart, Lotte Mart, Homeplus, Costco – The major supermarket chains with a larger variety of food, drink, and living supplies in bulk quantities.

Bonus: Supermarkets also have friendly ladies in red aprons giving out a multitude of food samples to the point where you could have a whole meal from them.

Now that you’ve got a gist for places to go, here’s a selection of things to grab if you’re looking to formulate a handy list of things to buy in Korea. You can have all of these essential household supplies & small appliances delivered to your home by ordering via Trazy!

1. Roll Cleaner

Use these simple but innovative roll cleaners to clean hair and dust off your floor or remove lint from your clothes. You can also purchase refills in bundles.


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Unless you live in a large apartment, they’re a much better option than having a huge vacuum cleaner (and having to lug it around if you move).

2. Reusable Recycling Bins

Korea is quite strict with recycling policies and there are certain rules you should follow if you want to avoid having any angry apartment maintenance man chasing after you!

These reusable recycling bins make sorting your trash easy so you don’t have to be digging through your trash at the dumpster.

3. All-purpose Tweezers

If you’re a lazy couch potato, this product is ideal for you. Now you can reach for the TV remote, switch off the lights, pick up the can that missed the bin – all thanks to these all-purpose tweezers! Such a simple invention, yet so genius.


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4. Hair Stopper Sheets

Those of you with long hair can especially relate to this. No one likes cleaning clogged hair out of a drain as it’s messy and gross. Well, you’ll no longer have that problem with these hair stopper sheets!


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Simply peel and stick them onto your drain, then dispose of them once there’s a significant amount of hair caught on it. Simple! It comes in two kinds (square and circular) to fit both types of drains.

5. USB Humidifier

You may be wondering how people maintain their dewy, glassy skin even during the dreadful, dry winter. Speaking from experience, no matter how much face cream you slather on, if the air is dry, you’ll instantly look dull and dehydrated. Korea’s winter is insane, and it doesn’t help that they blast the heater indoors, which wreak havoc on the skin and make you more susceptible to getting sick.


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Introducing the USB humidifier. It’s small enough to tote around and fits right on your desk, helping retain moisture in your skin, nasal passages, and throat. The multitude of designs and sizes is also a plus.

6. Foldable Drying Rack

You’ll come to realize that dryers aren’t a built-in option on most washing machines. Some dorms will have a separate drying machine, but it can be tedious. A better option is to just buy your own drying rack.


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A small foldable one fits right into a shoe-box sized room and hardly takes up any space. Plus it’s extremely inexpensive (around 3000 KRW at most) so you can dispose of it at the end of the semester with no hassle.

7. Electronic Mosquito Racket

A must-have for the summertime. You’ve probably all experienced it at least once- turning the lights off and crawling under the covers,  only to hear the whine of a mosquito right by your ears.


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Next time that happens, whip out this racket and you’ll hear the satisfying zap as the mosquito is caught and fried to a crisp. For best results, keep right by your bedside.

8. Portable Fan

Another staple for the nightmare is a Korean summer. Gone are the days of using paper fans that do absolutely nothing to cool you down, only making your wrist ache.


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Available in all shapes and sizes, electronic fans have leveled up tremendously. You can get battery-powered or chargeable ones and most come with at least three wind-speed settings. Heck, some even have glow in the dark lights.

9. Floor Cleaning Slippers

We personally consider cleaning the house to be one of the most tedious tasks, along with doing the dishes. I mean, why bother if it’s going to get dirty again, right?


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If you’re lazy as heck and still want to maintain a some-what presentable space, check out these floor cleaning slippers. You can walk around your room while cleaning annoying dustballs and hair off the floor.

10. Mood Lights

Mood lighting can instantly spruce up and act character to your room. They’re also extremely handy for when you don’t want to be walking all the way to the door to switch off the lights before bed.


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There’s a multitude of designs ranging from flowers to animals to fruits. We’re currently obsessed with this keyboard one that you simply tilt to control the lighting.

Additional Tips for Packing for and Shopping in Korea

Clothes: Bring your own jeans, especially if you’re tall and curvy. Sizes tend to run quite small and if a pair of jeans fit you in the waist, they’ll probably be extremely long.

There are international brands like H&M and Zara, but they’ll probably be at a higher pricepoint than back home.

Shoes: The same goes for shoes. If you’re anything above a size 8 (250mm) for girls or size 12 (300mm) for guys, it can be a challenge. You don’t want to be wearing boots during summer because you couldn’t find a pair of flipflops that fit, so bring a varied range for safe measure.

Makeup: It’s no question Korea is extremely well-known for its huge range of cosmetics. But they’re not too varied in their color selection, specifically for foundations.  If you’re even slightly sun-kissed, it may be hard to find your shade as Korean foundation shades tend to be extremely limited.

Although certain brands have started to roll out with a more universal shade range (an example being Etude House’s Double Lasting Foundation which comes in 12 shades), if you stick to the same product, make sure to bring back-ups from home.

Hassle-Free Services for Your Life in Korea

1. Moving Service

Moving can be stressful especially if you are in a foreign country. By booking moving service via Trazy you can relocate absolutely stress-free! You can choose from basic moving service and full packaging & moving service options.

2. House Cleaning Service

If you want to get your house to look tidy and neat before moving in, how about using a house cleaning service? Experience cleaners clean your house spot clean including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, common area, entrance area, and throw away all the trash as well.


3. Food Delivery

Food delivery service is always convenient for everyone, however, it might be difficult for foreigners to use Korean food delivery apps because of the Korean language barrier and the complex Korean payment system. Forget all these hassles by ordering food via Trazy! A custom order is also available.

4. Online Grocery Shopping

If you want to make yourself a healthy and fresh breakfast but don’t have enough time for grocery shopping, check out this service! You just have to order the groceries you need online and we will have fresh goods delivered to your door front by the next day 7am via the Market Kurly platform. The delivery person will leave your order in front of your door without having to meet in person.

5. Easy-to-Cook Retort & Instant Meal Packages Delivery

Korea is the home for a wide range of high-quality instant meal products, including instant noodles and pre-packed rice meals. You just need a microwave or boiling water to cook. If you want to be more convenient, you can order these products through Trazy and have them delivered to your place!

6. Meal Kits Delivery

If you are looking for an easy way to cook proper meals without hassles, ordering a meal kit delivery service is highly recommended! It already has all the ingredients ready inside the kit. Moreover, it’s shipped with ice packs to ensure fresh delivery.

7. Order Items on Korean Online Stores – Temporarily N/A

If you are struggling with ordering essential items via online stores in Korea, such as Coupang, GMarket, Emart, due to a language barrier or complex Korean payment system, simply request an order on Trazy! Trazy crew will assist you without any hassles!

With an endless amount of things to do and places to visit, we know you’ll love Korea. Don’t forget to stop by, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop for endless suggestions on things to do!

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